Pottery water: instructions for use, reviews, prices, analogies

In the class of antiparasitic drugs, chlenic water has a pronounced effect against adult lice, bloodsucking insects - ticks, mosquitoes, flies. Well coping with the manifestations of the effects of the bite of insects feeding on blood, the ciliate water eliminates a lot of unpleasant sensations, diagnosed with various dermatological lesions. Easy to use, it is available in the form of a liquid solution that does not require dilution and can be applied as compresses, applied to the surface of the skin depending on the diagnosis made, with the frequency of use and duration of exposure determined by the treating dermatologist, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body.

The Latin name Aqua veratr, chaerical water has a wide range of applications. The alkaloids that enter into it perfectly cope with the external symptoms of a large number of skin lesions, and a relatively small number of possible side effects make it possible to understand the cause of the constant interest in this antiparasitic agent. The agent in question can be used only for external use, in the course of treatment, preparations with a similar effect may be used to increase the degree of its effectiveness. The possibility of using the complex therapeutic effect should also be considered one of the important advantages of the crooked water.

Features of the preparation

According to the instructions accompanying the preparation, the chilled water has a wide range of applications and can be used both to eliminate the effects of bites of bloodsucking insects and to neutralize the symptoms of a number of skin diseases provoked by parasitic insects. Due to the complex composition and the pronounced virulence of the drug, the drug should be used in strictly prescribed dosages or by the doctor's dosage, if any side effects are revealed during the application, its use should be temporarily stopped, after a short break, continue treatment, and only in case of a pronounced negative effect on the bodycancel the drug, replacing it with a similar one in its effect.

Made from the plant cheerynica by preparing an infusion of ethanol on rhizomes and leaves, the preparation perfectly combines the medicinal properties of this plant. The high effectiveness of the treatment is due to the balance of the composition, the minimal amount of adverse events in the treatment, and the interest from the buyers is explained by the affordable cost of the medication, with a lot of positive feedback from those who have already used chemically water in the treatment of dermatological problems.

Dosage forms

  • The drug is available in the form of a liquid solution made by infusing leaves and rhizomes of the common herb on an ethanol( minimum 70%).
  • Liquid of dark color, brownish-yellowish, crooked water is offered in pharmacies in bottles of dark glass with a screwed lid and with a narrow neck. The bottle is in a cardboard box with the attached instruction.

The price of infra-red water

The cost indicator should be considered one of the most important indicators that determine the level of demand. The price of chemic water is relatively low and varies from 12 to 48 rubles per bottle for different sales companies.

Pharmacological action

Potemkin water has a wide range of action due to the effect on the ectoparasites, any bloodsucking arthropods die from contact with this drug. By destroying the intercellular membranes and disrupting the normal nutrition of parasite tissues, the ciliate water prevents their active reproduction, neutralizing the negative impact on the skin after bites.


Active components of the agent affect the systemic blood flow of parasites, do not let them continue their normal functioning. With respect to adult lice, a marked neurotoxic effect is manifested when applying the external preparation in question, which causes their destruction.

A herbaceous perennial plant with poisonous properties exerts a destructive and antiparasitic effect, it is on its qualities that the action of chimeric water is based. This plant of the lilylik family includes alkaloids from the steroid group, which have a pronounced effect on blood-sucking insects, causing their rapid death. In the grass of the plant contains a slightly smaller amount of active substance, on which the action of the chimeric water is based, in the leaves and rhizomes - more.

By its qualities, this drug for external use is also used as anti-scratch agent, quickly and effectively destroying ectoparasites living on the surface of the skin and external organs of the human body. Veterinary practice of using chicken water allowed to use such quality of the drug as emetic and digestive stimulant.


Thanks to its high content in the preparation of simple alkaloids, it can stimulate the contraction of the cardiac muscle with parallel normalization of the amplitude of its movements. The widening of the lumen of blood vessels, the reduction of blood pressure indicators allow to call the drug one of the most applicable for various organic disorders, which lead to a deterioration of the cardiovascular system and the circulatory system.


The use of chinese water is wide enough. And although it is most often used to kill external ectoparasites due to the action of alkaloids that make up the drug, it can also be used to prevent the onset and treatment of a variety of concomitant diseases.

The following pathological conditions of the body and diseases should be referred to indications:

  • external ectoparasites - blood-sucking arthropods: lice( and adults as well), nits);
  • pediculosis pubis;
  • skin lesions - demodicosis, eczema caused by advanced stages of pediculosis and numerous skin scratching;
  • hair loss and deterioration of their condition;
  • lichen is multicolored;
  • pimples on the skin, furunculosis.

The listed states are perfectly corrected by using the crooked water due to a wide range of its action.

Instruction for use

It is quite easy to use the preparation. As a liquid solution, water should be applied to damaged areas of the skin. In the presence of significant skin lesions, a slight unpleasant sensation in the form of tingling places of mechanical damage to the upper layer of the epidermis is likely.

  • Before starting the preparation, the affected areas of the skin should be cleaned first, then apply a small amount of the preparation to them and leave until completely absorbed.
  • In the treatment of lice and nits, the drug is applied quite abundantly to the hair and skin below them, for which it is necessary to wear rubber gloves to prevent damage to the skin of hands when in contact with a significant amount of the drug. Abundantly impregnated with hair, the hair is covered with polyethylene film and a kerchief for better fixation, the remedy is left on hair for 5-6 hours, after which the hair and head are washed with a significant amount of running water with a non-aggressive detergent.
  • In treatment for lice and nits, the drug also has an effect on the hair, which becomes softer and more docile, as well as on the scalp - the skin ceases to peel, its condition normalizes, and excessive fat and dryness are eliminated.


For the treatment of external skin lesions for adults, the duration of use of chemically water is 4-8 times at a frequency of 1-2 times per day. It is necessary to monitor the reaction of the skin, because if the application is too long, the probability of allergic manifestations increases.

For children, newborns

For the skin of the child, the use of the substance in question is permissible, but constant monitoring of its condition is required. For the destruction of nits and adult lice, the drug is applied abundantly on the hair to soak them and the skin underneath. Then put on a scarf to fix the hair, the remedy is left to act for several hours( no more than 3).Then the preparation is washed off with running water with baby soap.

In pregnancy and lactation

Because the drug may be partially absorbed into the systemic circulation, during pregnancy and while feeding a newborn, it is not recommended to use coeval water. In the absence of an alternative remedy with a similar therapeutic effect, a doctor may prescribe this medication, but then a constant monitoring of the skin condition of a pregnant and lactating woman is required.

Application for hair growth

To improve the condition of the hair, stimulating their growth is also excellent for the preparation of coterie water. After its use, the following changes in the condition of the hair and skin on the head are noted:

  • hair acquires great softness;
  • they become more docile when styling and combing;
  • eliminates excessive dryness and brittle hair;
  • skin also normalizes its condition - its dryness or excessive fat content is eliminated, dry skin and its peeling are eliminated, dandruff is prevented.

For the use of crooked water to improve hair growth, apply evenly to the scalp and hair this product, covered with a plastic wrap and a kerchief. To leave so the preparation follows for several hours, it is possible for the night( in the absence of the expressed allergic displays at use of a preparation).Then rinse hair with running water and mild detergent.

Chemerichnaya water also helps against alcoholism, as described below:


Contraindications to the use of the drug include increased individual intolerance to components of cynical water, a tendency to allergic reactions.

Side effects of

To the adverse manifestation with the use of cotyledonous water should be attributed to allergic manifestations of excessive skin sensitivity to the components of the product, rashes on it and redness.

For particularly long-term use of chicken water, care must be taken: signs of drug poisoning may occur. This causes reddening of the skin in places of application of the product, the appearance of rashes. Also, copious and often repeated application of the product to the skin leads to the penetration of some of its active components into the systemic bloodstream, which leads to the manifestation of poisoning of the body( nausea, vomiting, dysfunction of the heart muscle).In this case, it is necessary to immediately stop the use of the drug, take an emetic, and conduct a course of cleansing enemas.

Specific instructions

The drug should not be used during the current pregnancy( especially in the second trimester), with lactation and in early childhood due to increased sensitivity of the skin.

Interaction with other medicines

Chronic water can be used both in monotherapy or in an integrated approach. In this case, there have been no cases of a decrease in the degree of effectiveness of the drug in treatment.


Many buyers comment on this product as a high-performance tool that helps in eliminating lice and nits. A small number of possible side effects allows you to assign it even with sensitive skin, and the affordability of cost makes crooked water one of the most frequently purchased drugs for external use.


To similar in the action of means it is necessary to carry an ointment of Wilkinson, Antiskab, aerosol Spregal.

Treatment of pediculosis with cynical water and other folk remedies - topic video below:

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