Zephyr with pancreatitis, is it possible to have a paste?

Is it possible to eat marshmallow in pancreatitis, because it is a sweet product? With inflammation of the pancreas, eating sweets is not recommended, since with this disease there is a disruption in the production of insulin, which is necessary for the normal distribution of glucose in the body. Sugar accumulating in the blood can lead to hyperglycemia. A marshmallow - a product with a high sugar content. But since complete abstinence from sweet is almost impossible, and a person still wants to at least occasionally eat something sweet, then with pancreatitis some desserts are allowed. This - dry biscuits, biscuits, pastilles, marmalade, but in limited quantities - a day not more than 2-3 pieces. When pancreatitis an excellent dietary dessert is a casserole of low-fat cottage cheese.

Zephyr with pancreatitis is also an acceptable dessert, but its amount per day should not exceed 2 pieces. Since marshmallow is a sweet enough product, some people who do not consider themselves to be sweet are enough to eat one piece to satisfy their need for sweet. One marshmallow as a dessert for breakfast or lunch even with pancreatitis will not lead to complication of the disease.

Pastila at pancreatitis

Sweet delicious pastille is the enemy of your stomach and there is it, it is not recommended. The inflamed pancreas causes a violation of the correct production of insulin transporting glucose from the blood to the organs and tissues, as a result of which sugar accumulates in the human body, which can lead to the most unpleasant consequences for health. Pastilla, containing a large amount of sugar, is a kind, a time bomb for a patient with pancreatitis, so it is better to exclude it from the daily diet. As a substitute, you can recommend dry biscuits, waffles and dried fruit.

If you still can not give up your favorite treat, then use it in very small quantities.50 grams of pastilles a day - this is the maximum amount that can be eaten by a patient with pancreatitis. This will contribute to the satisfaction of your cravings for sweets and does not harm the body. A larger number can lead to serious complications and cause a sharp progression of the disease.

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