Than to treat a strong pain in a throat in house conditions?

Trouble with the throat happens with almost everyone, and someone is persecuted periodically. They begin in different ways: first, there is hoarseness of voice, perspiration, general malaise, and sometimes the throat immediately inflames.

In all cases, a serious problem is a serious problem: severe sore throat when swallowing with or without fever. Even a small meal becomes a test and causes additional pain.

Than to treat such an unpleasant symptom, and what is the cause of this condition? Let's try to understand the situation in detail.

Causes and treatment of sore throat without temperature

Often the pain that occurs in the throat during swallowing is accompanied by an increased body temperature, well, what if there is none? It says that you have another reason, which is not related to infectious nature.

  1. Acute pharyngitis. It happens that allergic, toxic or alimentary nature( when irritated by different substances or temperature) gives a brightly colored pain and discomfort when swallowing. The temperature is not observed, or it is about 37 degrees.
  2. Chronic pharyngitis. Intoxication and temperature are absent. The catarrhal form is characterized by a feeling of tickling, perspiration, scratching in the larynx. The patient feels that an object is stuck in the larynx, he often swallows saliva. The granulosa form is more pronounced and occurs as a complication, especially when smoking and drinking alcohol abuse, air pollution and allergies. Atrophic pharyngitis is expressed by the difficulty of swallowing and dry mucous membranes.
  3. Allergy to on plant bloom, polluted air, animal hair, tobacco smoke, cold, certain foods - all this can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat.
  4. If the foreign body gets into the throat of , the pain increases when the person swallows. This can happen when the bones of the fish are left in the throat, they are thin and can be absorbed into the mucous membrane without problems. In this situation, urgent medical attention is needed.
  5. With damage to the mucosa of the pharynx by a foreign object to a considerable depth, a pharyngeal abscess may develop, which also gives sore throat( right or left of the midline).
  6. Because of formation of congestion on the tonsils of , it seems to you that you have something in your throat, it prevents you from constantly swallowing, breathing fully, the symptomatology is similar to chronic tonsillitis.
  7. Tumors of .Of benign tumors, only large adenomas can make it difficult to swallow and give some soreness to it. Malignant neoplasms necessarily in the development come to a stage of periodic or constant pains. The most common tumors grow from the palatine tonsil, the soft palate.
  8. Severe pain when swallowed can be caused by smoking .This harmful habit is a real crime against the present and future of mankind, because it negatively affects the work of the organism and poisons the environment.
  9. Sore throat without temperature can be triggered by gastroesophageal reflux disease, when gastric contents enter the pharynx.
  10. Panic attacks, neurotic disorders, somatized depression can also mimic sore throat and difficulty swallowing.
  11. Burn of the mucous membrane of the larynx;
  12. Inflammation of gums or aphthous stomatitis;
  13. Gonorrhea or pharynx syphilis.

The most common disease that results in sore throat when swallowed without fever is a pharyngitis of acute or chronic course. Nevertheless, you should not make a diagnosis yourself and prescribe a treatment, because the reason may be in another. If severe pain in the throat bothers you longer than 2-3 days, be sure to sign up for an appointment with ENT for accurate diagnosis.

Causes of sore throat when swallowing with

The most common sore throat is due to ingestion of viral or bacterial infections.

  1. Redness, white deposits on the tonsils, as well as general malaise - all these symptoms indicate angina( tonsillitis).Discomfort and discomfort can appear in a few hours or even days before the development of other symptoms of the disease, in the so-called prodromal period.
  2. Chronic tonsillitis is a very insidious disease, it has a background character, in which the symptoms are not very pronounced and often manifest in combination with the word "general": general weakness, fatigue, irritability, occasional small fever, heart weakness, etc. These symptomscan be with many other diseases, but, as a rule, easily carried on their feet, and people are slow to look for the reasons for this condition, explaining it by workload, freezing in the street or stress. When chronic tonsillitis worsens, a sore throat is possible without other symptoms.
  3. In case of influenza and acute respiratory viral infection, except for soreness, runny nose, aches in the body, cough, the head "splits", the temperature is about 38.5 ° C.
  4. Pain during swallowing can occur with a complication of angina - paratonzillite ( inflammation of the peri-min-dalma cellulose).The pain is strong, one-sided, sharply increased when trying to swallow saliva. It can also be a headache, a slight increase in body temperature, a strong, "tearing" pain in the throat that gives into the ear, teeth.
  5. Fewer than the cause of discomfort can become laryngitis. It is accompanied by a feeling of burning, dryness, change in voice tones.
  6. The pharyngitis in the acute phase of can be characterized by a low temperature of up to 37.5 ° C.On this background, lymph nodes can become inflamed, there is a moderate degree of intoxication. The moderate pain in the end of a throat amplifies, there is an erythema, puffiness, pus.
  7. Pharyngeal abscess ( purulent inflammation of the lymph nodes and loose fiber located behind the pharynx), another possible complication of angina, manifests itself in the throat when swallowing.
  8. Measles, scarlet fever, false cereal and so on, also occur with an increase in body temperature and sore throat, but these symptoms seem to "retreat" to the background, as the patient is much more concerned about a severe cough with cereals or the appearance of rashes with measles.

For a variety of reasons, leading to increased temperature and pain during swallowing, SARS and sore throats are the most common culprits.

Causes of severe sore throat

Severe sore throat is a symptom of the following conditions or diseases:

  1. Angina( acute tonsillitis);
  2. Diphtheria;
  3. Scarlet fever;
  4. Paratonsillar or pharyngeal abscess;
  5. Acute pharyngitis or exacerbation of a chronic process;
  6. Acute colds and respiratory tract infections( SARS, acute respiratory infections, influenza, etc.);
  7. Infectious mononucleosis;
  8. Foreign body stuck in the throat and caught in it with accidental or intentional ingestion;
  9. Burns the mucous membrane of the throat( eg, by inhalation of hot air or steam);
  10. Injury of throat by various objects, for example, fish bones, dry crusts of bread, metal sharp objects, etc.;
  11. Neuralgia of the glossopharyngeal nerve;
  12. Shilo-sublingual syndrome.

The most common severe sore throat develops with traumatic tissue damage in various subjects, with angina, scarlet fever, or an acute cold.

How to treat a sore throat when swallowing

As can be seen from the above, the treatment of sore throat when swallowing directly depends on the cause of this symptom. Before you go through the diagnosis and get a comprehensive treatment prescribed by a specialist, you can remove the first pain symptoms.

For this, you need to drink more warm water and milk, gargle with disinfecting infusions( chamomile, wormwood) or iodine-soda solution. To relieve uncomfortable sensations, doctors advise medications( sprays, tablets, candies), with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects :

  • pharyngosept;
  • septolet;
  • strepsils;
  • falimint;
  • yox;
  • actor;
  • lorpils.

These simple recommendations will help ease the condition. But do not rely on traditional medicine as a panacea - be sure to seek advice from the otolaryngologist, therapist, family doctor. Also, do not forget about prevention: temper the body, balance nutrition, keep your feet warm.

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