What can not be eaten with a stomach ulcer( list of prohibited foods)

that it is impossible at a stomach ulcer Because the ulcer refers to serious gastrointestinal diseases and it is characterized by a recurrent course, exacerbations alternate with periods of remission. To reduce the frequency of exacerbations, the patient should try to minimize all the factors that can cause them. This will make conservative therapy more productive, and also protects the patient from the need for surgical intervention in the future. The main thing that the patient knew that you can not eat with a stomach ulcer and tried not to eat foods that increase the secretion of the stomach.

Let's figure out what can not be done with a stomach ulcer. First, immediately it should be said that not only the food itself is important, but also the way they are cooked, the frequency of food intake and the temperature of food consumed by a person. So, the patient should not eat everything dry-souled, cold dishes and hot dishes. During treatment it is much more useful to eat food at room temperature and drink it with enough water. In addition

, you can not overeat, it is better to eat often and in small portions( every 4 hours).In this case, the necessary amount of gastric juice to digest food will be minimal, and therefore, the mucous membranes of the stomach will not be irritated, thus provoking an aggravation of the disease.

As for the products that are forbidden for stomach ulcers, they all clearly include all fatty foods, coffee and alcohol, since their digestion requires a large amount of gastric juice. In addition, patients are advised not to eat various flour products, especially muffins, baked goods with bran and rye bread. Also, during periods of remission and especially exacerbation, the patient should not eat sharp food. At the same time, if the disease has not yet developed, then such sharp spices as chili, are capable of destroying the bacterium pathogen. But if the diagnosis has already been made, then from the acute and salty will be only harm, since irritation of already formed ulcers will occur and the pain will intensify.

If everything is clear with the listed products, then the opinions of different experts regarding milk are significantly different from each other. Some say that dairy products can not be sick, because they do not reduce( as previously thought), but increase the acidity of the stomach. Others advocate a sparing diet during remission and recommend a moderate intake of whole milk of normal fat content. At the same time, in some cases it is necessary to limit the consumption of low-fat dairy products, which will be extremely poorly digestible with low acidity of gastric juice.

that you can not eat when you eat What can not be eaten with an ulcer other than the one listed above? Under an unambiguous prohibition, the "favorite breakfast" of many office employees falls: a cup of coffee on an empty stomach and 1-2 cigarettes. This will lead to an increase in the amount of hydrochloric acid, disrupt the motility of the gastrointestinal tract and spasmodic blood vessels of the stomach. As a result, the produced gastric juice, not having found to itself application, will start to eat up a stomach, aggravating a status of the patient.

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