Pre-emergency emergency care for acute gastritis, how to relieve the exacerbation?

As it often happens, exacerbation of gastritis occurs outside medical institutions. After an emergency call has been made, it is necessary to take any action to provide first aid. In the next 20-30 minutes, while the ambulance rides to your location, anything can happen. Therefore, it is necessary to know what will help you temporarily reduce the pain, or completely get rid of it.

In order to relieve the acute pain in gastritis, first thing is to drink something that will envelop your stomach. The ideal situation is if you have Maalox. If the medicine is not at hand, then the usual mint can come up. As pre-medical care, mint is considered a good absorbent. To relieve pain, you just chew it. Mint juice itself will enter the esophagus and neutralize the pain. If you have prepared in advance, then the collected mint can be a good basis for tincture. Another chewing method is chewing gum, with a high content of menthol. Even better is the combination of menthol and anise. Such a set will easily relieve the exacerbation of gastritis and is considered a good first, first aid.

If before the emergency service arrives, at hand there are no necessary medicines and herbal infusions. You can use soda. But, this method is suitable only if it is necessary to remove the increased acidity. If the acidity of the body is so low and the result of pain is undigested food, then the use of soda is prohibited. Using soda, you need to remember that soda removes an attack of acute gastritis temporarily, this is not a cure, but only the removal of pain. The call of an ambulance is still necessary.

The work of soda is simple in this case: when acid is combined with soda, carbon dioxide is released, which in turn stimulates the activity of the glands producing gastric juice after the cessation of action - the process continues at the same rate as before acceptance.

In modern preparations against an exacerbation of a gastritis of a soda it is not used, on how many it develops a considerable quantity of carbonic gas. Instead, it uses other tools that have a complex set of properties.

In particular, the use of a complex of preparations is important when antiseptic action is necessary.

You can also use the goose's goose leaves. Her leaves also have analgesic effect in the treatment of acute gastritis. Before the emergency help arrives - this tool will still work. One should always remember that it is necessary to tell the emergency doctor that you have resorted to pre-hospital care yourself. It is necessary to know that leaves are suitable only in the case when acute gastritis is not accompanied by bleeding. If blood loss is noticeable, the intake of leaves is strictly contraindicated. The intake of these leaves should be done as follows: chew and swallow 2-3 leaves every 2-3 hours.

Also a good means of flavoring turmeric. It can be brewed like tea and consumed in hot form. Of course, taking the spices completely contradicts the evidence for gastritis, however, it should be noted that it is used not in a dry form, but in brewed, like tea. Brew tea should be as follows: 1 gram of powder 5-10 minutes is brewed in a cup. As a preventive measure, you can drink this drink 2-4 times a day.

For preventive purposes, also liquorice candies, which are sold in any pharmacy, also help not bad. In these candies contains an extract of licorice, which, as is known, produces a calming effect and eliminates pain in the stomach.

Special attention should be given to ginger, it is taken as fresh and as a tincture. The best action has a tincture.

A more conservative method is the use of sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn oil envelops the stomach and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. His regular intake improves digestive processes. Take 3 spoons a day 30 minutes before the meal starts.

A special role is given to potato juice, but in comparison with other means it is not so effective. Drink potato juice three times a day. There will not be much pleasure in this.

In all cases of an exacerbation of a gastritis it is necessary, first of all, to call in first aid, and already then to be engaged in pre-medical help.

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