Fasting with pancreatitis( treatment with pancreatic hunger) is curative, dry, can you starve, how much and how correctly?

Fasting with pancreatitis Pancreatitis refers to diseases of the pancreas. The disease does not reveal itself immediately, this is also a difficulty. Often, treatment begins late, when all the signs of a chronic disease manifest themselves, it is much more difficult to cope with such a disease than in the first stages. That is why it is important to know how this illness manifests itself.

If there are problems with the pancreas, the outflow of vital enzymes( juice) from the gland is disrupted and their entry into the duodenum. The juice begins to accumulate, which causes inflammation and damage to both the gland itself and neighboring organs. The causes of this disorder are many, these are gallstones, tumors, alcohol and stress. There are three effective ways to relieve inflammation: peace, cold and fasting. With the first two everything is clear, it is enough to create the necessary conditions, treatment of pancreatitis with starvation requires awareness in this matter and knowledge of certain nuances.

Hunger in pancreatitis

Pancreas and fasting Pancreas and fasting, how effective is this method of treatment? Experts have been interested in this issue for a long time. Numerous studies and observations of patients have proved its efficacy. Cured in this way from pancreatitis can be, but subject to special conditions, requirements and recommendations.

So, pancreatitis and fasting, what should you know before you apply and try it on yourself? First, adhere to a fractional diet, take food 5-6 times a day, but do not overeat. Secondly, it is preferable to use the wiped products, such are not irritants for the gastric mucosa. It is important to know not only how to starve in pancreatitis, but also that the composition and quality of products play no less significant role, it is necessary to monitor this strictly. Proteins should be many, carbohydrates should be limited, and fats should be minimized. The food should have a neutral taste, salty, sour, spicy, sweet should be excluded. In many inflamed organs such tastes cause irritation, and pancreas is no exception. Fasting, it's over, will help, but the body needs to be helped and rid of irritants. It is also desirable to refrain from sour products, such as cabbage broth, strong boiling broths and sour juices. And yet, no alcohol, fried and smoked food.

Agreeing to the treatment of pancreatitis with starvation, it should be borne in mind that there are foods and drinks that need to be excluded or limited as much as possible. What is better to give up? List of products that load the pancreas and can cause an attack:

  • Raw vegetables
  • Coffee and soda
  • Avocado
  • donuts and chips
  • Red meat
  • White bread
  • From vegetables are not recommended rutabaga, spinach, sorrel, radishes, cabbage, turnips.

likely have to give up your favorite foods, but we are talking about such serious diseases as pancreatitis, fasting rescue and help, but only in case of compliance with clear rules. In any case, you can resist this disease, and forbidden foods and drinks can always be replaced. A good complement to the diet will be soup of vegetables, low-fat fish species, lean meats( turkey fillet perfectly), dairy products with low acidity, a carbohydrate-containing cereals( oatmeal, buckwheat, millet, brown rice) and herbal teas.

It is important to know not only how to starve properly in pancreatitis, but also how to properly prepare the selected foods. In this case, steamers and ovens will help out. Food should be stewed, but, in any case, do not fry - this is contraindicated.

Medical fasting with pancreatitis

Therapeutic fasting with pancreatitis This is proven and one of the most effective ways. The body is unloaded, resting and restored with time. There are two forms of pancreatitis - chronic and acute. In the first case, the process of destruction of the gland proceeds slowly, but for a long time. Acute pancreatitis is a one-time and short-term dying off of tissue. Both variants of manifestation of the disease can lead to complications. Unfortunately, no other body is able to perform the role and work of the pancreas, which is why the destruction of organ tissue is a highly undesirable phenomenon. Hunger for the pancreas is often the only salvation. To prevent the occurrence of serious complications, such as diabetes mellitus, you can, by changing the diet - this stabilizes the pancreas. That is why fasting with pancreatitis, accompanied by diet, is the main ingredient, as far as medications are concerned - this is secondary, for emergency cases.

The main signs of worsening of chronic pancreatitis are nausea, vomiting, pain and fever. Provoke an aggravation of alcohol and stressful situations, but most often the main provocateur is fatty food. It is in such serious cases that dry fasting is appropriate and effective, that is, a complete refusal of food and drinks for several days. It is important to comply with bed rest.

After 2 days without food, you can drink a glass of warm water or vegetable broth, and after an hour to afford an easy dinner in the form of vegetable soup. The usual mode of power is allowed to go the next day. Dry fasting with pancreatitis provides the patient with peace, stimulation of the secretion of juices and bile is temporarily stopped.

How many fast with pancreatitis?

Hunger in pancreatitis The answer to this question is not known to everyone, and this is fraught with consequences. When dry fasting, the norm is - 1 time a week. Regularity is important, only so you can avoid the destruction of the gland.

On the question of whether to starve for pancreatitis, most specialists will give an unambiguous answer - it is allowed, even necessary, it is not only treatment, but also an excellent prophylaxis of complications and exacerbations. There is a slowdown in the development of the disease. With pancreatitis it is important to avoid unpleasant and painful acute attacks. The effect of fasting on the pancreas is so effective that it allows not only to remove symptoms and inflammation, but also to restore all the functions of the pancreas.

Having decided to get rid of pancreatitis, fasting should begin without surprises for the body. Refuse to eat food costs no more than 2-3 days, otherwise the enzymes of the gland will begin to behave aggressively and increase inflammation. The feeling of hunger in pancreatitis and a good appetite is a rare phenomenon, especially with seizures, so it can be easy to test a diet in a few days and help, thus, to calm down the pancreas. This situation can be compared with fractures. In the case of damage to bone tissue gypsum, that is, the state of rest, the only way out, any movement is painful. Also in the case of the pancreas, food as an irritant causes an attack and pain. That's why hunger and pancreas are quite compatible, one does not interfere with one another.

Gentle should be and the way out of fasting with pancreatitis. Here, too, a measure is important, do not shock the body with a sharp increase in food, even if the improvements are noticeable and I am pleased with you.

Treatment of pancreatitis by fasting Sometimes the treatment of the pancreas with starvation for a long time enters into the life of a sick person, it can be difficult to give up your favorite dishes and adhere to strict diets, but to succumb to temptations means to return to the previous state and again to recall what are acute attacks due to inflammation or, even worse, to goin a hospital. Hunger in pancreatitis, that is, lack of food in the digestive organs, makes it possible for these organs to be unloaded. You do not need to isolate juices, you do not need to push food through the intestinal canals, in the end, energy is spent only on self-healing.

Treatment of the pancreas with famine has proven itself, this effective method has been applied for more than a decade. So do not rush with expensive medications, this method for the pancreas is useful, the probability of a positive result of using such an affordable and economical method is very high. It's never too late to improve your health, restore your appetite and get rid of all the troubles. It is enough just to believe that the treatment of hunger pancreatitis is really a way out and check this way in the case.

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