Treatment of an acute form of gastritis in the acute stage, than to treat, what to do, how to cure?

In general, any form of acute gastritis has its similarities in treatment, but there are several characteristics that are inherent in different types.


The cause of exacerbation of this form of gastritis are specific factors of the body. In particular, such factors include: excessive consumption of food, as a consequence, overeating;poor food that has been spoiled with the passage of time or due to infection, or bacteria;difficult to digest food and poorly chewed food;overcooked or strongly spicy food, as well as food, which contains a lot of seasonings and other reasons.

Any treatment for an acute, simple stage of gastritis should begin with the release of formed slag from the body, including indigestible. For this, there is only one procedure - gastric lavage. Ways to rinse the contents of the gastrointestinal tract are numerous. In some cases, if the patient's condition is sufficiently stable, and does not greatly aggravate his general condition, it is possible to induce vomiting. With this method of washing, use a special spatula, which presses on the root of the tongue.

Some time before washing, the patient is given a small amount of water to drink, but this figure must be at least two liters. In the water, also add some components: sodium bicarbonate( 0.5-1% solution), one or two tablespoons of soda per liter of water, a solution of manganese.

This method may not be suitable for everyone, it is connected not only with the condition, but also with the peculiarities of the stomach. There are cases when the body( especially children's), in which gastritis has become aggravated, refuses to accept such treatment, so a special probe is used to get the vomiting, which is used with the above solution.

Artificial vomiting is caused in order to remove exacerbating irritants that affect the gastric mucosa, causing an acute stage of gastritis. In addition to removing the very contents of the stomach, they also get rid of toxic substances, which is very helpful in further treatment of the stomach.

However, finally such a way to remove toxins can not. Therefore, in some cases, the removal of toxins is done with the help of a saline solution. Salt, in this case, will act as a laxative.

After preliminary treatment procedures for acute gastritis have been performed, they begin to prescribe general tests: blood, urine and others. Based on the results of the study, medications are prescribed to normalize the body. The patient is put a different kind of droppers, which must eliminate the pain in the stomach and normalize the body, in general.

For the treatment of pain syndrome, which is caused by both vomiting and acute gastritis itself, solutions are used that should envelop the mucous membrane of the stomach.

When treating acute gastritis, it must always be taken into account that taking medications with this form of the disease usually causes vomiting. Therefore, treatment can be complicated. To solve this problem, as a rule, use a dropper, which is administered intravenously. This method excludes the ingestion of drugs in the stomach, which can disrupt the functioning of the stomach and, as a consequence, reduce the risk of a repeated exacerbation.

In addition to common drugs, in the treatment of exacerbation of gastritis, shows the reception of the vitamin complex. The methods of its reception also depend on the reaction of the organism( both adult and child) to this complex.

Allergic and erosive

There is no special form of treatment for exacerbated allergic gastritis. The procedure and the stages of treatment are the same as in the simple form. The difference will only be in taking medications. As additional drugs can be used adrenaline and soothing. The duration of treatment, in this case, is increasing. The average period will be 10 days.

The erosive form of gastritis exacerbation is extremely difficult. In this case, it is recommended to use drugs that suppress receptors, removing allergic reactions. Also used drugs against erosion of the stomach. Anti-erosive drugs are used to stabilize the release of gastric acid. To do this, use a special group of drugs called inhibitors.

Allergic form of exacerbated gastritis can cause complications in the form of erosion of the gastric mucosa. As symptoms one distinguishes one feature. With the formation of vomit, she has a purple hue, which indicates the presence of blood formations. In childhood it is different.

In cases of erosion, which is accompanied by blood, usually do not resort to surgical intervention, but there are cases when other circumstances require it. In cases of surgery, the patient is taken to a special department, and in such a way that the head of the patient is below the body position. Thus, the possibility of a large loss of blood is excluded.

In some cases, patients have a shock, which is not uncommon in other forms of acute gastritis. Treatment of a shock state with such a stage of gastritis is simple - drugs that remove shock states.

As prevention of the formation of bruises on the abdominal cavity, ice is applied, it also reduces the burning sensation.

After carrying out all the procedures for the purification of the body, salt solutions containing multicomponent substances are used.


In case of exacerbation of acute corrosive gastritis, the patient is checked for the presence of a shock condition, and also for the absence of ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract. After that, the treatment proceeds in a standard way: immediate gastric lavage occurs.

In case acute gastritis was caused by the presence of acid in the body, the solution is supplemented with dairy products, lime water, magnesia or egg whites.

If the acute form of gastritis is the result of the action of alkali, then instead of anti-acid, use acidic products, in particular, lemon and vinegar. However, this procedure is contraindicated for children.

The procedure for gastric lavage in these cases is a procedure that can not be postponed. Because, after one hour of action with the stomach will be useless. Alkalis and acids, can hit not only the mucous membrane, but they will reach the walls.

After the treatment of the acute form. As a rule, the next stage is rest, during which it is necessary to take as many liquids as possible. However, simple drinking is not enough here. It is necessary to put drippers with water. The volume of intravenous injections must be made in a volume of at least 3 liters. Together with water, glucose is usually used, about 5%.

Most often the patient has pain after cleaning. Like the very acute form of gastritis, it gives great pain, so they use narcotic substances to relieve pain. In particular, use a drug such as morphine.

Often there is a surgical intervention, due to the fact that the formed acids created a breakthrough of the gastrointestinal tract, destroying the walls.

The treatment procedure for the acute form ends at the diet stage. The patient must comply with a strict diet. You can use for food only: milk, cream, jelly, fruit juices. Such objects are quickly digested and after entering the oral cavity become liquid or remain the same as after taking.

For prophylaxis periodically, through the oral cavity, the patient is poured vegetable oil, which contributes to the prompt treatment of the stomach.

Complete recovery with exacerbation of gastritis ends after 10-20 days of treatment.

Treatment in children

Acute stage of gastritis occurs in childhood very hard. However, the process of its treatment is much more sparing. In some cases, the child's body is stronger than acute gastritis and is capable of some independent actions. However, there is no complete independent treatment.

The treatment process, in this case, is simple about 2-3 days of bed rest. Fasting is also used, which must be maintained for the first 12 hours after the exacerbation has begun. Just like in the case of adults, a plentiful drink is shown.

In this case, you also need a diet that outputs from a heightened state. Gastritis gradually subside. The diet consists of the same products, which are easily digested and have a liquid form.

After 5-7 days of a diet, you need to switch to normal food.

It should be remembered that in most cases the acute form of gastritis is completely cured. However, after recovery, one should not allow the body to form new erosions.

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