Walnuts and seeds in colitis

Every day the number of patients with colitis - a serious inflammation of the colon - increases. Since this disease occurs in the digestive organs, it should be treated only against the background of a corresponding diet, which facilitates the work of the intestine and promotes the fastest healing of its inflamed mucosa.

It involves the rejection of many products that in one way or another are harmful, so patients often have questions about what kind of food they always used to eat. It deals with such delicacies as various nuts, as well as seeds, lovers of "scrounging" which are very many.

About nuts at once it is possible to say that they, thanks to their composition, are very useful and are recommended not only by dieticians, but also by folk healers to patients with colitis. The most unique representative of plants giving this remarkable delicacy is a walnut. He practically all parts have useful and healing properties that help get rid of serious ailments, including colitis. What is the use of the fruits of this plant for patients with severe intestinal ailment:

  • The protein in walnuts is equal in its composition to the protein of meat or milk, but has the greatest digestibility, which is necessary for better functioning of damaged digestive organs;
  • Nuts contain substances necessary for a healthy and healthy diet. And they all have an easily digestible form that facilitates the work of the digestive organs;
  • Mature walnuts contain in their composition not only a lot of vitamin groups, but also indispensable for patients with colitis amino acids: lysine, arginine. In addition, they have phytoncides and a large amount of tannins.

Specialists noted that if a diet designed for patients with inflammatory bowel, within 4 months, between the meals allowed in the menu, there are these nuts, it helps to quickly remove the inflammatory process from the walls of the digestive organs.

But with seeds in colitis is a slightly different situation. Sunflower seeds, loved by many, are not recommended for this disease, since they can exacerbate the disease. But this version of this delicacy, like pumpkin seeds, has proved its positive effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract with such an inflammatory pathology as colitis. They have in their composition a lot of necessary substances and trace elements. Particularly useful in this disease is oil from them.

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