Oil with pancreatitis, creamy, sesame, which can be for the pancreas?

Patient pancreatitis requires strict adherence to diets and careful selection of food, because the pancreas is actively involved in the digestive process. In the breakdown of its functions, it is destroyed, in addition, the inflamed organ is contraindicated heavy loads resulting from malnutrition.

Especially cautiously sick pancreatitis should be with the addition of food oils - vegetable and cream. Some of them are useful for the pancreas, others are destructive for it. Butter for patients with pancreatitis, dieticians recommend that patients use it in limited quantities, adding to the ready-made food.

Vegetable fats can also be added to food, but not all. Sea-buckthorn oil is considered harmful to the pancreas, because the sea-buckthorn has a laxative effect, irritating the stomach, which is contraindicated in this disease. It is also recommended to consume sesame oil, which neutralizes the increased acidity of the stomach, while contributing to the overall strengthening of the weakened organism.

Having disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, you need to consume daily linseed oil, which contributes to the improvement of the pancreas. Dietary fiber, present in the seeds of flax, stimulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract. But often enough in the form of recurrent pancreatitis, the use of fats is contraindicated, so before starting the introduction to the diet of flaxseed oil, you should consult a dietician.

In order to improve pancreatic activity in pancreatitis, it is useful to add olive oil to food in small amounts. Getting into the body, it causes the secretion of the pancreas, which allows the body to work a little, but very effectively. Therefore, all patients with pancreatitis, doctors recommend using olive oil, which has a therapeutic effect for the pancreas.

Will help to soothe the inflamed pancreas with pancreatitis castor and fir oils, which are mixed and in the amount of 10 drops of such a composition drip onto a piece of sugar to be eaten. With pancreatitis, there is a high risk of atherosclerosis, so to avoid this, you need to limit yourself to eating foods rich in cholesterol, giving preference to vegetable oils - corn, sunflower, cotton.

Proper balanced nutrition will help to ease the condition of the patient and will allow you to recover quickly.

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