Recipes from pinworms - petroleum jelly, butter, pumpkin seeds, homeopathic treatment

Many patients with enterobiosis are interested in the question of how to get rid of helminths at home. This is due to the fact that adults are embarrassed to visit a polyclinic with a similar diagnosis. As for children, they are the main victims of pinworms.

To fight with pinworms, it is not necessary to take antihelminthic drugs, it is enough to choose suitable recipes offered by folk medicine. Most often parents choose herbs, since they do not cause harm, but cope with the task. In addition, many recipes are suitable for pregnant women who are so afraid of harming a future baby.

Prescriptions for pinworms

Having noticed the first symptoms of helminthiosis, patients immediately turn to folk medicine, but faced with a huge number of recipes, they find it difficult to choose. Among the most popular folk recipes from pinworms are:

  • Pumpkin seeds from pinworms. In order to eliminate parasites should be cleaned about 100 grams of pumpkin seed. After that, they should be filled with 100 milliliters of olive oil. Leave the mixture overnight. Olive oil will speed up the process of getting rid of worms. When the mixture is infused, it must be consumed 2 hours before breakfast. Treatment of pinworms with pinweed seeds does not cause harm to the body, therefore such a tool can be given to children;
  • Birch tar from pinworm. It is recommended to add a drop of resin in 1 teaspoon of honey. The resulting mixture should be used immediately before bedtime. Therapy should be continued for 2 weeks;
  • Chanterelles. The most effective, to the same and tasty means from worms are chanterelles. To get rid of parasites, it is sufficient to consume one fungus in its raw form;
  • The recipe for "drunk helminths".To prepare the medicine you need strong cognac and castor oil. Before breakfast, the patient is recommended to consume 50 milliliters of cognac, after which he should drink it with warm tea. After about 20 minutes, use 50 milliliters of castor oil. You should know that such a remedy is a strong laxative. That's why therapy is better spent on the weekend.

Petroleum jelly with pinworms

It should be noted that in some recipes in the place of oil from pinworms you can use Vaseline, this applies mainly to enemas. Thanks to Vaseline, the tip of the enema, you can easily insert into the anus.

To eliminate helminths, you can use not only herbs and plant seeds. During its existence, a man invented and tested a huge number of ways that can help in the fight against worms.

To prevent night-time pinworms from escaping to lay eggs, it is advisable to smear the anal hole with petroleum jelly. In the morning, you should iron the underwear, then most of the pinworms and their eggs will be eliminated.

Do not neglect enemas. In the solution should be added a little garlic, then the result will be noticeable the next day.

Homeopathy with pinworms

Nowadays, homeopathy is gaining popularity, allowing also to quickly get rid of pinworms. Many specialists about homeopathy have arguments. Some argue that this is a modern kind of therapy, while others argue that such procedures will not lead to recovery. Despite the fact that there are positive reviews, one should decide for himself what to choose as a means for eradicating parasites.

Despite the fact that now it is not difficult to choose recipes that allow you to cope with helminths, experts recommend contacting the polyclinic. This is necessary for the diagnosis, thanks to which the diagnosis will be confirmed. In addition, each patient is individual and can have reactions, even on harmless plants or drugs. For some, it is better to use petroleum jelly, for others the homeopathy will be the best medicine.

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