Causes of severe itching in the ear, treatment with folk methods using ointments and drops

Itching in the ears is a symptom known to many people. If it appears rarely, there is nothing terrible. Especially often the phenomenon is observed after bathing. Water penetrates into the ear canal, which softens the earwax. Eliminate this phenomenon easily with the help of normal hygienic care. In some cases, the problem is a sign of the disease.


Other symptoms of the disease sometimes appear on the background of itching. It can be purulent discharge, pain, stuffiness, dizziness, hearing loss. Pay attention to the intensity of this symptom. In some cases, it is an indicator of systemic ailments. Itching itself is not a disease, but it is considered the first "bell" of otitis, eczema, dermatitis.

Causes of itching in the ears

Among the causes of itching in the ears is a whole list of diseases. If the body fails, the immunity decreases or the metabolism is disrupted, the opportunistic microflora, fungi begins to multiply.

Otitis, otomycosis

Bacteria penetrate more

often into the drum cavity of their nasopharynx. There are several forms of this disease. In addition to itching, patients note acute pain, a feeling of pressure, a weakening of the hearing, a sensation of ringing.

Itching associated with this disease is associated with a progressive inflammatory process. If they are affected by the middle ear, then there are purulent wards, after which the pain decreases. Itching may also be present during healing. With the refusal of medical care, the disease can give serious complications.

Similar manifestations are observed in otomycosis, when fungi multiply intensively. In addition to itching there is a white flocculate discharge, hyperemia of the skin. Over time, crusts appear. Mushrooms can be affected by the bones of the skull, the labyrinth. Severe cases require immediate treatment.

Itching in the ears with Otomycosis

itching in the ears with otomycosis


An allergic reaction in the ears arises from certain types of fungi and bacteria, cosmetics, products. For many people, the itch in this case becomes so common that they stop paying proper attention. If the timely treatment is not carried out, then wet eczema may develop.

Symptomatic is often accompanied by a runny nose, the appearance of rashes in the area of ​​contact with the allergen or throughout the body. Skin rashes in the form of scales on the ears are more often seen in children. it can indicate the presence of red lupus, itchy dermatitis, psoriasis. With dermatitis, there is a thickening of the skin.

Itching and rashes in the ear

itching and eruptions in the ear

Mechanical injuries

Itching occurs due to improper hygiene. Lead to it can:

  • a kiss in the ear,
  • sneezing with clamped nostrils,
  • professional activity,
  • head injury,
  • insect bites.

Mechanical injuries with strong immunity do not cause problems, as the tissues themselves quickly regenerate. Especially if the wound is small. Mechanical effects can cause acute pain, the appearance of liquid detachable from the ear. They are also found when trying to get rid of sulfur plugs by invisibility, matches or pins.

Foreign body

Sometimes a small insect gets into the ear. It moves, causing unpleasant sensations. He can be removed by a doctor, first he immobilizes him. Inanimate foreign bodies cause itching only if they are small in size. If the ear gets dust, small particles of dirt, the problem can be helped by washing the ear with hydrogen peroxide or ordinary water.

Among other reasons:

  • ear mite,
  • general body hypothermia,
  • rapid hair growth in the auditory canal,
  • elderly age.

Treatment of

The impact is aimed at eliminating the appearance of a cause. For this, traditional medicine and medicines are used. Sometimes, instrumental activities are required. If the itching is associated with the formation of a large amount of sulfur secret, the usual cleaning of the auricle will help.

Locating ear plugs

itching in the ears with a sulfur plug


If the etiology is unknown, the doctor can prescribe the treatment of the auricle with the help of "Fenistila", "Bepatena".When the allergic component is prescribed antihistamines, as well as anti-inflammatory ointments. When inflammatory processes are effectively helped by drops with antibiotics, antimycotic ointments.

Traditional medicine

Among popular means:

  • instillation in the ear canal of a warm solution of soda,
  • instillation of hydrogen peroxide or vegetable oil,
  • treatment of shells and instillation of a warm decoction of chamomile.

It does not require preparation of calendula tincture for alcohol. Enough for the night will help a cotton swab dipped in the tuning. Repeat the procedure until complete cure. Salicylic alcohol helps to kill mushrooms, microbes, relieves itching, but it can be used as directed by a doctor.

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The main preventive measure is proper hygiene without the use of traumatic parts. Use hypoallergenic ornaments, disinfect the phone and headphones. When swimming in open and closed water bodies, it is recommended to use earplugs. Do not forget to wash your ears regularly with soap, but wipe them afterwards carefully.

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