Folk recipes from worms in adults and children, a mixture for treatment, kills vodka helminths, onion and garlic, can you bring turmeric and fish oil?

To combat helminthiasis, which now affects a large number of people of different age groups, the pharmacological industry produces a mass of highly effective, high-speed and affordable medicines. Despite this, many patients with this misfortune prefer to use for treatment those prescriptions from worms that were successfully used by our grandmothers. Why is this happening? Here there is nothing strange, because everyone knows that traditional medicines, although they kill parasites quickly enough, but at the same time inflict irreparable harm to our organisms on their toxicity. Moreover, adult patients no less than children suffer from the negative effects of medications that disrupt the immune system, the functioning of the digestive system, the liver and kidneys. It is for this reason that folk recipes from worms for a person suffering from helminthiasis turn out to be a real panacea when breeding adult parasites located in his body, their eggs and larvae.

A huge plus of folk medicine for patients with various invasions and in that it offers a fairly wide arsenal of plants that have anthelmintic properties. The advantage of medicinal herbs is their mild effect and almost complete absence of drugs prepared from them, any side effects. Also, all anthelmintics, prepared according to recipes transmitted from generation to generation, contain biologically active substances that have a detoxification, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect. As a result, in the treatment with phytopreparations, the functions of the gastrointestinal organs, immune and cardiovascular systems, kidneys, and liver, damaged by the products of vital activity of parasites, are restored.

Folk recipes from worms

All recipes of traditional medicine, which help to remove from the body, both an adult and the smallest worm patients, are based on the reception of harmful substances for parasites. They are contained in many products known to us. Patients often ask a question about what folk recipes from worms exist and what should be added to the usual daily menu dishes to bring out parasites. Most experts note that it is possible to eliminate only the beginning, not neglected invasion with all known fish oil or turmeric:

  • Such spiciness as turmeric not only improves digestion. It inhibits the development of putrefactive bacteria in the intestines, effectively cleanses the body of parasites and protects the liver from toxins released by them. Also, this spice limits the inflammation that occurs in the intestines when it is damaged by worms. No special recipe for turmeric from worms is required. It is enough to add it daily to the second course;
  • Fish oil is also effective in destroying parasites. But it should be used for this purpose as a mixture, and not in its pure form. The recipe for the mixture from worms with fish oil is quite simple, but it is suitable for treatment only for adult patients. For its preparation, mix 50 grams of fish oil and 4-star cognac. Drink this mixture only on an empty stomach. The procedure is repeated 4 times. The interval between them should be 1 day.

The best prescription for worms for children

Since kids are most often prone to infestations, parents often have to deal with this scourge, especially at the end of summer, when practically every young child has signs corresponding to infection. Medicines inflict irreparable harm to immature organisms, so the best way out in the event of such a situation will be the use of folk recipes from worms to treat children. There are a lot of them, but the most popular are the following:

  • With pinworms, most often affecting the baby, microclysters are very effective from cooled to a room temperature boiled milk with garlic. Parasites disappear usually after the first procedure, but for prevention it should be repeated in a month;
  • In order to remove the itching caused by egg-laying pinworms, it is necessary to wipe the area of ​​the anal hole moistened with hydrogen peroxide in the peroxide.

To combat tapeworms in children, a protivoglistny recipe is recommended: Pumpkin seeds, freed from the husks, but with a preserved green membrane, are ground to a gruel-like mass into which 60 ml of water are added dropwise with continuous stirring. For taste, you can add a little honey. Prepared mixture baby should eat for an hour in small portions.

Does vodka kill worms?

Antiparasitic recipes based on alcohol, although they are currently controversial, most experts recommend their use in various types of infestations. But, of course, the remedy should only be used in a strictly recommended dose, and it should also not be used to carry out therapeutic measures to remove parasites from the child. Vodka kills worms when it is cooked according to the following recipes:

  • Garlic tincture, cooked in a bottle wrapped in colored paper, is very effective. Such a recipe for anthelmintics is known from antiquity and is transmitted from generation to generation.500 g of ground garlic crushed garlic is poured half a liter of vodka. Insisted for 21 days. A special feature of the preparation is that the bottle with it must be constantly wrapped in colored paper. Use all 7 colors of the rainbow, changing every 3 days. A folk remedy for worms is prepared, prepared according to this recipe as follows. The first day should be taken on an empty stomach 6 drops. They can be planted in milk or water. Each subsequent day there is an increase by one drop until their total number reaches 25. The therapeutic measure continues until the bottle is finished. Repetition is usually not required;
  • No less effectively kills worms and onion tincture. The recipe for this folk remedy is simple enough and does not require special subtleties in cooking. A finely chopped medium sized bulb is poured with vodka in the amount of half liter and infused in a dark place for 10 days. It is taken 50 g before meals 2 times a day. Therapeutic course is 2 weeks. The effectiveness of this popular recipe is based on the fact that alcohol extends well the phytoncides of onions, effectively killing worms of different species.

Despite the fact that all home antiparasitic therapies have repeatedly proved their effectiveness among patients of different age groups, they should be applied with caution, and only after preliminary consultation with a specialist. It is he who, after carrying out the necessary studies, will identify the type of helminthic invasion present in the patient and suggest the most suitable recipe for disposal. This will help to ensure the elimination of parasites located in the patient's body and prevent any side effects.

in the patient's body, and prevent any side effects.

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