Linex in colitis

Treatment of colitis is a long process. To prevent the development of this disease, it is recommended to monitor food and health. Since colitis is caused by inflammation of the large intestine, it can also be accompanied by gastrological pathologies or the presence of diseases associated with the small intestine.

During the treatment of colitis, Linex is used to relieve pain and eliminate discomfort in the abdomen. It is a means of regulating metabolic processes in the body. Linex is a drug that corrects the acid-base balance and ionic equilibrium in the body. In one capsule Linex contains live lyophilized lactic acid bacteria. They are part of the normalization of the intestinal microflora. This type of bacteria is present in the digestive system since the birth of man. These bacteria, contained in the Linex preparation, are very useful and necessary for the body in a number of processes that take place in it:

  • lactose, which undergoes a fermentation process, is able to shift the pH balance to acidic side, namely such an acid medium allows slowing the growth of harmful microorganisms, which develop colitis. Thanks to the lactose present in the preparation Lineks, the level of digestive enzymes is improving;
  • bacteria are able to participate in the synthesis of B and K vitamins, ascorbic acid, and thereby increase the body's resistance to those environmental factors that adversely affect it;
  • improves the metabolism of bile pigments and acids;
  • has the ability to synthesize substances with antibacterial activity;
  • improves the immune system and the body's resistance to the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria that cause colitis.

Linex is a potent drug. It helps to cope with colitis and dysbiosis, accompanying this disease. Such a drug serves as a treatment and prevention of dysbiosis, which can cause diarrhea or constipation, there is a violation of the digestive process, and there is vomiting and abdominal pain.

The preparation Linex is prescribed to children and adults for the treatment of colitis, and also with the presence of concomitant symptoms. This drug is in great demand and popularity among drugs that are prescribed for the normalization of intestinal microflora, as it is prescribed for gastric disorders even for infants. Lineks - an ambulance for colitis!

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