Food, nutrition and diet for cats and cats in pancreatitis than feed?

Cat treat "delicacies" from the master's table and a violation of the right food for the animal - a typical situation almost for every second family. That just ends this behavior is very bad - a pet can develop serious health problems, in particular, inflammation of the pancreas called pancreatitis. What kind of diet should be observed in order to prevent this disease, and what kind of food will help ease the condition of the pet?

It is important to understand that the best diet for pancreatitis is fasting. That's why if a cat refuses to feed, one should not force it to eat it by force - in the end it will only bring harm to the animal.

As for the food itself, it is important for pancreatitis to follow the prescribed diet and adhere strictly to the recommendations of the veterinarian, feeding the animal only that food that the doctor allowed. Often, these are specialized feeds rich in nutrients that are easily digested, and therefore such food will not create additional stress on the pancreas.

If the cat categorically refuses such a diet, it makes sense to try to feed natural products. The most useful is the combination of boiled meat and rice in a 1: 1 ratio. Also, little by little in the daily diet can include baby meat, which is also completely defatted and does not contain products and substances that can cause exacerbation of pancreatitis.

When choosing cat food, it is best to give preference to low-fat foods, for example, chicken, turkey, cereals, certain types of vegetables. From fish, potatoes and milk it is better to completely refuse, and with human nutrition, you must observe the utmost care. In small quantities with pancreatitis cats can be fed low-fat cottage cheese.

In the pancreatitis of a cat, it is necessary not only to feed a special scheme, with the appropriate diet, but also to regularly give the required amount of liquids to prevent possible dehydration. Water should be given as often as possible, it is possible to add special soluble powders to it, which enrich the liquid with useful elements. That is important, to water at a pancreatitis it is necessary as much as possible, not less often, than after each reception of a forage, however by the minimal portions, not to create to overload the pancreas. Thanks to this, and nutrition will be better absorbed, and the animal will not suffer from severe painful sensations.

Needless to say, proper nutrition is the guarantee of the health of a cat or a cat, and therefore it is better not to allow the development of such a disease as pancreatitis, rather than subsequently spend a lot of energy and resources in order to provide the pet with a useful diet and sufficient care.

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