Preparations against ascarids( for the treatment of ascaridosis) in adults, what are the effective ones, can Biltricide, Wormil, Macmirror, Piperazine, Furazolidone be taken?

Any parasitic infestation is successfully treated with modern drugs. Askaridosis is no exception. Therapy is built on the knowledge of what is most feared by a round worm. The described worm possesses an excellent sense of touch, so only those drugs that are capable of forming conditions unbearable for roundworms can be effective. The life cycle of ascarids( in contrast to pinworms) is longer. It takes a year and a half. This is how much an adult can live in the host organism. In order for the life cycle to resume again, it is necessary that the eggs are in the soil, matured there, and then fell into the human body again by the oral route. Roundworms are round worms that lack mechanisms that allow ascarid worms to attach to the surface of an internal organ. Therefore, the helminth is constantly forced to stay in motion. If it is immobilized, the body will take care of its removal. It is on this feature that a modern treatment of the described invasion is constructed.

So, as already mentioned above, in order to cure helminthiasis, effective drugs are used against ascarids, capable of immobilizing parasites. They are less toxic than conventional antiparasitic agents, so they have a minimal amount of side effects. What medicines are most often used from the described helminths? Different. At all at them different mechanisms of achievement of the purpose:

  • Some people paralyze muscular musculature of ascarids.
  • Others violate bioenergetic processes taking place at the cellular level. There are medicines that inhibit the respiratory function of the helminth, or block the reproductive activity of the worm.
  • Modern medicine is ready to offer a whole line of drugs against ascarids, which block the ability to assimilate glucose - the main component of its full nutrition.

Drugs for treatment of ascaridosis

So which drugs are best used in this case? The appointment is made taking into account the features of the clinical course. Most often preference is given to those drugs that have an extended, multifunctional effect.

The most effective against ascarids is the drug Biltricid. Its active substance simultaneously paralyzes the helminths and kills them by increasing the level of concentration inside the body of the parasite substances - derived from lactic acid. Tablet Biltricida is drunk entirely during meals in the evening meal, it does not need to be chewed. The dosage is calculated by the doctor taking into account the infectious agent. Biltricide is not prescribed to pregnant and breast-feeding women, children under four years of age, patients who have an individual intolerance to individual components of the drug. There are a number of narrower contraindications, it must be taken into account when taking the described tablets.

Piperazine is the most common drug used in ascariasis. It causes paralysis in helminths, immobilized ascarids are excreted from the body naturally. Piperazine is available in two forms:

  1. in the form of 500 mg tablets.
  2. In the form of a solution for oral administration.

The course of treatment of ascaridosis with piperazine is three days with interruptions for several weeks, but not more than a month. Dosage is calculated taking into account the form of release of the medicine. Dehelminthization is at a very high level. It amounts to 95% at the first admission, and when it is repeated it increases to 100%.Given the fact that the described drug is not very toxic, there are not so many contraindications to its use. It is not recommended to drink only to those who have hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, who suffer from diseases of the central nervous system and chronic renal failure.

If there is a need during the treatment of ascariasis to increase immunity, a person is prescribed Decaris. They are taken once, a single dose of 150 mg. Eliminating mixed infestations is easiest with Pirantel. Its use is appropriate if ascaridosis occurs simultaneously with enterobiosis. If this drug is ineffective, treatment of ascaridosis is carried out by Vormil. It is active in all forms of helminths( eggs, larvae, adults), affects all types of parasites( round and tapeworms, cestodes and lamblia).Chewable tablets are assigned to an adult person, Wormila suspension is most often prescribed to children, starting with two years. Vormil is also suitable for the prevention of ascaridosis.

As most ascariases occur against the background of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it becomes appropriate to use in the treatment of invasions of drugs with antibacterial and antimicrobial action. That's why in the therapeutic scheme, such drugs as Macmirror and Furazolidone are administered. In the complex scheme of treatment of ascariasis there are also symptomatic preparations. With the help of them, allergic manifestations are eliminated, losses of vitamins and minerals are compensated, signs of general intoxication of the body are removed. In acute conditions, anesthetics are often used.

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