Allergy with ascariasis, photo

Children have very often allergic reactions, but sometimes they are caused by ascarids. These are roundworms that can enter the body due to non-compliance with hygiene rules. Young children actively learn the world, they want to touch everything and taste, which is why they have these parasites more often than adults. Allergy with ascariasis is very pronounced and can be a threat to the life of the child.

In general, a rash occurs during the migration of the ascarid larvae, when they enter the bloodstream from the intestine and are carried throughout the body. They poison the patient with products of their vital activity, the more larvae in the body, the more pronounced the symptoms of the disease.

A blood test with this parasitic disease shows an increased content of eosinophils and immunoglobulins, as with allergies. That's why it is difficult to establish the correct diagnosis, a person is treated for allergies, and the real cause of rashes is parasites.

Features of allergy in ascaridosis

In adults, the immune system is more stable than children. They rarely have an allergy with ascarids( pictured), but even if it appears, it is temporary and quickly passes. But if a person's immunity is weakened due to some illness, the symptoms of helminthic invasion will be more pronounced, because the immune system can not resist the invasion of parasites.

There is one regularity, the older the person, the less likely that he will have an allergy if he has ascaris. In children, a rash appears almost always, but a person after forty years of age, such an organism reaction to parasites may not be.

But as for the second intestinal phase, this is when the parasites re-enter the intestine and already begin to multiply there, then the opposite picture is observed. In children, the symptoms in this phase are not as pronounced, unlike adults. This is explained by the fact that with age people accumulate various problems with the digestive system.

Allergy with ascariasis is a frequent occurrence especially in children. This parasitic disease manifests itself by many symptoms, so it can be difficult to recognize. As a result, the patient is treated for other diseases, and parasites continue to poison his body.

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