Oncological virotherapy in Russia: the cost of cancer treatment and reviews

In the fight against cancer, there is a method that is unique in its nature and deserves to be widely disseminated. It's about virotherapy.

What is this technique?

Specialists have discovered the mechanism of how cancer cells avoid counteracting the immune system of the body. They are able to weaken and even block the protective reactions of the body, aimed at their destruction.

The drug enters the body through an intramuscular injection. Can be used for prophylaxis. Then the injection can be called a vaccine against cancer.

The most effective means is used at the initial stages of development of oncological formations.

Also, virotherapy is used as an auxiliary method:

  • before surgery,
  • after surgery to reduce the strength of metastasis formation( or completely eliminate them);
  • in combination with chemotherapy, irradiation.

What is Rigvir?

The drug is a living virus that is programmed to recognize pathological cells and destroy them.

Viruses play the role of active agents that clearly implement the program. Healthy cells are left out of their attention.

The virus in the preparation behaves as follows:

  • recognizes cancer cells,
  • penetrates into them - this quality is called oncotropical;
  • dissolves in cells and causes their destruction - this action is called oncolysis;
  • also causes the virus to initiate changes on the surface of tumor cells, after which they become vulnerable to immunity.

Treatment with the drug must necessarily be under the supervision of specialists. Courses can last several years. Consultations of immunologists and oncologists are compulsory.

The body reacts to the funds, and the treatment dose is adjusted. Repeated injections of the drug create the prerequisites for regression of metastases, especially if they are not highly developed.

Do all types of cancer treat Rigvir?

For the first time a remedy has been used in the fight against skin melanoma. Patients with this type of cancer Rigvir are used most often.

Unfortunately, the drug has no effect on all types of cancer. It is used in a curative course against such diseases:

  • kidney cancer,
  • rhabdomyosarcoma,
  • oncological stomach tumor,
  • angiosarcoma,
  • prostate cancer,
  • reticulosarcoma,
  • pathology of the oncological nature of the intestine,
  • lymphosarcoma,
  • lung cancer,
  • oncological disease of the pancreas,
  • of bladder cancer,
  • of melanoma.

Advantages of

The advantages of using virotherapy include:

  • No serious side effects. Therapy sometimes causes effects, but they are rare and do not cause strong body reactions. This:
    • drowsiness,
    • slight increase in temperature,
    • feeling of fatigue,
    • discomfort and pain in tumor formation.
  • Therapy is defined by specialists, as a procedure that carries a largely safe action.
  • Rigvir is currently available to consumers.
  • The action of the drug increases the body's own forces.
  • The drug Rigvir is obtained by exposure to living viruses in a biotechnological way, rather than the result of genetic modifications.
  • There are many ways to use the product in the medical process.
  • Viruses that are oriented towards the control of pathological cells leave untouched healthy cells.
  • The drug has the property to improve the quality of life even in advanced cases of oncology.
  • Ease of use - the product can be administered to a patient in an outpatient setting.

Reviews about virotherapy

Users of Rigvir note that the very first effect of the drug is a marked improvement in general condition.

There are descriptions when the remedy continued the life of the oncologist for a while, improving the quality of life.

This kind of response refers to cases when the drug was started to be used at later stages of the pathology. Along with such results, there are also responses when patients believe that Rigvir saved their lives.

People who underwent surgery, a lot of radiation and chemotherapy procedures, had a bad state of health, the disability group described that they coped with the problem with the drug. Such a response is from a person who had cancer of the third degree.

There are cases of melanoma with metastases, when doctors, according to the patient, have already refused to fight, and Rigvir greatly improved health. The patient felt the strength to fight, the body just came to life.

The cost of virotherapy in Russia

The cost of the Rigvir ampoule( 2 ml) is approximately 25,000 rubles.

Video about virotherapy:

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