Decaris - a cure for worms for children and adults

In our time, you can find a remedy for any common diseases. No exception is helminthiasis. One of the most effective medicines from worms is Decaris. The medication has gained great popularity in Russia and other countries of the near abroad.

Tablets from worms Dekaris can be produced in two variations of 150 and 50 milligrams. For adults and children, respectively. Also, the medicine for the worms of Decaris for the baby contains food coloring and flavoring. Thus, the tablets produce a pleasant aroma reminiscent of apricots.

After receiving Decaris, the worms die from paralysis. To go through helminthiasis, a sufficient intake of tablets. The next day, dead worms will leave the body together with feces. Unfortunately, the medicine is able to fight only with the following helminths:

  • Ascaris;
  • by Oysters;
  • with a whitened-headed;
  • Ankylostoma;
  • The nekator;
  • Toxoplasma;
  • Nematode;
  • Intestinal ureter.

Decaris( levamisole) from worms is able to activate certain blood cells, leading to stimulation of immunity.

Contraindications Decaris from worms

Treatment of worms with this medication will allow the patient to get rid of helminthiasis at one time. The medication showed high efficiency in carrying out immunomodulating procedures during the treatment of malignant outgrowths in the lungs. To combat helminths, you must follow the dosage according to the age category:

  • Babies under 6 years of age are prescribed 30.0 mg;
  • Patients who reached the age of 6 years should take no more than 60.0 mg;
  • Young patients from 10 to 14 years can take 85.0 mg;
  • As for adult patients, they can drink 150.0 mg.

Knowing from what worms Dekaris, you can not worry that the body can remain larvae. For a 100% result, the medication should be repeated after 2 weeks.

Before using the drug from worms Dekaris, it is recommended to study contraindications. First of all, you should give up the medication if there is an increased sensitivity, as well as agranulocytosis.

During pregnancy, it is also better not to take Decaris from parasitic worms, since it is possible to cause harm to the fetus. If nevertheless there was an acute need for medication, you should contact a policlinic officer.

In some cases, patients experience side effects. Tablets from worms for Decaris people can affect the digestive system. The patient has:

  • Nausea;
  • A gag reflex;
  • Spasms in the abdomen;
  • Liquid stool;
  • Stomatitis.

Despite the fact that Decaris helps against parasites, in rare cases, the work of the nervous system may be disrupted. The patient appears:

  • Elevated temperature;
  • Severe migraine;
  • Seizure;
  • Insomnia;
  • Dizziness;
  • Impaired consciousness.

In some cases, the medicine for worms-parasites for human Decaris causes an allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the form of unwanted skin rash and impaired renal activity.

Decaris from worms to children

Helminthiasis is a common disease that occurs most often in childhood. In children, pinworms are found in most cases. They can cause discomfort, and sometimes pain in the abdomen. When worms appear in children, levamisole will quickly get rid of them. Despite the effectiveness of the tablets, you should consult your doctor in advance.

Due to its composition, Decaris quickly kills worms. The only thing to remember is the dosage. To reduce the likelihood of side effects, you should calculate the dosage, taking into account the body weight of the baby. Doctors, when prescribing tablets from worms, always take into account the patient's weight. At 10 kilograms of weight, it is recommended to take 1 tablet. That is, if a child weighs 20 kilograms, he should be given 2 tablets. Of course, you can take the medication and age group, but the result will be worse.

In young patients, side effects are almost not manifested. Do not use the pill as an immunomodulator. Everyone should remember that the prevention of worms with levamisole is as important as the treatment. It will prevent the appearance of parasites in humans.

For effectiveness, you should study the instructions to understand which types of worms are saved by the pill. Do not give pills to babies until 3 years old, since they can negatively affect the baby's body.

Decaris from worms during pregnancy and during lactation.

There are cases when during pregnancy a woman is exposed to helminth infection. Therefore it is necessary to know how to drink Decaris from worms. In the early stages, it is forbidden to use antihelminthic drugs. The health of a child is more important than the defeat of the mother's organism by helminthiasis.

In most cases, such parasites as pinworms pass without the use of medicines. Levamisole as a prophylaxis against worms is also not used in pregnancy. In the last trimester, you can consider its use in several cases.

As worms come out after taking the tablets fast enough, it is recommended to take the medicine under the supervision of doctors, so as not to cause complications. Of course, it's best to wait until the baby is born and treated.

Sometimes, Decaris is prescribed during lactation. It instantly affects the body, how quickly the worms leave, depends on the dosage. The drug is strong enough, so you should stop breastfeeding so that it does not get through the mother's milk into the baby's body.

The effect of the drug Dekaris on the worm

Many patients are interested in the question, does Decarice kill the eggs of worms? On adult individuals, it acts quickly enough. Through how many worms-parasites leave after taking a medication, depends on the type of parasite. In most cases, in 3-5 days, there will be no trace of worms. As for the eggs, they will remain in the body. Since the remedy does not destroy the eggs of helminths, it should be consumed after 2 weeks. By this time, worms will appear from the eggs. Repeated use will remove the worms completely from the body.

To ensure that Decaris helps with worms, you need to correctly calculate the dosage. Do not confuse tablets for kids and adults. As an adult dosage can badly affect the child's body.

After receiving Decaris, when the parasites disappear, they can be seen in the feces. If the patient does not have constipation, fragments or whole parasites will leave the body within 1-2 days. It should be remembered that when helminthic in the body, in addition to the adult parasite are their eggs. Some patients do not know if levamisole kills eggs of worms. It is able to affect only the adult. Re-taking the medication after 10-14 days will finally eliminate the remaining worms.

Knowing which helminths levamisole helps with, you can quickly get rid of helminthiasis. Some patients are wondering whether Decaris is able to harm the body, as it quickly eliminates parasites, but can not kill their eggs. Side effects in humans are observed in isolated cases. Therefore, you can not be afraid of the consequences during treatment, but you must follow the dosage specified in the instructions.

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