Causes of gastric cancer, etiology, from what happens, what are the risk factors, what causes the symptoms?

Among the various oncological diseases, one of the first places in the prevalence is stomach cancer. Each year this terrible disease takes away lives of more than half a million people on the globe. The cause of this disease is a mutation of the cells of the digestive organ, which turns them into malignant.

The causes of stomach cancer have not been fully established to date. Factors of its occurrence are divided into 2 groups - exogenous and endogenous.

Among the exogenous can be identified such as:

  • Bacterial. Their cause is the synthesis of micro-organisms by nitro compounds;
  • Abuse of strong alcoholic beverages, smoking;
  • Disturbance of the diet, consumption of a large number of spicy, spicy, salty foods, as well as a decrease in the diet of vitamins E and C;
  • Ecological disturbances and water use, in which a high content of nitrogenous compounds is sufficient.

Among the endogenous causes of gastric cancer, the most common are the following:

  • Enterogastric reflux;
  • Hormone-metabolic imbalance;
  • Genetic predisposition.

But none of them can be the only cause of stomach cancer. Its development is usually influenced by several reasons. Therefore, its etiology remains to this day unclear.

Factors of stomach cancer risk

There are several diseases that either turn into a malignant tumor, or become a background for its development. These include:

  • Chronic gastritis, which develops against a background of reduced acidity;
  • Hypertrophic gastritis;
  • Polyps in the digestive system;
  • Chronic ulcer.

All of them have a similar etiology and almost identical causes of origin and development. The risk of the appearance of malignant neoplasm increases in those people who suffered a resection of the stomach. Although it is not the main cause of cancer, it becomes a favorable background for its development.

Symptom of stomach cancer

The main danger of this disease is that it is very difficult to diagnose it in time. In the early stages, the disease does not have any obvious symptoms.

Therefore, patients usually do not pay much attention to them. But the disease is rapidly progressing, and when a person feels that something is wrong, it's getting late. After all, at a later date, this disease is not amenable to treatment.

It is worth to be very careful about your condition, so that there is an opportunity among ill-defined symptoms to reveal the onset of the disease at the earliest stages. Only in this case, stomach cancer is amenable to treatment.

Symptoms of this cancer can be different. It depends on where the tumor is localized and what its histological type is. Depending on these reasons, the following symptomatology can be distinguished:

  • When the malignant neoplasm is located in the cardiac region, the first signs will be difficulty in swallowing large pieces or rough food. In addition, there will be increased salivation. As the tumor grows, new signs of stomach cancer appear in the sizes: a feeling of heaviness in the sternum, pain and vomiting;
  • If it occurs in the antral department, first of all, a rotten smell from the mouth will appear;vomiting and a feeling of heaviness;
  • If the middle part of the digestive organ is affected, there will be no such signs. But there will be anemia, lack of appetite, weight loss and general weakness.

To avoid the risk of developing gastric cancer, you should consult a specialist at the first signs. In this case, it becomes possible to undergo a full diagnosis in time and to have time to stop the illness in time.

What causes stomach cancer?

Often, patients are asked the question: "What causes this disease?"What causes it? "There is gastric cancer, as already mentioned, due to a large number of causes, mainly associated with problems of the digestive system.

These are all neglected and untreated diseases of the digestive organs. In addition, the wrong way of life, eating foods that cause injuries of various kinds to the digestive system, disturbed ecology, bad habits, frequent stresses and many other causes also have a big influence.

An important reason for the appearance of stomach cancer may be a hereditary factor. Therefore, those people who have had cases of this disease in their family, should take a much closer look at their health and take a survey with a specialist as often as possible.

Also most attentive to the manifestation of possible signs of this cancer should be treated by those who have had any pathological changes in the digestive organs in the anamnesis. They can also be a prerequisite for the development of a malignant tumor.

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