Than to treat a strong, acute pain in the throat when swallowing: causes, folk remedies, antibiotics

Sore throat in both adults and children with swallowing is observed frequently. The appearance of this symptom is due to infections, tumorous neoplasms, traumas. To detect a provoking factor and eliminate its effect, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Sore throat when swallowing: physiology

Pain syndrome is an uncomfortable sensory sensation that appears when the tissues are damaged. On mucous otolaryngological organs there are many nociceptors. When they are excited and there is discomfort.

This condition may be due to mechanical or temperature factors. Chemicals are also often affected. When the receptors of pain are activated, the nervous system signals the appearance of inflammation.

Reasons for

There are many factors that cause the onset of pain. Only the doctor can identify them.

Possible causes of sore throat


Similar anomalies are due to inflammation of the tonsils or pharynx. They include pharyngitis and tonsillitis. So, pharyngitis is charac

terized by other manifestations - cough, rhinitis, conjunctivitis. Tonsillitis is accompanied by a slight increase in temperature. Often there is general weakness, fatigue.

Injuries to

The cause of the pain syndrome may be a bruise of the larynx, which led to fracture or tearing of the cartilaginous tissues. This condition is characterized by bleeding, a violation of breathing, a cough. In difficult situations, shock develops. Also, sore throats can be caused by traumatization of tissues by foreign objects.


Oncological pathologies are characterized by a powerful pain syndrome. Cancer is more susceptible to people who smoke a lot and drink alcohol. The same applies to the impact of the polluted environment.

Other causes of

The following abnormalities may be the cause of the pain:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome - manifested by sore throat, insomnia, weakness and irritability;
  • scarlet fever - is an acute infectious disease, which is accompanied by fever, rashes, weakness;
  • infectious mononucleosis - accompanied by fever, chills, cough;
  • allergy - is the result of the influence of pollen, wool, food and is characterized by rhinitis, coughing, sneezing;
  • dry air - can provoke cutting pain when swallowing saliva and perspiration;
  • reflux esophagitis - accompanied by the penetration of gastric juice into the esophagus, which leads to irritation of the larynx;
  • HIV infection - characterized by pain in the throat.

How the throat looks when examined for various diseases

sore throat when swallowing


Depending on the symptoms, you can diagnose. To do this, the expert selects those or other studies.

Lump or discomfort

This condition is usually observed with pharyngitis. It is an inflammatory lesion of the throat, which is associated with viruses or bacteria. For this ailment are characterized by different manifestations - fever, cough, pain in the muscle tissue. In the absence of therapy, there is a risk of developing bronchitis or sore throat.

On the one hand

This condition usually occurs with a localized infection on the right or left side. The cause is acute otitis media, streptococci infection, inflammatory lesions of lymph nodes. Also provoking factors are often acute infections - diphtheria, measles or scarlet fever.

In the Adam's area

This condition is often a consequence of mechanical injuries. They are associated with bruises during falls or sports loads. As a consequence, there is a risk of fractures of the cartilaginous tissue, which leads to pain in the Adam's apple. This condition is characterized by bloody discharge when coughing, crunching. In difficult cases, there is a risk of suffocation.

In addition, pain in this zone occurs with acute laryngitis. The cause of its occurrence is the infection with viruses, chemical effects, the tension of the vocal cords.


Such a pain syndrome is most often caused by ingress of foreign objects into the throat. These can be bones of fish, uneaten food, slices of fruit or cereal casings. Subsequently, pain occurs when swallowing. Sometimes there is a cough and even suffocation.

Gives in the ear

In such a situation, one can suspect an inflammation of the ears. In this case, not only pain in the throat, but also purulent discharge from the organ of hearing. Also, a person may have a fever, a general weakness and an appetite.

About diseases that cause sore throat in our video:

Additional symptoms

Usually sore throats result from infectious pathologies. In such situations, the following manifestations occur:

  • cough;
  • hoarseness in the voice;
  • temperature increase;
  • chills;
  • intense, stitching or sharp pain in the throat.


To identify the pathology, you need to see a doctor. The specialist will study the clinical picture and perform the examination. Depending on this, the following tests are prescribed:

  • HIV test;
  • chest and neck radiography;
  • swab from the throat;
  • blood test for the detection of streptococcal infection;
  • assessment of acid content in the esophagus.

Algorithm for differential diagnosis for pain in the throat


The choice of method of therapy directly depends on the cause of the onset of symptoms. Because it can be selected only by a specialist after the diagnosis.

Self-medication is strictly prohibited. Taking antibiotics without medical prescription can bring health damage and disrupt the microflora. Of great importance is also the combination of drugs.

First aid

In order for the therapy to be effective, the patient needs first aid: the

  • has less to say;
  • use more warm liquid - water, tea, juices;
  • use special pharmacy solutions for rinses;
  • take painkillers for high-intensity discomfort;
  • use lozenges and lollipops for cough;
  • abandon smoking and alcohol, which provoke irritation of mucous membranes.

The most popular drugs and methods

drugs for the treatment of throat Drug therapy includes the use of such categories of medicines:

  • resorption tablets - gramicidin, pharyngosept;
  • sprays for the throat with antibacterial action - bioparox, orasept;Rinsing agent
  • - chlorhexidine, furacilin;
  • sprays with analgesic effect - lidocaine;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs - paracetamol, diclofenac;
  • antibacterial agents - hexoral.

As an adjunct to traditional therapy, you can use effective folk recipes that can be used at home:

  1. Gargles with a healing solution based on soda, salt and iodine. To do this, a glass of water should take 1 small spoonful of soda and salt, and add 5 drops of iodine. The optimal solution will be a solution of potassium permanganate. However, before using it, you need to make sure that the drug is completely dissolved.
  2. Inhalations of medicinal plants decoctions. For this purpose, you can use chamomile, calendula, oak bark. Ready-made broth should be poured into the kettle, attach a cone of paper to the nozzle and inhale the evaporation for 10 minutes.
  3. A therapeutic mixture of cinnamon. To make it, you need to combine a glass of milk, a couple of grams of cinnamon and a spoonful of honey. The resulting composition is slightly heated and taken three times a day. For 1 time you should drink half the glass.

How quickly to cure a sore throat in a child, says Dr. Komarovsky:

Than such a state is

When there is sore throat due to infection with viruses or bacteria, one should start therapy on time. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection of other organs. As a consequence, such complications develop:

  1. Inflammation of the lungs is the result of an untreated acute respiratory viral infection.
  2. Angina - can cause kidney failure, heart pathologies and joint damage.
  3. Sinusitis - may occur if there is no adequate therapy for throat diseases.
  4. Bronchitis - with a protracted process, there is a risk of chronicization.
  5. Otitis - when the respiratory organs are affected, ears often suffer.


To prevent the occurrence of throat diseases, it is necessary to take preventive measures:

  • to temper the body;
  • balanced eating;
  • to stop smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • to go in for sports;
  • to exclude from the diet carbonated water and very cold drinks;
  • to walk in the fresh air.

How to recognize a dangerous sore throat:


The prognosis directly depends on the cause of this symptom.

Painful sensations when swallowing can accompany a variety of pathologies. To avoid the development of dangerous complications, when this symptom appears, you should immediately contact the specialists and clearly follow their appointments.

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