Which suppositories are used to treat prostatitis

Candles from prostatitis Prostatitis is a very unpleasant and fraught with serious complications disease, the treatment of which is required in a compulsory and urgent order.

Rectal suppositories are recognized as an excellent remedy to relieve inflammation and pain syndrome. They can not act as the sole and basic remedy for the treatment of prostatitis, but they can fully supplement the main course of treatment in order to improve its effectiveness and accelerate recovery, as well as to remove unpleasant symptoms.

Every man should know what candles to treat prostatitis should pay attention, so a list of names of inexpensive and effective drugs will be presented below. This dosage form is considered one of the best in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate, because it provides the most active sorption of nutrients and their rapid transport to prostate tissue.

Basics of treatment of prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis should be comprehensive and include:

  1. Preparations that improve blood supply to the pro
  2. Physiotherapy.
  3. Antibacterial drugs, administered under the control of susceptibility to disease pathogens.
  4. Preparations that increase the body's defenses( immunostimulants) - are prescribed only after a special blood test - immunograms.
  5. Massage of the prostate gland, curative gymnastics.
  6. Local treatment with rectal suppositories.

The doctor may prescribe suppositories with anesthetic or antibiotics, suppositories with propolis or vegetable oils, and the like.

After a course of rectal suppository treatment, prostate edema decreases, pain disappears, prostate function is restored, thrombosis is prevented, normal urination is restored.

Candles with propolis from prostatitis

Candles with propolis are considered to be the most effective for the treatment of the inflammatory process in the prostate. Propolis, included in their composition, contains many useful substances, such as amino acids, chrysanthemum, galanin, resins, trace elements, due to which it has several effects at once.

Prostopinum, Tambuil, as well as propolis candles with prostatitis are the number one drugs when it comes to the prevention or treatment of chronic inflammation of the prostate gland.

Candles with propolis from prostatitis have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating, as well as analgesic effects. There are practically no contraindications to the use of these suppositories, except for the intolerance of the drug components and the allergic reaction to propolis.


Pain medications

During the treatment of prostatitis, an important condition is the elimination of pain, which causes severe discomfort. Anesthetics are able to have a wide range of effects. The suppositories with pantoponium or promedol are best here. Treatment with such candles brings considerable relief.

A drug such as indomethacin is the best of its kind. Its analgesic properties are difficult to challenge. It speeds up treatment and relieves inflammation.


Candles that remove inflammation

Effective action on inflammation, in this case, has non-steroidal substances. The active ingredient of such candles is diclofenac, in drugstores it is candles "Diclofenac", "Voltaren".

Used for acute and chronic prostatitis, hemorrhoids. It is good to remove inflammation in the pelvic organs, while rectal administration is not too toxic for the digestive system.



Provides antiseptic, disinfectant, anesthetic( like diclofenac) action. In addition, ichthyol suppositories improve circulation in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčexposure. Ichthyol suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis have a specific odor. Contraindications, with the exception of intolerance to components, have not been identified.

Ichthyol candles


This kind of medication is designed to solve 2 problems - the presence of microorganisms in the prostate( normal, if there are no microbes - so conceived by mother nature) and the elimination of spasm.

Rifampicin( an ansamycin group) is used as an antibiotic in such suppositories, which stops the synthesis of RNA inside the bacterial cell and does not affect the replication process in humans.


Candles with beta-sitosterol

Beta-sitosterol is a substance that effectively protects the prostate gland. The substance is contained in rice bran, wheat germ, soybean and corn oil. Rectal suppositories are used both independently and with other drugs from prostatitis.

All rectal suppositories described above are introduced into the rectum. The active substances of the candles penetrate into the prostate and exert medicinal action on it.

Candles with beta-sitosterol

Inexpensive and effective candles for prostatitis: list

Below is a list of the most popular candles used in the treatment of this disease. Effective and inexpensive candles:

  1. Vitaprost .Has anti-inflammatory, antiaggregatory effect with pronounced tropism to the tissue of the prostate gland. Vitaprost plus additionally( due to the presence of an antibiotic) has antibacterial properties. The lomefloxacin contained in its composition has bactericidal properties( transcription and DNA replication abnormalities).Price from 645 rub.
  2. Prostatilen .The active substance of the drug is prostatylene, which is a complex of peptides, soluble in water, obtained by extraction from the prostate gland of cattle( bull calves) after reaching sexual maturity. The action of suppositories is aimed at improving the work of the prostate gland, reducing swelling and stagnant phenomena in the prostate. The price from 350 rbl.
  3. Vitaprost forte .Improve blood microcirculation in the prostate gland, lead to a decrease in thrombogenesis and platelet aggregation, thereby inhibiting the development of thromboses in the gland. As a result, the edema and infiltration of the prostate tissue decreases, the walls of the bladder are stimulated, thereby eliminating the symptoms of frequent urination. The price from 750 rbl.
  4. Voltaren .The main component of the drug, which has a therapeutic effect, is diclofenac sodium. Since it belongs to the group of NSAIDs, it has a significant analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, and also has antipyretic effect. The price from 250 rubles.
  5. Prostopin .The drug improves the regeneration of tissues, renders wound healing, anti-inflammatory and restorative effect. The price from 500 rbl.

All medicines, including suppositories, should be prescribed by a specialist, after examining the patient and diagnosing prostatitis. Each drug has contraindications and side effects.

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