Pronounced pancreatitis, surrounding type of disease

Pronounced pancreatitis is easily diagnosed due to clear symptoms characteristic of this disease. One of these symptoms are shingles of a permanent character at the top of the abdomen, which are amplified when the patient is lying down on the back. Also, the intensification of shingles occurs after taking alcohol, spicy, fatty or fried foods. If you look at the sclera, then their jaundice becomes noticeable.

In the first days after the onset of symptoms of severe pancreatitis, the patient is referred for inpatient treatment to specialized gastroenterological hospitals, since only there it is possible to take advantage of all the methods necessary for the treatment of pancreatitis, such as physiotherapy, diet therapy, drug treatment. Due to the appearance of violations of digestive digestion, in the period of acute pain, there is a progressive weight loss.

In the first days after the onset of pain, as a symptom of severe pancreatitis, patients are recommended abstinence from eating. During this period, the intake of alkaline mineral waters, unsweetened weak tea and decoctions of the dogrose is permitted. Such foods as mashed potatoes, kissels, porridges and mashed soups are gradually introduced into the diet after 3-4 days of treatment, when the pains weaken. And only by the end of the second week, nutrition is prescribed according to diet No. 5P.When the surrounding pancreatitis completely exclude fish and meat dishes, mushrooms, cabbage, fried, smoked products, canned food, spices, rye bread, buns, ice cream and chocolate. The best diet option for people with a zoster will be high-protein diets.

At the beginning of treatment of severe pancreatitis it is important, with the help of invasive therapy, to try to eliminate metabolic disorders that develop due to endogenous intoxication.

To calm the bouts of pain, patients are prescribed treatment with local hypothermia( compresses with ice are superimposed on the abdomen).When the pains weaken, and with them the activity of enzymes decreases, inductotherapy, diathermy, ozocerite and paraffin are introduced into the treatment.

If no improvement is observed in the course of drug treatment, it is assumed that the cause of its appearance could be a viral infection, and antibacterial drugs are added to prescribed medicines. In the absence of results in this case, pronounced shingles are removed with narcotic substances, and the question of surgical intervention is raised.

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