Help with pancreatitis - the first, urgent, fast, pre-hospital, what helps?

Help with pancreatitis Of course, calling a team of "ambulance" every person hopes that she will arrive in a short time and the person will be provided with the necessary assistance. However, the relatives of those who have a risk of a particular disease or its aggravation, it is superfluous to know how to alleviate the condition even before the arrival of physicians. In particular, it is important to master the methods of first aid in case of an attack of pancreatitis, because the pain can be strong enough.

Many still consider pancreatitis to be exclusively a disease of people who abuse alcohol. Meanwhile, inflammation of the pancreas can develop and against the backdrop of irrational nutrition, and even after taking certain medications. Especially it is necessary to beware of those who have already had attacks of the disease, since the first deviation from the regime provokes an aggravation.

Emergency care for an attack of pancreatitis should be provided exclusively by a medical professional, since the first sympto

ms of another attack( abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting) are simply confused with poisoning. However, it is possible to ease the pain before the doctors arrive independently. Pre-medical actions should be aimed only at relieving pain - in no case should you wash your stomach or give medicines. To this end, the first thing a patient should do is lie down and put ice on the pancreas. It is important to exclude the intake of any food or even water. It does not fit to provide the patient with access to oxygen, as difficulties with breathing can be observed.

Most often, an ambulance crew caused by an attack of pancreatitis only removes severe pain to prevent necrosis of the pancreatic tissue, and then takes the patient to the surgical department of the hospital. Usually, urgent activities consist of injecting "No-shpy" or other antispasmodics, nitroglycerin under the tongue. It is strictly forbidden to use narcotic drugs, even if they are able to help.

First aid for pancreatitis is important not only to relieve the patient's condition, but also affects the further effectiveness of treatment. That is why the first thing a person or his relatives should do when they suspect a sharp inflammation of the pancreatic gland is to call an ambulance.

What helps with pancreatitis?

What helps with pancreatitis? With an exacerbation of pancreatitis to ease the symptoms of the disease before the arrival of an ambulance, several methods help. Therefore, the patient with this disease and its surrounding need to know the following methods to help him ease the condition at home:

  • Rest assurance to the patient, try not to make sudden movements.
  • Open the windows, as possible the occurrence of heavy breathing due to lack of oxygen.
  • A complete ban on food intake, water can be consumed in small quantities no more than 1 time in half an hour.
  • The relief of pain is helped by an ice pack in the pancreas.
  • Taking medication in the form of tablets - No-sppa, Drotaverine hydrochloride( 0.8 mg).If possible, then the same drugs intramuscularly in a dosage of 2 ml. In the absence of problems with the outflow of bile and the absence of stones in the gallbladder, you can take the drug Allochol in the amount of 2 tablets, not more than three times a day. It is important to know that when exacerbating pancreatitis, enzyme preparations such as Creon, Panzion, etc., can not be taken without medical instructions, since they can only lead to a worsening of the patient's condition.
  • Take a certain position - sit down, tilting the body forward.
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