Pinworms are the cause( causative agents) of enterobiasis, from what, why do they appear, where do adults come from, what is the source of infection( occurrence)?

The causative agents of enterobiasis are pinworms. The reasons for their occurrence in humans are hidden in the failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene. The initial source of infection, both adult and child, is always an invasive person who, in the folds of the anal opening, has a female parasitic worm laying eggs. Literally in 5-6 hours they completely ripen and become dangerous to others. Mature eggs of these helminths fall on the bed and underwear of the patient, objects of everyday use or interior, located in office or home premises, and also transferred to food flies. The ingestion of mature oyster eggs by humans is the main cause of enterobiosis. Where does the causative agent of the disease come from, and in what way is most often the infection with pinworms? Experts distinguish several ways of penetration into the body of this helminth:

  • Oral. When the patients scratching the itching zones of the anus, the eggs, laid by the parasites, stick to the fingers and fall under the nails. The hands of people become a source of infection after this. A person who has the habit of biting his nails or sucking his fingers, easily brings them into the mouth, and thence into the intestine;
  • Household. This way of the appearance of worms in the intestines of people is considered the most common. The essence of it is that the eggs of enterobiosis pathogens are preserved everywhere, to which the patient touched. The cause of invasion with pinworms in this case is the use of unleached vegetables for food or the contact of the child with dirty toys;
  • Contact. When it causes the colonization in the intestine of the patient pinworm become domestic pets. Their skins are the main breeding grounds for worms. In the event that, after communicating with them, you forget to wash your hands, the appearance of enterobiasis symptoms in a short time is guaranteed.

Only with strict observance of the rules of personal hygiene can reduce the risk of invasion by pathogens of this type of helminthiosis.

What causes pinworms in adults?

Pinpoint pinworms, which are the causative agents of enterobiasis, children are most often exposed to the intestines. The reason for this is that, firstly, they lack 3 anthelmintic barriers( saliva enzymes, gastric acidity and immunity of the intestines corresponding to the norm), and secondly, for most babies it is not necessary to observe the necessary rules of personal hygiene. But why these parasites can appear in adults, and not so rare? The appearance of enterobiasis in people of the older age group has a fairly simple explanation. Eggs of pinworms, its pathogen, are very tenacious. They under favorable conditions retain their viability in the external environment, where they got from the folds of the anus of the invaded patient, almost 2 weeks. Remaining all this time infectious, they become the cause of this disease in everyone who brings them into the mouth. Most often pinworms, pathogens enterobiosis, appear in people with weakened immunity. The reason for this is the inability of their organisms to fight strangers.

How to avoid the main causes of the appearance of pinworms? First of all, if an infestation is detected in one of the family members, it is necessary to drink the preventive course of antihelminthic drugs prescribed by the specialist and take all measures to strengthen the observance of the necessary rules of personal hygiene. This will significantly reduce the risk of developing the disease. Also, one should not forget about the regular sanitization of premises with disinfectants, which kill the eggs of pinworms, the only cause of enterobiasis. Specialists recommend the following measures to prevent the occurrence of invasion:

  • One of the vectors of pinworm eggs, the causative agents of this disease, are flies and other insects that crawl on any surfaces, including food. To eliminate this reason, it is not enough just to get rid of their presence in the room. It should be a habit to carefully wash vegetables and fruits used in fresh form, and to the other products to close access to insects;
  • The cause of infection with pinworms, pathogens enterobiosis, and becomes bed or underwear of the invaded patient. To exclude this source, it is necessary to change it daily, and also to carry out washing with boiling and further ironing of clothes from 2 sides;
  • Children's toys, wooden and plastic surfaces, too, for a long time save the eggs of pinworms and therefore are the cause of the development of helminthiosis. In order to exclude it, they must be regularly treated with disinfectants. The best effect will be when a solution of laundry soap is taken for this purpose, and not chemical preparations.

"pick up" this attack can be and through the soil in which the eggs of worms persist long enough. In order to avoid this, all gardening work should be done with gloves and teach children not to lift anything from the ground and taste it. In addition, after each walk, the kids should learn how to wash their hands thoroughly.

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