Nexavar: instructions for use, price in Moscow, patients' reviews, analogues

Active progression of tumor diseases all over the world leaves nothing to be found, how to search for new drugs that can inhibit the growth of atypical cells selectively.

And modern antitumor therapy is becoming more and more sparing and effective simultaneously for the patient, which is the goal of the entire medical society. Somewhat below, we will talk about one of these drugs called Nexavar.

Form release, composition and packaging

Nexavar is available in tablet form. One tablet has the form of a biconvex lens or circle, covered with a shell of red color( film).On one side of the tablet you can see the logo of the manufacturer - the cross, and on the other - the dose of the substance - 200.

The excipients included in one tablet are:

  • Microcrystalline cellulose;
  • Croscarmellose Na;
  • Hypromellose;
  • Titanium dioxide;
  • Iron oxide red;
  • Macrogol.


Production of this drug is established in Germany in the Pharmaceutical division called "Bayer".The enterprise not only develops new technologies, but also carries out their verification, and also sells products.

Indications for use

Drug Nexavar is indicated for the treatment of a tumor in such cases:

  1. The presence of metastatic foci in the form of atypical cells in the kidney;
  2. Severe atypia of the hepatic cells;
  3. Malignant neoplasm in thyroid tissue with high cell differentiation and resistant to iodine treatment;


Nexavar is contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. Pregnant women( with activity capable of affecting the child's genome);
  2. for women who breastfeed;
  3. In case of hypersensitivity to one of the active ingredients of the drug;
  4. Individuals under the age of 18;
  5. It is not desirable to prescribe a drug for people suffering from hypertensive syndrome and with impaired blood clotting properties or weakness of the vascular wall.

The mechanism of action of the drug

Nexavar is assigned to a group of antitumor drugs. The main active substance has a depressing effect on many kinases in the human body.

Certain types of kinases are responsible for a specific function of cells( vessel growth, self-destruction process, etc.).

Suppressing the work of kinases Nexavar suppresses the development of tumor cells in the tissues of the liver and kidneys by decreasing the blood supply of the tumor and by activating the apoptosis of the tumor cells( self-destruction).

Instructions for use Nexavar: dosage

The standard and effective treatment regimen for the tumor process Nexavar is a daily dose of 800 mg.

The duration of the course of treatment is not clearly established, drug cancellation is possible after achieving demonstrative improvements in the patient's condition or with the appearance of pronounced side effects.

Nexavar dose adjustment scheme depending on severity of skin toxicity:

Toxic skin manifestations of the first degree( erythematous spots, crawling sensations of flies on hands and feet, possible numbness of limbs).Functionally, the patient is not limited at this stage. Treatment does not require adjustments, the course continues under the cover of symptomatic therapy.
Toxic skin manifestations of the 2nd stage( erythema, pruritus and discomfort, pain, swelling of the extremities).

The patient's physical activity is somewhat limited.
It is recommended to reduce the daily dosage to 400 mg( look at the result within 28 days).

With positive dynamics of skin manifestations after 28 days, they return to the usual dose of 800 mg.

If there are no changes, stop taking the drug for up to 7 days.
Progressive skin reaction to the action of substance with ulcerative necrotic changes, detachment of moist scales, strong pain sensations that do not allow the patient to even move. Stop taking the drug for 7 days( until clinical symptoms decrease to level 1 toxicity).

After resumption of medication in a dose of 2 tablets a day. If skin manifestations do not increase - return to the usual dose.

With repeated relapses, complete cancellation of the drug is possible.

Side effects of

Drug Nexavar, along with high efficiency, can exert a lot of negative effects on the body:

  1. Nervous system and heart and vascular system disorders: frequent headaches, high blood pressure, ischemic damage to the heart muscle, can develop bleeding from the vesselsstomach and intestines;
  2. Changes in the blood-forming organs: reduction of all germs of blood( in the blood a reduced number of red blood cells, leukocytes, blood platelets);
  3. Respiratory system disorders: possible development of pneumonitis, pneumonia, rhinosinusitis;
  4. Skin: disturbances in the sensitivity of the palms and plantar surfaces of the feet, areas of baldness, erythema, dry and flaky skin, dermatitis exfoliative;
  5. On the part of the work of the stomach and intestine manifestations can be diverse: nausea and vomiting, fecal compaction and constipation, diarrhea syndrome;
  6. Metabolic disorders: develops aversion to food or vomiting occurs immediately after ingestion;
  7. The system of support and movement is also not resistant to the action of the drug: there are pains and weakness in the joints, muscles;
  8. The urinary system may be affected: renal failure, in rare cases - nephrotic syndrome;
  9. Sexual changes: in men erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia;
  10. The hearing organ is noise or ringing in the ears.


In the case of a significant excess of the dose, either the appearance or increase in the intensity of adverse events in the human body is observed. The medicamentous antagonist has not yet been invented for this drug.

Specific instructions

The drug, the main component of which is sorafenib, should only be prescribed by a physician with some experience with antitumor drugs, since the consequences can be unpredictable.

During the entire course of therapy, Nexavar should monitor systematically the blood pressure level of the patient, the biochemical profile of the blood( especially the content of potassium, calcium), the level of thyroid hormones, the clotting capacity of the blood, it is necessary to periodically monitor the ECG, take blood samples and count.

The most common complications of Nexavar's treatment are cutaneous manifestations, which in the initial stages are well-controlled by another line of symptomatic drugs.

It is possible to develop arterial hypertension, which is also well eliminated by standard pressure-lowering agents. However, if there are hypertensive crises, which often can not be stopped, you need to think about canceling the medication.

It is possible to develop intestinal perforations or bleeding, but this happens rarely. In this case, sorafenib therapy is temporarily stopped.

With particular caution, prescribe Nexavar to people with thyroid neoplasm. Preliminary it is necessary to conduct a course of local treatment of surrounding tissues.

Compatibility of

Such drugs as rifampicin, carbamazepine, dexamethasone may somewhat accelerate the process of metabolism and reduce the concentration of sorafenib in the blood.

If Nexavar is combined with low-molecular-weight heparin preparations, it is necessary to constantly monitor the coagulation time.

Preparations from the group of cytochromes and cyclophosphamide do not significantly affect the metabolism of sorafenib in the human body.

From the group of antitumor drugs, sorafenib has no effect on the metabolism of cisplatin, oxyplatinum and gemcitabine.

The drug neomycin, which is used as an antibiotic in the eradication of gastric bacteria, significantly reduces the exposure of sorafenib.

Patient Reviews

Olga, 45 yo:

Kind time of the day! !About 5 years ago, a diagnosis of liver carcinoma was established against cirrhotic changes. A year ago, began to take Nexavar on the appointment of an oncologist. At first, itchy skin and redness were disturbed, but over time these symptoms disappeared. After 6 months of therapy and check-ups, doctors told me that the tumor process stopped spreading, and the existing tumor slowly regresses!

Mikhail, 37 years old:

I was prescribed to take Nexavar 2 years after liver cancer was diagnosed. Initially, there were no side effects, but after three months of regular intake of tablets, gastric bleeding opened, as in the anamnesis there was a peptic ulcer disease! The drug is costly, effective, but only when performing careful monitoring of the condition of other organs and systems during treatment.

Price in Moscow

The price for Nexavar in Moscow is from 98,700.00 to 128,000.00 rubles.

Analogues of Nexavar

Analogues of medication:

  • Weightoids;
  • Sprysel;
  • Imatinib;
  • Tayverb;
  • Signal;
  • Tafinlar.

Before replacing the drug Nexavar with an analog it is recommended to consult an oncologist.

Conditions for dispensing from pharmacies

The drug is dispensed only on prescription prescribed by a doctor!

Shelf life and shelf life

Shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture. The drug should be stored in a place inaccessible to children and protected from direct sun rays, the optimum temperature regime for storage is 20-25 degrees.

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