How to get rid of an essential tremor of the head and hands: causes, symptoms and treatment

One of the clinical disorders of a neurological nature is tremor. Motor disorders can have different significance depending on localization and pathophysiology. Headache occurs as one of the symptoms of the underlying disease.

Brief description of the disease

Tremor is the uncontrolled movements of various parts of the body. The pathological condition manifests itself in the form of trembling, rhythmic movements or sweeping flies.

The phenomenon is considered a symptom of the manifestation of one of the neurological diseases. The tremor can manifest in people of any age, causing a deterioration in the quality of life.

The pathological condition is noticeable to others and has the property of progressing over time. However, the nature of the development of involuntary movements of the head depends on specific reasons.

On the basis of the state of the body, benign( most common) and pathological tremor are isolated. When developing movements in a state of rest or because of high mental and emotional loads, one speaks of benign tremor.

Pathological tremor manifests itself constantly, requiring active medical treatment.

Alcoholic epilepsy can also lead to the development of head tremor - a very dangerous and insidious disease.

Often tremor of the head is accompanied by myoclonias of the calf muscles. What it is and how to avoid them is well described in the article.

Causes of

Different prerequisites for the manifestation of a tremor cause its kinds. In many ways, tremors can be caused by disorders of the thyroid gland, pathologies of the liver and even lungs.

Involuntary reductions may occur as a result of chemical poisoning.

Very often, the causes of tremor of the hands, head or chin are common and are caused by a more serious disease than the tremor itself.

The main causes of tremor development concern the following points:

  • the presence of a genetic predisposition;
  • dependence on narcotic drugs or alcohol;
  • irrational use of medicines;
  • nervous exhaustion of the body;
  • anxious psychological state;
  • disorders of the central nervous system.

In persons of advanced age, essential tremor is observed in approximately 75% of cases due to the progression of multiple sclerosis of the vessels.

The tremors of the limbs, lips or chin can be characteristic of newborns. In infants, nerve centers are not yet formed, so involuntary movements are typical. However, head tremor in infants requires special attention of specialists, since it can speak of a serious pathology.

The causes of tremor in infants may be fetal hypoxia during pregnancy, an overabundance of norepinephrine in the mother's blood caused by stress, sepsis, intracranial hemorrhage in a child.

Tremor of the head with cervical osteochondrosis can manifest itself as one of the varieties of vegetative disorders along with facial swelling and heart pain.

Excessive body strain and agitation can also cause a trembling of the head. In this case, the medical worker will prescribe the use of sedatives, which will help to cope with a slight tremor of the head during excitement.

Symptoms of

Individual types of tremors can have different symptoms. However, typical is the increase in symptoms due to stress or the progression of the disease.

The main signs of tremor of the head are:

  • spontaneous nodding head movements;
  • increased tremor when trying to establish control over the nature of movements;
  • no signs of frustration during rest or during sleep;
  • participation in involuntary contraction of the tongue and facial muscles of the face;
  • gradual strengthening of fine shivers.

Diagnostic methods

A set of diagnostic procedures for tremor involves determining the etiology of the underlying disease.

The frequency of involuntary movements and their intensity are determined.

The big role in drawing up of a symptomatic picture is given to the patient, who should fully convey the features of manifestation of tremor.

For tremor, electromyography is used - a special procedure that will reveal the rhythmicity, regularity and intensity of involuntary movements.

In addition to this survey, the following procedures will help to establish an accurate diagnosis:

  • accumulation of complaints and comments about the patient's well-being;
  • general and biochemical blood test;
  • study of neurological status;
  • MRI( magnetic resonance imaging);
  • electroencephalography.
A number of pathologies in medical practice are customarily differentiated with head tremor. These include hepatolenticular degeneration, torsion dystonia, spinocerebellar ataxia, neurotic jitter, multiple sclerosis.

Methods of treatment

How to quickly and effectively get rid of head tremors - this question is asked by all who have ever experienced it. Below we will consider possible ways to combat this disease.


The treatment plan for tremor of the head depends on the severity of the disease.

The lack of medical care in the initial stages of a pathological condition over time leads to complications and increased tremor. How to treat the tremor of the head is decided only by the attending physician.

With benign nature of the disease and a weak intensity of involuntary movements, relaxing techniques and sedative medications will be effective.

It is worth controlling your own emotional background, avoiding strong shocks and emotional impulses. To restore the vital forces of a neurologist, the following medications can be prescribed:

  • atenolol;
  • Lopressor;
  • Tenormin;
  • Primidone;
  • Toprol XL;
  • Beta-blockers;
  • levodopa carbidopa;
  • Sinemet;
  • metoprolol;
  • propranolol;
  • anaprilin;
  • anaprilin LA.

The progression of the disease serves as the basis for the use of drugs from the Beta-blocker group, as well as tranquilizers and anticonvulsants. A widely used practice is the use of Botox injections in the facial muscles, which allows to stop their involuntary contractions.


Non-pharmacological methods of treating head tremors are used exclusively in combination with basic medical preparations. Supportive procedures are aimed at reducing tension and strengthening the defenses of the body.

Positive effect in the fight against the pathological condition is occupied by aromatherapy, medical baths, as well as breathing exercises.

Moderate physical exertion will help to eliminate the mild form of the symptomatic state, which will allow to normalize coordination and strengthen the tone. The use of therapeutic therapy complements the treatment of the underlying disease.


Severe form of tremor requires operative stimulation of the cerebellum. To do this, the electrodes are implanted in the thalamus, in which the tremor is born. A programmable pulse generator is implanted directly under the skin near the clavicle. Continuous operation of the device blocks pulses that cause tremors.

Surgical method of treatment in some cases is capable of causing speech disturbance, motor skills, and coordination. However, stimulation of brain activity allows to achieve results in severe form of tremor.

Treatment with folk remedies

Folk practice in the treatment of head tremors should only be used with the permission of the treating physician.

To eliminate the pathological condition, you can chew peas of dried flowers tansy without spitting saliva.

It is also appropriate to use infusion of a special medicinal composition of herbs. It is necessary to take two pieces of hawthorn fruit, three leaves of the motherwort, as well as the grass of the cudweed, chamomile and mint leaves. Ingredients should be mixed, and two tablespoons of the mixture - pour 400ml of boiling water( 2 cups).

The best effect will be if you hold the broth on fire for 5 minutes. After that, the broth should be placed in a thermos bottle and left for 1.5 hours. A ready-made broth you can drink before meals for half a cup.

Freshly picked color of Tibetan lofant for tremor treatment is consumed inside as a decoction.

Qualified removal of spasm of cerebral vessels can help prevent the development of severe consequences.

However, taking any medications you need to be extremely careful and do not resort to their help without the advice of a doctor, since any medicine can cause a so-called serotonin syndrome. Read more. ...

About the main causes of neuralgia of the facial nerve can be read by clicking on the link http: // bolezni-nevrologii /nevralgija/ nevralgiya-litsevogo-nerva.html.

Complications and prognosis

With the preservation of intellectual functions, tremor over time in the absence of curative measures will lead to a sharp decline in the quality of life of the patient.

All large areas, as well as mimic muscles, will be involved in the pathological process.

Involuntary reductions will become more intense and rhythmic over time. The patient is able to experience problems with dressing or eating.


It is important to normalize sleep and rest and eliminate stress and anxiety. If possible, it is necessary to exclude the use of alcohol, as well as coffee. It will be useful to master the techniques of relaxation.

Benefits can bring sessions of a psychologist, as well as the practice of yoga.

The video presents an unconventional approach to the treatment and prevention of head tremors:

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