Hilak forte with constipation in children( babies, newborns) and adults, will it help, can I drink for treatment?

Hilak forte is a prebiotic, which is very often used in the treatment of constipation in adults and children of the earliest age. In its composition there are no living bacteria, the basis of the preparation consists entirely of synthetic components that can stimulate the growth of useful intestinal microflora. The medicine is released in the form of drops, before consumption they must be dissolved in water.

The basis of Hilak forte is organic acids, they are necessary for the growth of lactobacilli - the main component of useful intestinal microflora. Also, short-chain fatty acids are present in the formulation. Under their action, the epithelium of the intestinal mucosa is rapidly restored. Considering all this, it is possible to clearly formulate the principle of action of the described drug. It:

  1. Restores the acid-base balance.
  2. Strengthens the mucous layer.
  3. Stimulates the synthesis of vitamin B and K.

Hilak forte is prescribed for acute and chronic constipation in children and adults, with the restoration of the digestive process, with prolonged diarrhea. There are no age limits for taking the drug. Often, drops are prescribed to infants. Newborns Hilak forte helps not only to get rid of constipation, but also from colic, bloating, drops help reduce the number of regular regurgitations.

Hilak forte with constipation in children

You can drink Hilak forte with constipation in children, but you must strictly observe the safe dosage of the drug. Infants should be given twenty drops three times a day. The medicine dissolves in warm water, it should be given an hour before feeding. As soon as the child becomes easier( and it becomes immediately apparent - the constipation passes, he ceases to be capricious), the dosage is reduced by half. The duration of the administration of drops is determined by the pediatrician. If the baby refuses the medication, you can add a little glucose to the water. It is sold in pharmacies, in ampoules. The solution is diluted directly in the syringe. With the help of it, it is easier to make babies.

Please note! Hilak forte should not be interfered with by mother's milk or milk formula. Otherwise, there may be reactions that can provoke the appearance of severe nausea in the child. In addition, monthly intakes often present individual intolerance to the components of the drug. Therefore, with the first negative manifestations that occurred during the treatment of constipation, from the side of children, it is important to immediately cancel the drug and inform the pediatrician about it.

Hilak forte with constipation in adults

As the remedy helps to eliminate the most different negative reactions of the body, the dosage is selected in each specific case. But with constipation, the drug is prescribed to adults sixty drops three times a day, to babies over two years, forty drops three times a day.

The one who treated the constipation of Hilak Fort, knows how it helps, and what side effects can occur. Instead of constipation, diarrhea may appear, patients sometimes complain of a severe bloating. Allergic reactions are also possible. Babies often develop hives on their bodies, older children have a rash, and adults have itching. All these manifestations become possible due to the presence of hypersensitivity to any components of the Hilak forte. The rash is the only contraindication to taking a laxative. Adverse events are always short-lived. If they do not pass after the withdrawal of the medication, you need to seek medical advice from a doctor. It will help to correct the situation.

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