How to determine the cause of a headache?

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Most of the answers are "A" - Your headache is called "tension pain". The main provoking factor is physical tension that occurs in the muscles of the back and neck due to improper body position while working in the office, exacerbation of osteochondrosis, physical inactivity. Headache can be a companion of myopia, in order to better see the computer monitor in case of vision problems, you have to use the muscles of the back of the head. Salvation is sport. Exercise that releases muscle tension can bring you back to life. Sign up for fitness, take a massage course, purchase special paraffin-containing arthro-devices that help in the fight against osteochondrosis. Forget that there is an elevator in the office, go up the stairs, ventilate the office more often. See your optometrist regularly and do eye exercises.

Most of the answers are "B" - Your problem is a weakened immune system, which is facilitated by fatigue and lack of sleep. Colds, infections at first manifest themselves as headaches. Do not overuse analgesics, they will give only fleeting relief, while viruses and bacteria need to be expelled from the body. Keep up your strength, visit an immunologist, start taking vitamins. Try to spend more time outdoors, outside the city. Remember, sleep is the best medicine. Enter a curfew in the family, until 23.00 no matter what, you have to go to bed. Sleeping until midnight is the most effective way to rejuvenate.

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Most answers are "B" - Emotional overload is the main culprit in your headache. This syndrome is referred to as a psychologically dependent branch of "tension pain". The provocateurs of the disease are stress and anxiety. The pain can be psychosomatic. The malaise will be felt until a solution to the exciting problem is found. Do not strive to do everything perfectly. Have pity on your head. Learn relaxation techniques. Breathing exercises, yoga, Pilates will help in this. Learn to switch to the positive, at least for a while "let" events take their course. Do not try to numb the pain with psychostimulants, energy drinks, or analgesics. They will only aggravate the tension, provoking an increase in the attack. Drink plenty of water, but not coffee or alcohol. Drinking little water also contributes to headaches. This is due to the fact that H2O is a solvent and removes toxins from the body.

Most of the answers are "D". In your case, pain can signal the presence of problems with blood vessels: hypertension or hypotension, insufficient blood supply to certain areas of the brain, acquired or congenital pathology vessels, migraines. Be sure to undergo a full examination, make an appointment with a neurologist and neurologist. Take care of your head. Traumatic brain injury, concussion is dangerous for its delayed consequences, after a year or

more dizziness, headaches, and coordination disorders may begin. Try to rest more, do not worry about trifles. Daily walks in the park are the best relaxation for you. Normalize your diet, do not skip meals, and do not overeat. Don't force your body to work "overtime".

Most of the answers are ā€œDā€. Your head hurts most often from fun and hangover. Take care not to abuse alcohol and do not try to relieve stress with their help. Normalize sleep and wakefulness. Do not drive yourself into a trap, after a couple of years of a reckless life, the body can brutally take revenge for a careless attitude towards it.

What health problem could you complain about?

A) Concerns about blurred vision, dry skin.

B) Frequent colds and infectious diseases

C) Pain in the heart, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

D) Jumps in blood pressure, vascular problems.

E) no problem

How do you prefer to deal with your headache?

A) I try to endure the pain, I resort to analgesics as a last resort.

B) If possible, I try to lie down and take a nap, I hope that the attack will stop without medication.

C) By any means: coffee, alcohol, pills, I cannot be distracted by pain.

D) I do not know how to endure, there is always a medicine at hand.

E) Brine

How do you react to a stressful situation?

A) I shrink all into a ball, it seems that all muscles are tense

B) Feel like a beaten dog

C) I mobilize all the forces of the body

D) It feels like all the blood rushes to the head

E) I'm starting to think about which drink to relieve stress

Try to describe your pain

A) Pain is bilateral, compressive, affects the head and neck, is not very pronounced, appears more often in the office than at home.

B) The head is "heavy", the whole body aches

C) It is sometimes difficult to understand exactly where it hurts, it seems that they put a helmet on their head.

D) Acute pain, sometimes throbbing, in the temples, back of the head, often occurs when the weather changes

D) Sometimes, it hurts so much that words cannot convey

Do you have a precursor to a headache - an aura - muscle weakness, coordination problems, visual disturbances (stars in front of your eyes, zigzags, blind spots)?

A) B) C) No, I don't know what it is

D) Yes, I had to experience something like that.

E) The first time I hear that this happens.

How often do you faint?

A) Rarely, but it happens, especially if the room is stuffy

B) I don't remember this

C) Once it darkened in the eyes, when I hit my elbow hard

D) Often

E) I do not fall

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