Pancreatitis in cats and cats( kitten), the causes of viral inflammation of the pancreas

To date, inflammation of the pancreas is not uncommon not only for people, but even for pets, and it is cats that suffer more and more from this ailment. What are the reasons for the development of pancreatitis, what symptoms should be paid attention to, and what are the features of the treatment?

The main symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas, which are important to pay attention to, are: lethargy, refusal of food, weakness. Certainly, on the basis of just such behavior it is difficult to judge a single diagnosis - pancreatitis, however in any case it is an occasion to urgently appeal to a vet.

A screening for pancreatitis should necessarily include a blood and urine test - this is important for determining the protein level, as well as for amylase and lipase. And only with the combination of all these indicators, namely: both the symptoms and the results of the tests, you can judge directly about the occurrence of pancreatitis, and accordingly select the treatment for a repressed member of the family of felines.

It should be noted that, like human pancreatic inflammation, feline pancreatitis requires adherence to the strictest diet, the slightest violation of which can lead to pancreatic necrosis. Also, an important role is played by drug treatment, which necessarily includes enzymes that positively influence and relieve inflammation of the pancreas, and accordingly, the condition of the inflamed cat will gradually improve.

It is important to understand that pancreatitis is not a disease that can be cured and simply forgotten. If this problem occurs, then from that moment the cat will need a special diet, which the owners must provide. Otherwise, the life span of the pet will be significantly reduced.

Certainly, instead of not being treated subsequently, it is best not to allow the development of pancreatitis initially. So, to feed both a kitten, and an adult cat is necessary only for specialized and intended for this fodder. Sometimes in the diet can be present fresh fish or meat, but, in no case it is impossible to base on these products the menu of representatives of felines. Because in the end it can also lead to serious disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and inflammation of the pancreas.

It is important to understand that pancreatitis is not the most terrible disease. Much more dangerous is that its acute form can very quickly lead to pancreatic necrosis or the development of pancreatic cancer, as a result of which the probability of saving a cat life will be minimal. And all because the first stages of this disease are almost asymptomatic and the owners do not rarely leave them without due attention. In the end, even a course of chemotherapy or surgery will not bring the right result.

What to say, cat pancreatitis is a dangerous disease. And so it is worth taking care that in the menu of the pet included only useful and suitable food and feed - in this case the probability of inflammation of the pancreas will be minimal, and the cat's health will not be threatened.

Causes of pancreatitis in cats

A pancreatitis in a cat can be diagnosed by a veterinarian after necessary procedures and tests have been performed. Such a diagnosis is serious enough for a pet, and in order to avoid this disease, it is necessary to know the reasons for its development. Inflammation of the pancreas in cats is developed for the following reasons:

  • trauma and abdominal surgery of the animal;
  • predisposition to the disease on the breed of the pet, most often pancreatitis occurs in Siamese cats and short-haired animals;
  • inflammatory diseases of the bile duct and gastrointestinal tract;
  • liver damage by parasites;
  • infectious diseases of organs;
  • metabolic disorders( eg, increased calcium concentration in the blood of the animal);
  • poisoning with chemicals and organic compounds;
  • application of various medications( antibiotics in large quantities, regular intake of drugs against cancer);
  • improper diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Causes of pancreatitis in cats are many, so you need to monitor your pet's condition. The disease can have a chronic form or an acute attack. Most often with the appearance of acute pancreatitis, it is not always subjected to proper treatment, which contributes to the acquisition of a chronic disease. With drug treatment of the disease, the animal needs to provide a diet. At the first signs of the disease, treatment begins with the fact that the animal is generally restricted in eating. Next, the pet is made a diet, which includes only those products that will not irritate the pancreas of the cat.

This disease can be viral, it develops from a viral-bacterial infection that has got into the animal's body. With the symptoms and the first signs of this disease, it is necessary to treat the animal in the clinic, since it is only the veterinarian who can correctly diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment. Treatment of viral pancreatitis in cats is longer and more difficult than other forms of this disease.

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