Than polyps in the intestine are dangerous, dysplasia

What are the dangerous polyps in the intestines? Physicians, talking about what are dangerous polyps in the intestines, pay attention to the fact that in 30% of cases they degenerate into cancer. While the mechanisms of transformation are not fully understood, it is noted that heredity plays a big role in this process. If the patient has a family history of cancer of the intestine, you need to closely monitor the development of polyposis.

Scientific studies have shown that most often dangerous complications arise in people in developed countries, dysplasia of the intestinal polyp often becomes possible due to malnutrition. In the person's diet appears too much refined food, canned food, red meat, fast food, rich in seasoning. In this case, almost completely absent products containing coarse fiber. All this contributes to the violation of motor-evacuation functions, inflammation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa. And this is a favorable environment for the formation of meat growths.

Increases the risk of degeneration of polyps excessive al

cohol consumption, long-term smoking. Modern man moves very little, and this also affects his health.

In order to understand what are dangerous intestinal polyps, you need to know how the whole gastrointestinal tract works as a whole. He is responsible not only for the digestion of food and the removal of its waste remains in the form of feces, the coordinated work depends on immunity in general, similar failures affect the genetic apparatus. Any intestinal dysplasia is capable of provoking a genetic mutation, it does not appear immediately, with time. The degeneration of benign formation into a malignant tumor sometimes takes 10 years, but the end is always the same. And he leads at best to disability. That is why it is so important in time, at the first symptoms, to seek qualified help.


  • Traces of blood in the stool.
  • Large amount of mucus when emptied.
  • Constipation or diarrhea, which lasts more than a week.
  • Massive dysplasia of the intestine polyp disrupts the water balance, the skin of the hands and face becomes wrinkled, its color becomes grayish.

Dysplasia of the polyp of the intestine When answering the question, what are the dangerous polyps of the intestine, it is important to understand that many neoplasms can not manifest themselves in any way for decades. But in the meantime, their transformation has already begun, the cancer is developing, and the patient simply does not know about it. That is why it is necessary for everyone who is at risk to undergo an endoscopic procedure every three years.

It is not very pleasant, but effective. During it, if a tumor is detected, the surgeon has the ability to remove it immediately. He who is over fifty, endoscopy should be held once a year. During this period of life, the risk of malignancy of polyps increases by 50%.

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