Breakfast and dinner with pancreatitis

Breakfast with pancreatitis Pancreatitis, often occurs with an improper diet and alcohol abuse. Weaken the symptoms of the disease can be through a competent composition of the diet. Nutrition is an important component in the treatment of the disease. In the remission phase, the diet is full and containing a large number of calories. The amount of protein in the diet should be high, and the fat content is reduced.

For breakfast with pancreatitis used dairy products - cottage cheese, yogurt, milk. Also for breakfast, milk and dairy-free cereals are excellent, based on the content of various cereals - buckwheat, oats, rice. Doctors do not recommend resorting to consuming confectionery and dishes containing a large amount of sugar. For breakfast, lean meat or fish is perfect, and boiled potatoes can be used as a side dish.

Periodically, you can prepare a protein omelet for breakfast. It is desirable, in the morning ration to include fruits and vegetables, which will help saturate the body with vitamins and healthy fiber. Dri

nks for breakfast should also be unsweetened. It is best if it is vegetable, fruit juice, sprouted oats or unsweetened tea.

Dinner for pancreatitis

Dinner with pancreatitis For supper, it is also strictly forbidden to eat foods that stimulate the secretion of the pancreas. You can prepare for dinner a variety of dishes from cottage cheese, boiled or boiled meat with vegetables, fish, porridge, boiled potatoes. Dessert is preparing fresh berries and fruits. As drinks at a pancreatitis unsweet compote, jelly, tea are used. At night you should drink yogurt or yogurt.

During periods of exacerbation of pancreatitis, dinner should be enriched with potato juice, homemade kefir. Nutrition of patients should be small portions and fractional. Evening menu, at the same time, should be full. This will help reduce the burden on the pancreas. It is not recommended to include in your diet products based on beans and white cabbage, as they contribute to enhanced gassing. Butter can be added to dishes, but its volume should not exceed 15-20 grams.

All dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner should be boiled or cooked for a couple. It is forbidden to eat fried foods, excessively salted and sour products. Meat, fish and mushroom broths, smoked meats, radish, turnips, sorrel are also excluded. Carbonated and alcoholic beverages lead to exacerbation of symptoms and are incompatible with pancreatitis.

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