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Patients suffering from frequent manifestations of such a negative condition as prolonged stool retention are always interested in what laxatives for constipation take best. Pharmacists are literally covered with questions of people trying to cope on their own with the problems of defecation about which medication can help most effectively, and will not only act quickly, but will be completely safe. Also, each person with this ailment seeks to ensure that the strong tablets in the home medicine chest are not addictive.

Due to the fact that medicinal laxatives from constipation are presented in a huge variety, the choice is often difficult to make. Typically, pharmacists are advised to seek the advice of a specialist and find out what was the root cause of frequent and prolonged stool delays. But due to the fact that not everyone can do it on time due to certain circumstances, they are advised to keep natural laxatives at hand just in case. With constipation, they do not have a very fast bowel movement( 10-12 hours from the time of taking), but a mild and gentle effect. Also, due to the fact that these tablets are based on natural and plant components, they do not cause any side effects and addiction.

Relaxing remedies for constipation

Drugs that normalize a stool are usually sold without a doctor's prescription. Most people consider them completely harmless, and self-medicate, even without noticing that taking pills that stimulate defecation becomes uncontrolled. This, according to experts, is unsafe and can lead to negative consequences. Even if the self-selected laxative drug for constipation, according to the opinions of the majority of patients who used it, is considered very good and made on a natural plant basis, this does not mean that it can be consumed with any constipation.

The systematic use of even the best tablets from chair delays not only does not help the patient, but will also significantly exacerbate the situation. This is because the intestine, constantly receiving stimulation with medicines, is weaned to work independently. In the end, this contributes to the complete cessation of natural emptying. A person becomes completely dependent on laxatives, which stop constipation. Without their help, natural defecations become impossible.

To prevent this, before choosing a tablet that normalizes the digestive organs, one should not only consult a specialist and find out the cause that caused a stool disorder, but also take non-drug measures to control the intestines, which consist of correcting the diet and increasing physical activity. The intake of laxatives should be the last resort, used only in those cases when it is required to quickly eliminate unexpected constipation that has violated the quality of life.

The best laxative for constipation

Many people who have a history of frequent violations of defecation, are interested in what means in such situations will have the best effect and will quickly help. Also, the question of how to use them correctly often sounds? Gastroenterologists note that the mechanism of action of laxatives from constipation is not the same. Even the most good and soft medicine can cause a specific patient a full range of unusual sensations. This and increased gas formation with flatulence and bloating, and general weakness, eructation, increased thirst, vomiting, diarrhea. All these manifestations, which occurred immediately after constipation, provoke a decline in strength and stress. Therefore, the choice of laxative should be approached very carefully.

If at the time of constipation there is no possibility to visit the gastroenterologist, it is necessary as far as possible to become more familiar with the annotation to the laxative. Among the variety of tablets, powders and potions intended for the normalization of the stool, several powerful medications are available that can be used by both adults and children. If their use is correct, they will not have any negative effect on the body. To understand them, you should make a brief review:

  • Guttalax. Strong, but at the same time one of the safest laxatives, prescribed for constipation. Even pregnant women can use it to treat pathology. It has, though not very fast, about 14 hours, but is quite mild and light. This laxative is used even for chronic constipation, as it is completely unaffected;
  • Regulax, available in drops or tablets, is only permitted for adults. This strong laxative is also not addictive and leads to mild emptying of the intestine within 10 hours;
  • Forlax is also considered one of the best laxative drugs for constipation. But with chronic forms of the disease, it is not recommended to use it, since prolonged use leads to loss of electrolytes. And this, in turn, contributes to the development of cardiovascular insufficiency.

Vegetative laxatives for constipation

If bowel dysfunction is not strong, natural products of plant origin are best. They effectively absorb liquid in the intestines, thereby increasing the volume of feces. Natural components, taken as a basis for their production, are completely harmless for patients of any age. With chronic constipation, Naturolax, Mukofalk, Fiberkon and other products prepared on the basis of natural raw materials have a good effect on the normalization of the intestinal function due to rapid softening of stool. These laxatives can in the shortest time stop even the longest constipation.

At the drugstores, a large number of products are sold, which are made from natural ingredients. They are completely harmless, as they do not contain chemical additives, and are convenient to use, because they do not require a tedious process of self-cooking at home. It is only necessary to follow the annotations exactly. To these laxatives, helping to cope with constipation, are such as:

  • Kafiol containing in its composition vaseline oil, plum, fig and senu;
  • Musinum, which contains such laxative herbs, which help during constipation, bark of buckthorn and anise;
  • Laminaride, made from sea kale and many others.

This list is far from complete, as a number of pharmacological agents are constantly updated with novelties produced according to the age-old recipes of traditional medicine. But all the laxatives, both new and long-tested by a multitude of patients, do not exclude side effects. Therefore, before you start using their struggle with a bored constipation, you should consult a specialist. Only in this case they will benefit and will not cause the appearance of negative symptoms. Also, we should not forget that when treating them, it is necessary to significantly strengthen the drinking regime and adjust the diet, eliminating all fixing products from it.

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