Strongly drop out hair: what to do at home

Hair loss is probably the most common and most undesirable problem for both women and men. On average, a person has 50 to 100 dead hairs a day. This is an absolute norm, as their loss gives growth to new hair. But if you see and feel that you lose much more hair, this is a reason to think about taking all the necessary measures before losing a lot of them. If hair falls out, treatment at home can be done folk remedies.

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Whyhair fall out?

The cause of hair loss can be a variety of factors, below is a list of the most common:


The most common cause and problem these days is that hair falls out very badly. During stress, our emotions and whips over the edge, this affects our whole body much more than we think. We can ignore this influence, because there is a hidden form of stress. Analyze your life in recent times, perhaps you can easily find the reason for the rapid loss of hair.


Even an innocuous ORZ or a cold can lead to a strong hair loss. Because during the disease the hair stops absorbing any useful substances, since the process of the whole organism is aimed at fighting the disease. As a rule, when you recover, the condition of the hair automatically improves.

Incorrect nutrition

As the condition of our hair, more than half depends on the internal state of health and only a small part of the external factors, nutrition is the most important element in the fight against hair loss. If you have recently subjected yourself to any diet, used not healthy food, alcohol and the like, that's why you lose your hair.

Hormonal disorders

In women, in the post-natal period, hair loss is observed, as all nine months they received a double dose of hormones, which dried up after the birth of the child. This should not be feared, the natural process will stop by itself, as soon as all the "accumulated" hair during pregnancy are gone. Also, hair loss can be observed in women during menopause, when hormonal disorders are also present in the body. This is the main reason why hair falls out strongly in women.

Important! If you have not found one of the above reasons, perhaps you should visit a doctor and conduct a comprehensive examination, since hair loss can be the first signal about the presence of any serious illness, right up to oncology.

Strengthening hair at home

Fighting hair loss with home remedies can and should be done, as practice shows, these methods are much more useful and effective. To do this, use a variety of strengthening hair masks.

Burdock oil

One of the most common means against hair loss, as well as to strengthen them, is burdock oil. It best stimulates the growth of new hair due to its unique composition and is suitable for any type of hair:

  • buy any burdock oil in the pharmacy without any additives;
  • apply to the roots of hair, massage for several minutes and tie a plastic bag or shower cap over your head;
  • for additional greenhouse effect, tie a towel over the top;
  • walk with oil for at least an hour, the longer, the better;
  • rinse with large volume of water and shampoo.

Salt scrub for scalp

It effectively removes dead skin cells of the scalp, cleanses the pores( which is especially necessary for girls, often resorting to oil masks), stimulates blood circulation, thus stimulating the growth of new hair:

  • a tablespoon of salt mix with two spoonsany balm for hair or mask;
  • apply to the scalp and gently massage for three to five minutes;
  • rinse with plenty of water.

Important! Make sure that the salt is finest grind, if necessary, grind it additionally with your own hand, otherwise you risk injuring your scalp and hair bulbs.

Effective hair masks

The following mask is performed with the use of fermented products, such as kefir:

  • abundantly apply kefir on the roots of the hair and on the hair along the entire length;
  • tie a cellophane bag, towel and leave for half an hour - an hour;
  • to eliminate the smell of yogurt, after washing your head, rinse with water with a diluted spoon of 9% vinegar.

Important! Simple masks for strengthening and growth of hair can be done independently at home.

Onion mask

The composition not only effectively eliminates hair loss, but is also rightly considered one of the strongest growth stimulants, which girls often resort to during the period of growing long hair:

  • grate the onion and add a tablespoon of honey;
  • apply the mask strictly to the roots of the hair, length it is plentifully greased with any vegetable oil, preferably olive;
  • warm your head and walk with the mask as much as you can, but for the first time at least 20 minutes;
  • rinse with plenty of water and shampoo, to remove the smell of onions, use the same method as with kefir mask.

Interesting! You can learn more about effective ways to treat hair from falling out in our article.

Mustard mask

This remedy gives the hair a furious growth and effectively eliminates the loss:

  • put a tablespoon of a mustard powder, a chicken yolk, a tablespoon of sugar and a spoonful of vegetable oil in a glass container, even sunflower;
  • thoroughly mix, apply strictly to the roots of the hair, by no means at the length, also lubricate with a nutritious oil;
  • the first procedure must be maintained for at least 20 minutes, then gradually increasing this time to an hour;
  • should be washed off with lukewarm water, followed by an abundant use of balm or mask, as mustard dries the hair severely;
  • if you do not feel any burning sensation on the scalp, next time add more sugar;
  • to apply this mask is recommended not more often than twice a week.

Important! If you feel too much burning, right up to burning in your eyes - immediately rinse the mixture to prevent possible burns to the scalp.

Burdock oil and honey

The following mask is made on the basis of burdock oil, but with the addition of honey, it perfectly fights not only with hair loss, but also with dandruff:

  • a tablespoon of oil stir with a spoon of natural honey and add two egg yolks;
  • apply to the scalp and massage for several minutes;
  • rinse after an hour with plenty of shampoo and water.

Vegetable oil and nettles

Nettles are known since ancient times for their beneficial properties for hair, against their loss actively working even the weakest broth. This mask is used with the addition of oil:

  • get the dried nettle in the pharmacy, chop and mix with any vegetable oil, it is preferable to take a burdock;
  • insist in a closed glass jar for a week;
  • strain, heat in a water bath and rub the mixture into the roots of the hair with massage movements, on dry hair a few hours before washing;
  • Rinse hair well with a large amount of shampoo.

Such vitamin hair masks at home quickly and efficiently restore the structure.

Bread mask against hair loss

This method was widely known even among our grandmothers:

  • several slices of rye bread( optional fresh) soak in hot water to consistency of porridge;
  • insist in a sealed container for an hour;
  • cool the mixture and apply and rub into the scalp, tie a packet and a towel, leave for one hour;
  • rinse without using shampoo, as this mask replaces it, simultaneously eliminating the possible dandruff that you have.

The next mask is more complicated, however, it is also one of the most effective in combating hair loss:

  • get at the pharmacy ampoules of aloe, for one mask it will take at least five pieces;
  • pour the contents into a glass container, pour in the yolk, a full spoon of any cognac and a boat of natural honey;
  • thoroughly mix, rub in the skin in a circular motion;
  • heat, keep the mixture for at least 20 minutes, then wash the head with a large volume of water;
  • mask can be applied three to four times a week.

Eliminate the effects of the chemistry

After chemistry, you need a restoring hair mask. It is prepared on the basis of the aforementioned onions, however, with the addition of other components stopping hair loss giving rise to new ones. A large number of reviews that with the help of this mask the girls were restoring their hair after unsuccessful chemical waves:

  • grind one large onion on a grater, using gauze, squeeze out all the resulting juice from the gruel;
  • add to the juice a tablespoon of castor oil, one chicken yolk, a little cognac, a spoonful of natural honey;
  • to eliminate onion odor, it is recommended to add five drops of essential oil to your taste - orange, lemon, lavender or tea tree oil.
  • well mix, spread on the roots of hair and tie a cellophane bag and towel;
  • rinse with plenty of shampoo;
  • apply the mask once a week for a month, then it is recommended to take a break.

Application of clay

The last mask, effectively combating hair loss, is used for any reason, it is a mask using blue clay:

  • purchase at the pharmacy one bag of chopped blue clay;
  • three tablespoons dilute mineral, still water( for dry hair it is preferable to use milk or cream);
  • divide the hair into the proline and apply the mixture with a brush, along the way rubbing into the roots;
  • warm your head, hold the mixture for 40 minutes;
  • , this mask is easily washed off, so you do not need to exert much effort.

These simple hair masks will help you restore all the beauty and brilliance of your head of hair.

If none of the above mentioned aids has helped you, the hair continues to drop more and more each time - it is worth immediately contacting the trichologist or a local doctor to identify possible diseases of the organism at the earliest stage.

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