Treatment of sigmoiditis with folk remedies, herbs from symptoms

In addition to observing prescribed medication and a specialized diet, sigmoiditis treatment with folk remedies is permitted. Mostly used medicinal decoctions. They help reduce inflammatory processes, and also have astringent effect, support in restoring intestinal activity.

An excellent way to treat sigmoiditis is to hold enemas with herbs. It is only necessary to know some rules. So, for an adult a solution of 59 g is diluted, while for children under 12 years only 25 - 30 g. Enema for treatment is always performed before bedtime. In the case of an exacerbation of symptoms, 30 such procedures are recommended for treatment, one daily.

In addition, microclism with herbs is allowed. Such procedures with sigmoiditis are carried out only lying on the left side, and the contents should be left as long as possible, at least, before the act of defecation.

The process of healing inflammation with enemas and microclism with herbs will depend not only on the duration of treatment, but also on the deep introduction. Too deep to enter enemas is not necessary, since there is a danger of damage to the intestinal cavity. For adults, 25-30 cm is enough, and for children - 10 -15 cm.

Folk remedies for the treatment of sigmoiditis

Folk remedies for treating sigmoiditis symptoms do not end with enemas. Also during the treatment you can take a variety of decoctions. At the onset of the inflammatory process in the intestinal cavity, an excellent folk remedy is this infusion: 12 g of mint leaves, sage grass and zverobia, and also caraway seeds are mixed. Infusion should be prepared in accordance with this calculation: for 10 grams of collection, 300 ml of boiled water is required. After the infusion becomes room temperature, the remedy for symptom elimination is carried out throughout the day before eating for several weeks.

To treat such symptoms as severe gassing and putrefactive processes, herbs with sigmoiditis, such folk remedy is used. Nettle, motherwort, mint are mixed, which are taken in equal quantities. The process of preparing the infusion is carried out in the same way as in the previous recipe. Admission is carried out in the morning, afternoon and evening for 75 ml, and the recommended course of treatment is 3 weeks.

In case of ulcerative sigmoiditis, it is good to take such a folk remedy for treatment, as a decoction of cones of alder.10 grams of cones in the ground state should be prepared in 200 ml of boiling water, and later cooked by means of a water bath for 20 minutes, then the amount of water is also added. Drink all the folk remedy for the day, while you can add jam from raspberries or honey.

In case of exacerbation of symptoms of chronic sigmoiditis, such folk remedy as infusion of watermelon crusts will help: dried crusts, which were previously thinly sliced, and boiled with boiling water at a ratio of half a liter of 100 g of crusts. Reception of a national means is carried out within a day, thus it is divided into 6 times.

In any case, before using any of the described methods, you should consult with a specialist on the appropriateness of using them. If you start self-medication, you can only harm your own body, and cause complications of the disease. If you listen to medical advice, you can quickly and correctly get rid of the disease.

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