Folk treatment of duodenitis and gastritis, agents - propolis, herbs, sea buckthorn oil, how to treat and cure?

During treatment of duodenitis using folk methods, you should use herbs, as well as products that suppress the secretion of gastric juice. In addition, the huge benefit comes from the means that contribute to the healing of the mucosa of the DPC.

How to cure mucosal inflammation of the duodenal by traditional medicine? First of all, before applying folk methods, it is necessary to undergo examination and consult with specialists. In most cases, with mild forms of duodenitis and the absence of individual intolerance - experts will not interfere with the use of phytopreparations during therapy.

Succulent aloe plant is popular in the treatment of gastritis and duodenitis. This product has antibacterial, as well as wound-healing properties and from time immemorial proves its own effectiveness. To prepare a healing drink, you need to take in equal parts the leaves of the plant, red wine and honey. Tincture is prepared for a week, and then filtered.

In folk treatment of duodenitis, duodenal ulcers and gastritis it is recommended to apply honey. This is due to the fact that this product has a calming effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Also, honey is famous for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Many find the answer to the question of how to cure duodenitis - herbal remedy. Gathering for gastritis and inflammation of the WPC is prepared on the water. And it is necessary to boil it, then insist for half an hour and filtered, use warm 100 ml before eating.

Treatment of duodenitis with propolis

Propolis has a complex chemical composition, each component of which has unique healing properties. Thus, this folk remedy has antibiotic, antiviral, antimycotic, antitumor properties, and it promotes healing and stimulates the processes of increasing immunity, that is, the phagocytic activity of leukocytes.

Thanks to such properties of the drug as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it is actively used in medicine for preventive and curative purposes. It is thanks to these properties that it is used in folk treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular gastritis, duodenitis and peptic ulcer.

There are many options for preparing various preparations from bee glue. Typically, water or alcohol tincture, a biological dressing, a viscous ointment, an inhalant, an oil emulsion, and also ordinary caramels from propolis are used.

Another option for tincture is dissolving 20 drops of the drug in half a glass of hot milk. However, if milk is poorly tolerated, replace it with one tablespoon. Why do you need milk? The fact is that propolis combined with milk has a special result. Use this folk remedy for gastritis and duodenitis only once, and at night.

We also note that a 10-percent tincture of this folk drug is sold in pharmacies, however, as a rule, it is intended only for external use. In turn, if the tincture of propolis is prepared in a composition with a quality alcohol, it can be used for internal use.

It is best that propolis is not pharmacies, but home, that is, that sold directly by beekeepers. In addition to the fact that this tincture is excellent for people's treatment of gastritis and duodenitis, it also helps with peptic ulcer, both stomach and duodenum.

Treatment with herbs for duodenitis

For the treatment of duodenitis in folk medicine, such herbs as ayr, watch, sweet clover, peppermint, plantain, medicinal camomile, marshweed, blueberry, coltsfoot, yarrow, celandine, sage, snake mountaineer, licorice root and many others.

During the period of exacerbation of the chronic form of duodenitis, various variants of herbal remedies are recommended.

Collection of valerian root, goose fir grass, ayr root, birch leaves, white willow bark, marigold flowers, oregano grass, straw of green oats. For preparation it is necessary to take a table boat of harvested collection and pour them with two glasses of boiling water. Place this composition in a closed vessel in a water bath. After a quarter of an hour, the prepared infusion should be removed from the plate and insisted for another two hours. After this, the composition is filtered and taken warm four times a day for half a glass before the start of the meal.

For the next treatment of herbs, duodenitis needs strawberries, or rather its leaves. Also in the collection is a medicinal camomile, labaznik, hawk, common wormwood, the root of the Kalgan, fennel and straw of green oats are green. A tablespoon of herbs is poured into a glass of boiling water and cooked on a water bath for fifteen minutes. Infused after this broth two hours and the received infusion to take half the glass warm in an hour after each meal.

How to use sea buckthorn oil with duodenitis?

Due to the fact that sea buckthorn oil has a high therapeutic value in duodenitis, it is the richest source of the most important substances for the human body, vitamins, and macro- and microelements. Also, this product is a source of amino acids, as well as mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Oil from sea-buckthorn also contains a number of other components of biochemistry, which significantly affect the possibility of its use in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Among the latter, it is necessary to isolate flavonoids, triterpene acids, organic acids, phytoncides and tannins.

Including the usefulness of this tool of traditional medicine is proven in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system. If you use this folk remedy regularly, it helps to activate the secretory functioning of the pancreas. It also improves digestion and regulates the secretory function of gastric juice. In the treatment of duodenitis, such properties of this agent as improving the evacuation and motor function of the intestine are also important. In addition, with secondary duodenitis, it is important to improve lipid metabolism of the liver, which it also possesses.

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