Powerful BTE hearing aids: testimonials, recommendations for choice

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In the arsenal of modern medicine, there are many ways to return a lost hearing to a person. One of the methods of correcting this disorder is the use of the hearing aid. Thanks to this device, you can significantly improve the quality of your life. For many patients, doctors designate BTE devices.

BTE hearing aids:

principle BTE devices are a classic device type. They are very popular with the elderly. By their name, these devices are required localization - they are attached to the ear.

This kind of device includes several components. They include an earmold, and also sound ducts - flexible and rigid. The first is used to connect the body of the device and the ear-piece, which is located inside the shell. In this case, the hard sound guide attaches the device to the sink.

Advantages of

BTE devices have a number of undisputed advantages:

  1. According to reviews, they are more powerful, because they can correct hearing disorders of varying severity. In some cases with the help of such devices you can return completely lost hearing.
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  3. In BTE models insert more powerful batteries that provide a charge for a period of 10-30 days.
  4. Such devices have a sufficiently robust casing, which ensures greater durability.
  5. This kind of apparatus is very easy to use.
  6. From an aesthetic point of view, BTE devices do not lose much in the ear. Today, you can easily choose a model that will match the skin color. Also on sale there are design devices that look very attractive.
  7. Such products are suitable for elderly patients and young children.
  8. If you want to hide the fact of using a hearing aid, you can give preference to a special miniature device.
  9. In comparison with the intra-eared such devices are cheaper.

Disadvantages of

The main disadvantage of the BTE is its visibility for others. This is not suitable for people who must always be in public or communicate with other people.

Design of the BTE hearing aid

Types of the

There are quite a few varieties of similar devices, each of which has certain features:

  1. Classic BTE.In this case, all the electronic components are in the BTE, which is located behind the ear. With this device, it is possible to compensate for all levels of hearing loss, including deep and even isolated cases of deafness.

This device is fixed in the external auditory meatus by means of an individual liner, which is attached to the soundtrack.

  1. Classic mini-devices - miniBTE.They have smaller body sizes and help to compensate for most hearing impairments.
  2. Devices with an in-ear phone - RITE.The case is located behind the ear, but it does not include a telephone. This element is outward and fixed in the ear canal through the liner. It is connected to the body of the device by means of a thin wire.
  3. Mini-device with in-ear phone - miniRITE.Their body is much smaller. Such a device completely hides the auricle.
  4. Designers with a phone in the phone - designRITE.Such a device is not visible behind the ear - its size is one-third smaller than a miniature device.

Types of hearing aids

How to choose

To properly choose a hearing aid, you need to contact a hearing therapist. The specialist will conduct the survey immediately in several directions:

  1. Otorhinolary examination - consists in examining the ears, through which it is possible to assess the condition of the auditory canal and the membrane.
  2. Threshold Volume Rating - performed in a special room with sound isolation.
  3. Assessment of the receptiveness of spoken language - in this case, the doctor will be able to assess how quiet sounds you will be able to hear.

The type of the behind-the-ear hearing aid is selected depending on the degree of hearing impairment and the patient's preferences. In this case, you need to adhere to these rules:

  1. Miniature devices that are made in accordance with the technology of the internal phone, perfectly placed behind the ear. With the ear canal, the device is connected with an almost invisible sound source. In the ear is a small speaker, which provides high-quality sound. Such devices provide a comfortable sense of sound and reduce the feeling of corkiness that provokes standard models.
  2. BTE devices for external prosthetics ensure the transmission of sound through a thin duct. Due to this, the device is almost invisible to the surroundings and provides a natural sound. Such devices are suitable for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss at high frequency.
  3. BTE devices for patients with severe auditory disorders are larger in size. This is due to the size of the amplifiers and batteries. The amplified sound enters the insert by means of a sound guide. It is done individually. Such devices are equipped with additional elements that allow using them for people with different degrees of hearing loss.

How to choose a hearing aid see in our video:

BTE application is an effective method of hearing correction. This device helps to increase the sensitivity of speech and other sounds, which will significantly improve the patient's quality of life. However, the device should be selected only by a doctor according to the results of a special examination.

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