How to pluck your eyebrows at home without pain

Not all mothers teach their daughters how to properly pull out eyebrows. Because of this, the process of removing eyebrows tweezers for many becomes a real meal that is associated with pain. Nevertheless, even the fashion for curvy eyebrows today does not eliminate the fact that their shape needs to be adjusted. Therefore, it is important to know and know how to pluck your eyebrows without pain at home.

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Important! Neat and well-groomed eyebrows are a component of a neat appearance for every lady. If you take care of your eyebrows and pull them out correctly, then the condition of this part of the face can be changed for the better.

If the eyebrows are well-groomed, they emphasize the beauty of the eyes, making them more expressive. You can learn at home to pluck your eyebrows correctly, and, even in different ways. As a result, you will not go so often to beauty salons, but look 100% at the same time.

Important! Of course, not everyone has strong pain in the process of removing the hairs of the eyebrows. Everything depends on the sensitivity of the skin and the pain threshold of a particular person. But, in any situation, the manifestation of pain symptoms will be minimized.

What will help reduce the pain

Using ice

Before the procedure begins, you will need to treat the skin using special cosmetic ice. It is cosmetic because it is not water that can be frozen( although this is the easiest and quickest way), and various herbal decoctions that have a calming effect( chamomile, lemon balm, mint).A piece of ice to treat the skin under the eyebrow and around the eyebrow. Leave the compress for five minutes. The ice narrows the pores, the skin loses sensitivity.

Tip! If too sensitive skin, ice can be put in gauze and hold on the eyebrows longer.


Steaming, unlike ice, helps to expand the pores. This means that the hair will be easier to remove from its nests and immediately with the root of the hair bulb. This is one of the most common ways to reduce pain in the process of removing hairs in the eyebrows.

For steaming, you can simply wet a clean towel in hot water and apply to the eyebrows. Leave the compress on the eyebrows until completely cooled. Then proceed with the deletion procedure. To soak a towel it is possible not simply in hot water, and in broth of a camomile or a balm.

Tip! To prepare a decoction of chamomile, you need to throw a tablespoon of greenery and flowers into a 0.5 liter water, boil. Then remove from heat and just hold your face for a quarter of an hour over the steam, covering your head with a towel.

Nourishing cream

In the process of plucking eyebrows without pain at home, you can use a normal nourishing face cream. Fat cream softens the skin, which allows you to quickly remove the hairs from their nests. Cream on the eyebrow and leave for 20 minutes to absorb as much as possible. Remains of the cream remove the napkin and proceed to remove the eyebrows.

Pharmacy antiseptic

In pharmacy today you can buy a lot of improvised drugs for anesthetizing the described process at home. The same antiseptic drugs can be found, except pharmacies, also in specialized cosmetic shops.

Tip! Of course, the funds will not be written anything about the eyebrows, but you need to turn on the logic. For example, a spray for freezing the mouth is fine and in order to freeze the eyebrow area.

What is important to remember when plucking eyebrows:

  • hairs need to be grasped right at the base. Movements to remove should be sharp;
  • pulls out the hair by their growth. In no case should hair be torn from the eyebrows against hair growth;
  • during the critical days of the crook is better not to pull out. During this period, the sensitivity of the body increases because of the excess of hormones.

To pluck your eyebrows without pain, you need to choose one of four simple options for anesthesia, which is realized at home. To reduce pain, it is extremely important to monitor the correctness of the procedure. Such simple advice has changed the lives of many ladies who have taken care of their eyebrows themselves and look even more impressive and attractive.

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