Validol and alcohol: compatibility, consequences, what will be if combined

Many people with the appearance of painful sensations in the heart or in a state of psychoemotional disruption like hysteria take everyone the well-known Validol. Some, without hesitation, combine the intake of the drug in any form with liquor. However, experts warn that such a combination is absolutely unacceptable. Why? Let's go into more detail.

Validol and alcohol

Validol refers to preparations of sedative and vasodilating action. The drug is available in capsular, tablet and drip form. The drug is placed under the tongue, its components irritate the nerve endings that are located on the mucous tissues, resulting in a reflex expansion of the vascular canals, including coronary ones.

Under the influence of the general action of active substances Validol, there is a reduction in pain manifestations, a significant improvement in blood supply in peripheral zones. There is a sedative effect, through which Validol is used in all kinds of conditions associated with nervous overstrain or heart troubles.

Quite quickly the components of Validol are absorbed into the bloodstream, and within 5 minutes after resolution the patient experiences a therapeutic effect.

According to the instructions, the drug is indicated when:

  • Hysterical;
  • Neuroses;
  • Cardial manifestations;
  • Headaches caused by prolonged treatment with nitrate group drugs;
  • The "motion sickness" syndrome, which is typical for sea / air sickness.

As for alcohol, people who use it occasionally and little by little, it causes an expansion of the vascular channels of the brain. As a result, the blood flow reduces its speed, which makes the drunk alcohol feel pleasantly relaxed. Hence the confidence of many people that alcohol helps with stressful conditions.

But this effect does not last very long, after a couple of hours a sharp narrowing of the vessels occurs, leading to a spasm, which causes the acceleration of the heartbeat. As a result, a person feels unwell, the heart begins to ache, causing the patient to take medicine, for example, Validol. And this can not be done categorically.


Trying to combine a drug with alcohol, you must first familiarize yourself with the compatibility of these substances. Any drug is accompanied by an instruction that describes the possibility or inadmissibility of taking with alcohol. But is it possible to combine these substances?


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As for Validol and ethanol, these substances should not be taken at the same time categorically. Well, if the drug simply does not work, in the worst case, this combination will further exacerbate the patient's condition.

Some experts note that alcohol and Validol have a mutually reinforcing effect.

In addition to alcohol, Validol is contraindicated when:

  1. Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  2. Diabetes. In tablets there is sucrose, which is dangerous for diabetics.

That's why any means of vasodilator action is categorically incompatible. You can drink the drug only after the complete removal of ethanol from the body, and the form of the drug does not matter.

In addition, when a person has any problems with the work of the SSA, then alcohol is contraindicated in any case, not only with Validol.

Possible consequences of

If you combine the reception of alcohol with Validol, then the consequences are hard to predict:

  • Alcohol has an exciting effect, due to which neutralization of the drug effect can occur. Simply put, from Validol there will be no benefit, on the contrary, anxiety can become more pronounced;
  • Under the influence of alcohol the patient's body relaxes, i.e. alcohol provides a sedative effect. When combined with Validol, the drug will enhance the soothing and relaxing effect, lead to a slowdown in reactions and a dangerous decrease in blood pressure.

What will happen if you take alcohol with Validol? Under the influence of strong drinks, a vivid manifestation of adverse reactions of the drug such as a nausea syndrome, dizziness, excessive salivation and tearing can occur. All these manifestations can become even more acute due to alcohol. Some patients may even experience a hypersensitivity reaction to Validol components, which will result in allergic symptoms, urticaria, pruritus, rashes, Quincke's edema, etc.

Rules for taking

Before taking Validol, it is necessary to determine the individual therapeutic susceptibility to the drug. This will help in determining the personal dosage and the maximum allowable daily amount of the drug.

The drug in a tablet or encapsulated form is taken sublingually, in other words, put under the tongue until completely dissolved. One-time dosage is 1 capsule or tablet. In a day, you can take Validol no more than 4 times, the maximum amount of the drug - 600 mg / day.

If it is necessary to take the drug after alcohol, then it is recommended to consider other treatment options, because you can only take Validol after complete removal of ethanol from the body, i.e. hours after 5-6 after the last portion of the hot. If the pill is already taken, then alcohol can be drunk only 3-4 hours after the medication.


So, alcohol with Validol differ in the opposite effect, so when combined, the body experiences additional stress on most systems. When taking pills in the midst of a feast, the myocardial vessels may widen, which will provoke acute cardialgia. Many experts do not recommend combining the drug with alcohol, because the consequences can be unpredictable.

Practice shows that in some patients when these substances were combined, the body was so relaxed that they were deprived of the ability to control defecation and urination. In such a situation nobody wants to be, so it's better not to risk and refuse such a combination.

Any, even the most "harmless" drug requires a careful and responsible attitude, so before the reception you must necessarily talk with a specialist or at least get acquainted with the attached instructions. Even herbal preparations can be incompatible with alcohol, so be smarter.

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