Whether we treat actually a multiple sclerosis?

1 Factors of etiology

There is currently no consensus on the causes of multiple sclerosis. However, the development of the disease, according to modern scientific researchers, directly depends on the participation of the immune system. It's all about the set of genes that control the body's defense response. The immune system is designed to resist penetration into the human body of structures alien to it, that is, antigens. The system struggles with them with the help of special protein molecules( immunoglobulins), or antibodies. At the same time, the system can respond to the appearance of foreign structures both lightning fast and slow. In the latter case, it deals with the accumulation of antibodies, their synthesis. After the final victory over the antigens, the body's immune response fades to zero, after which regulatory mechanisms are activated.

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Thus, in the scientific environment the theory of autoimmune origin of this type of disease prevails. At the same time, we must not forget about external factors that can provoke it. These include stress, living in a certain area, brain trauma, poisoning the body, the effect of viruses. Despite the fact that experts have not yet decided on the causes of the disease, the methods of its treatment are clear to them. Since the immune system plays an important role in the life-support processes of the body, it is necessary to react in a timely manner to any violations of its activity.

2 How does the disease go?

The course of the disease is directly influenced by the place where the affected areas are located, as well as the fact whether they have inflammation. Sclerotic plaques can appear in different places of both the brain and spinal cord. At different stages of formation, the patient may first manifest, and then disappear, characteristic symptoms. Periods of exacerbation of the disease are followed by periods of weakening or even complete disappearance of symptoms( remission).

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In order to understand whether sclerosis is curable or not, it should be borne in mind that remission can last for years. More specifically, up to 5 years. This is the danger of the disease - people hope that the disease has receded, and stop treating it. Unfortunately, they are mistaken. The further, the more frequent the exacerbations become. However, it is not necessary to give up - the frequency of seizures can be significantly reduced with the help of a correctly selected treatment regimen.

Qualified specialists after the first outbreak of the disease can understand how the disease will proceed. It should be remembered that multiple sclerosis is difficult to treat due to the fact that this disease is characterized by a variety of forms and manifestations. As a result, doctors can not always make a correct diagnosis. The mild forms of such a disease, in which it gradually fades, can easily be confused, for example, with neurological diseases.

3 Classification of pathology

They can be different. Manifestations of multiple sclerosis are largely associated with changes that occurred in the myelin sheath of nerve endings during latency. In other words, in the period from the moment the stimulus is applied to the body before the moment of the response. When no signs of the disease are still visible, but it is already present in the body. Moreover, it began to develop there.

The following types of multiple sclerosis are distinguished:

  1. Benign. The presence of such a disease is signaled by seizures, which are repeated more than once. At the same time, the periods of remission become longer, as the sheath of nerve fibers has time to recover. As a result, the symptoms disappear. So, with this form of illness, let's say yes to the question of whether multiple sclerosis can be cured. According to medical statistics, benign sclerosis occurs in 20% of patients.
  2. Reminding. It is characterized by alternation of attacks of the disease with periods of improvement in the human condition. In this case, the functions of the affected organs can partially or even completely regain their lost capacity for work. The duration of the period of exacerbation of the disease ranges from several days to several weeks. It may take several months for a full recovery.
  3. Primary progressive. It occurs in 15% of patients aged 40 years. The state of health of patients diagnosed with this type of disease worsens over time. There are no pronounced exacerbations. However, there is a gradual loss of ability to work.
  4. Secondary progressive. At first it looks like a reminder. Periods of the disease are followed by periods of improvement. However, later this type acquires a progressive form. In this case, after five years of the disease, a person can become disabled.
  5. Progressive-remitting. It is rare. For this type of multiple sclerosis are characterized by acute attacks, which accompanied by deterioration of the patient. However, the patient can periodically feel better. The disease begins with a gradual deterioration of well-being.


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The forms of the disease depend on which part of the nervous system is most affected. The cause of the cerebral form is damage to the brain. Spinal - defeat of the spinal cord. Cerebrospinal form is observed when parts are damaged in two departments at once.

4 Features of treatment

Currently, there are no medications that could prevent the onset of the disease. Similarly, there are no drugs, the action of which can permanently rid the patient of its manifestations. Those drugs that are used by doctors now are designed to relieve symptoms and alleviate the patient's condition. In addition, they are designed to significantly prolong the period of remission and make complications impossible.

There are two types of treatment, the use of which depends on the phase of the course of the disease:

  1. Treatment prescribed for exacerbations.
  2. Interval treatment.

The first of these is conducted at a time when the deterioration of the patient lasts more than a day. At this time, there may be new symptoms. It should not be allowed that the vital functions of the body are disturbed. This can be done by introducing into the body Cortisone, a hormone belonging to the group of corticosteroids, or ACTH, adrenocorticotropic hormone. When used in the form of tablets and injections, the immune attack of the body on the myelin sheath of nerves is significantly reduced.

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The best result can be achieved in the event that it is not time-consuming to conduct timely treatment. It is necessary to proceed to it as soon as possible. In this case, the patient's well-being will improve much more quickly. A combination of Cyclophosphamide and Cortisone proved to be a good idea. However, it should be remembered that in each case the drugs for the treatment of the symptoms of the illness are selected by the doctor strictly individually. Interval treatment aims to help the nervous system, because it needs it in those periods when the seizures are passing. In addition, to strengthen immunity and create an obstruction to lymphocytes, trying to act on the brain and spinal cord.

For this, the following medicines are available in the arsenal of physicians:

  • Azathioprine;
  • Beta-interferon;
  • Methotrexate;
  • Mitoxantrone;
  • Immunoglobulins;
  • Cyclosporin A.

In total, there are more than 100 medicines designed to treat multiple sclerosis. The drug itself, as well as its dosage is selected by a doctor. In doing so, it takes into account the patient's condition and the frequency of seizures. It is not recommended to resist the disease on one's own.

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5 Possible complications of

In some cases, the intervention of the surgeon can not be avoided. The removal of the thymus gland, spleen, bone marrow transplantation is performed. Soon, it is not excluded, neurons of the brain, affected by the disease, can be replaced by stem cells. At least, similar researches are conducted. There are cases when the disease was fatal. The causes of it were disorders of cardiac activity and respiratory function, inflammation of the lungs. Death can also occur due to severe sepsis, in the occurrence of which bedsores are to blame.

Thus, it is impossible to answer unambiguously the question whether multiple sclerosis can be cured. Representatives of official medicine for a long time do not think about whether such a sclerosis is curable or not. According to them, this disease is incurable.

At the same time, many patients lead a habitual way of life for them.

Essential aid in this is provided by various immunosuppressors and immunomodulators, which help to control the development of the disease. In addition, one should always remember that science does not stand still. Periodically, new drugs and vaccines appear. Over time, it is not excluded, this disease will be able to win definitively.

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