Uniderm: contraindications, composition, instructions, prices, analogs and reviews

In dermatology, in the treatment of infringements of skin functions of an infectious nature or without the participation of external organisms, agents are used for external effects, one of which is Uniderm( sometimes called ointment) cream, instructions for use, price, analogues and feedback about which will become our topic today. Separately, we will talk about whether hormonal or not the drug Uniderm.

Features of the drug

Dosage forms and prices

The dermatological preparation is available in one dosage form - cream. The agent is used as an external use and represents a mass of light color. The external product is packed in an aluminum tube of 15 g( 30 g) and a pack of cardboard.

The lower limit of the cost of a dermatological preparation is 174 rubles and does not exceed 190 rubles.

Composition of Uniderma

The fumarate salt of mometasone is the main active ingredient of the external preparation. Uniderm supplements help to absorb the active substance better through the

skin's cellular membranes and to form an appropriate consistency for ease of use.

The additional substances include the glycerol derivative - its monostearic salt, diluted phosphoric acid, white wax, ethylene glycol derivative with hydrogen substitution for the hexylene radical, white petrolatum, purified water, titanium oxide, cetyl stearic derivatives: macrogol 20 and alcohol, vegetable starch derivative - octenyl succinatealuminum.

Pharmacological action

Uniderm effectively removes inflammatory processes on the skin, stops exudation and the development of itching.


Mometasone for several years is synthetically produced as a hormonal preparation - an analogue of the cortical layer of the adrenal gland-glucocorticosteroids. The action of the synthetic glucocorticosteroid is associated with the initiation of the secretion of the enzymatic protein, which has a retarding effect on other enzyme proteins of the body - lipocortin and phospholipase A2, which regulate the intensity of the formation of prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which play a role in inducing the inflammatory process.

The precursor of prostaglandins and leukotrienes involved in inflammation is arachidonic acid. Mometasone has a retarding, indirect, anti-inflammatory effect at all stages of pathological protein biosynthesis during inflammation.


The dermatological cream affects only the skin layers, practically not being absorbed into the subcutaneous tissues. After 8 hours after using Uniderm, no more than half the percentage of mometasone is found in the blood from the total amount of active substance applied to the skin. When using a closed bandage, the mass fraction of mometasone in the circulatory system decreases.

Now consider the indications for the use of Uniderm Ointment.


In dermatology Uniderm is used in the treatment of hormone-dependent dermatoses as a means of removing itching and inflammatory phenomena. Seborrhea, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis are sensitive to the effects of a cream with a glucocorticosteroid. The practice of using Uniderm shows its effective effect when biting mosquitoes and other insects.

Intranasal method is allowed to use Uniderm in the treatment and prevention of rhinitis allergic form at any time of the year. Joint use of Uniderm with antibacterial agents reduces the likelihood of developing acute sinusitis.

Instructions for use Uniderma for children and adults is described below.

Cream photo Uniderm

Instructions for use

Uniderm cream is used only as an external product. The recommended frequency of application of the hormonal external agent to the affected area of ​​the skin - 1 time per day. The duration of exposure to Uniderma for dermatological diseases should be determined by the doctor, taking into account the individual reaction to the application of the cream, the effectiveness of treatment of the affected area, the degree of side effects.

In pediatric dermatology, Uniderm is used with limitations. Children older than two years can apply the cream to the doctor's prescription in the same manner as adult patients. Breastfed children( from 6 months old) and children under the age of two years should not be exposed to Uniderm on the skin for more than 5 days due to insufficient study of Uniderm in this situation and possible disruption of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system and the related deviation inthe growth of the child and its development. Possible abnormalities may be associated with the accumulation of a hormone in the bloodstream due to long-term treatment.


  • Uniderm Cream should not be used in the area of ​​skin folds or facial skin due to a thin layer and the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Uniderm is not allowed if skin inflammation caused by infectious agents( prokaryotes, viruses or microscopic fungi) is detected.
  • Contraindications to the use of Uniderm are skin lesions caused by syphilis, tuberculosis, perioral dermatitis, consequences of vaccine administration.
  • Does not apply cream when pink acne occurs.

Side effects of

Possible side effects after applying Uniderm on the affected skin can develop in 3 directions:

  1. Allergic , developing as contact type dermatitis.
  2. Dermatological associated with the manifestation of irritation, acne, reduction of pigmentation, sweating, lowering the water content of skin cells, folliculitis, the development of pustules, papules, striae. Not excluded hypertrichosis and oral dermatitis. There may be itching and burning. Sometimes the use of Uniderm leads to atrophy of skin cells.
  3. Hormonal .the use of closed water-tight dressings after application of Uniderm can be accompanied in patients( especially children) by the development of insufficient adrenal function and symptoms of Cushing's disease.

Specific instructions

  • The preparation "Uniderm" should be used in areas that are less vulnerable to irritation.
  • After self-application of creams by hands, wash hands thoroughly with soap under running warm water.
  • The cream should not be allowed to enter the eyes due to polyhydric alcohol, propylene glycol, located in Uniderm.
  • Avoid getting the cream in the open skin wounds.
  • In the event of the detection of allergic or other skin reactions or other body systems, the drug needs to be replaced with a safer agent that excludes the manifestation of these symptoms.

Interaction with other drugs

Uniderm does not interact with drugs administered orally or by injection, but should not be combined with other external agents.


Negative feedback about the drug is associated with an individual intolerance to the components of the drug, which ceased to be apparent when the drug was changed. The bulk of the reviews are positive, especially when treating symptoms of psoriasis in adult patients and atopic dermatitis in children.

But the use of Uniderm in dermatological pediatrics is associated with the exact implementation of the recommendations of the treating pediatrician and regular medical supervision when using an external remedy.

Analogues of

Uniderm analogues( both cheap and expensive) are Avecourt, Momentazon, Asmanex and others.

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