Golden mustache with pancreatitis, application in the treatment of the pancreas

The complex effect on the body of the active substances contained in the plant makes it possible to obtain a therapeutic effect above the average. Treatment of pancreatitis with a golden mustache is recommended by gastroenterologists, associations of oncological diseases of the world.

Golden mustard with pancreatitis in the form of decoction

Golden mustache with pancreatitis Decoction can be obtained by several successive actions with the leaves of the plant:

  • crumble a couple of fifteen centimeters or one quarter meter sheet
  • fill the mass in a container with 0.7 liters of water
  • cook a quarter of an hour( small fire)
  • insist in a warm place a day, wrapped in wool

In the room, the golden mustache is kept for up to a month, in the refrigerator twice as long. Treatment consists in heating( water bath) decoction of a single dose( a glass), pancreatitis calm after exacerbation, protect it from remission. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the quality of water. The melted and magnetotron-treated liquid i

s ideal, it is possible to use filters.

The recipe for oil from a golden mustache is simple, the product obtained at the output is effective, has a long shelf life( longer than the broth twice).There are ways:

  • dry the cake from the squeezed juice, pour it with oil( olive), after a month the
  • is squeezed, the whiskers are crushed, poured with oil( sunflower), ten hours in the oven for forty degrees

. To store the oil that heals pancreatitis, glassware is needed,in the refrigerator, it does not lose properties for two months, in a freezer it can lie for years.

The juice from the golden mustache, used to treat the pancreas, is obtained by crumbling the stems and leaves, having poured into the jar, the bay with water. The water is filtered with gauze, the rest is squeezed through the day. Take should be diluted with oil juice( olive or flax), the pancreas is gradually restored with regular use. Tea from the leaves is also useful for the affected gland, though, and to a lesser extent. The plant removes slag from the body, destroys stones, improves eyesight( a useful side effect).

Especially successfully combined with pancreatic decoction of "live hair" with soaked buckwheat in kefir. The level of glycemia is normalized, the tone rises, dryness in the mouth disappears, the tumor of the gland decreases. Contain a bush easily in the home, apartment( second name - home ginseng).The plant is unpretentious, not prone to disease.

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