Treatment of stomach cancer with herbs - hemlock and celandine

Over the past decade, stomach cancer has been leading among cancer and mortality. The reasons on which oncology starts to develop are many, and which of them was triggered by stomach cancer, even doctors with extensive experience in the treatment of cancer patients find it difficult to answer.

There are several methods of treating gastric cancer in the official medicine. Depending on the stage of stomach cancer and the spread of metastases, complex treatment is prescribed.

In the zero or the first stage of cancer, when there are no metastases yet, the treatment is limited to gastrectomy( surgery to remove part of the stomach with the tumor).This radical measure in the initial stages is carried out because they are afraid of the spread of metastases, although, theoretically, with a small tumor, one could work locally using more gentle methods than cutting off part of the stomach.

In the last stages of one resection of the stomach is not enough, so the course is irradiation and chemotherapy. The last procedure literally stamps the organism, introducing poisonous chemical preparations intravenously, locally into a tumor( usually, into a tumor-bearing artery) and administered in the form of tablets. And prescribe a treatment complex of chemicals before the surgery, and then, as a control shot - a postoperative dose of chemotherapy drugs, poisons.

Certainly, the effectiveness in the treatment of stomach cancer with chemical therapy is. It slows down the division of cancer cells, decreases the tumor, stops the growth of metastasis. But what irreparable harm it brings to the body, while killing healthy cells and immunity.

Guarantees that there will not be a recurrence - no, and if it happens, the killed immunity can not cope with new uncontrolled cancer cells.

The lack of guarantees and fear of chemotherapy force patients with stomach cancer to seek alternative therapies. And they often find them in folk medicine, studying the medicinal properties of herbs.

Traditional medicine, like the official one, does not have a guarantee, so the treatment of cancer with herbs occurs at your own peril and risk. In addition, many patients are diagnosed with their diagnosis at the advanced fourth stage of stomach cancer, when all organs and lymphatic systems are affected by metastases, therefore it is useless to do surgery and chemotherapy. Win, perhaps, 1-2 months of life after treatment, but at the same time be cut, irradiated, poisoned by chemical poisons and lie motionless in a bunk - very few people want, so there is nothing to lose, it remains to rely on God and be treated by folk methods from herbs.

You can be skeptical about folk medicine, but in life there are a lot of cases of oncology cure, and many stories from former patients - about your own experience of full recovery of stomach cancer by the fourth stage of herbs, in particular, celandine and bolivogul.

In general, traditional medicine uses its own "chemotherapy", only as a chemistry it is not drugs, and poisonous plants like celandine and hemlock. The same poisons that are able to fight cancer cells, slow down and stop their growth, kill cancer, only these poisons are not of chemical origin, but of plant origin, so immunity does not suffer from them. They were given by the nature, and at it each grass grows for a reason. You just need to know which plants to take in what doses.

Treatment of cancer of the stomach with grass celandine

Grass celandine - a plant from the family of poppies. Chemical composition contains celandine over twenty alkaloids, in particular:

  • helilutiy
  • heleritin
  • protopine
  • Homochelidonine
  • coptisine
  • helirubin
  • stilopin
  • metoksihelidonin
  • oksihelidonin
  • allokriptonin
  • sparteine ​​
  • berberine
  • chelidonine
  • sanguinarine
  • oksisangvinarin and others.

The chelatedonine alkaloid is similar in properties to papaverine and morphine.

According to many clinical studies, it is known that opiates and related substances inhibit the growth of tumors, and the purity contains a high percentage of alkaloids - up to 1.8%.It is rich in celandine and other useful substances, such as: apple, citric, ascorbic and succinic acids;flavonoids and spines.

During repeated clinical studies it was found that celandine stops tumor growth and retards the development of metastases;with success he cures the purity of stomach cancer in the initial stages and all precancerous conditions. The bile of the celandine is similar in character to the liver bile, so the herb is able to treat both stomach cancer and liver cirrhosis, which is often the root cause of stomach cancer. Accordingly, the reception of celandine and similar herbs in any case will not damage either the surgical intervention and the complex of conventional chemotherapy, or after.

There have been cases when patients were stalling for months and did not agree to a stomach resection, treated themselves as a celibate before the operation, and when they went to the hospital, the doctors found out the absence of metastases - for such a period the metastases usually grow into all organs - and the tumorwas significantly less than during the diagnosis. This allowed doctors to carry out a resection of the stomach, cutting off its minimal part, dispensing with a course of chemotherapy.

Because the celandine contains poisonous substances, it is necessary to know how and in what quantities to take it, so as not to poison or not to reduce the effect of herbal treatment to zero. This knowledge is possessed by professional herbalists and herbalists, so it is necessary to treat cancer under their supervision.

If the celandine is taken in combination with chemical preparations, consultation of the attending physician is necessary, otherwise the double portion of the poison can lead to an ineffective effect on each other. Deaths are also possible. Reception of celandine in combination with chemical preparations is possible, but if the proportion is observed, therefore, the consultation of the attending physician is mandatory.

Recipe for celandine tincture from stomach cancer

Squeeze the juice of celandine grass and add sugar to it. Proportion: 1 part of grass juice for 8 parts of sugar. Take the squeeze out of the herbs three times a day, in the dosages prescribed by the phytotherapeutist and strictly after the consultation of the attending physician. To enhance the treatment, you can add dried leaves of celandine in herbal tea.

Treatment of hemlock grass

Grass hemlock is an umbellous poisonous plant that has a strong immune stimulant and a pronounced analgesic property.

Hemlock with success is used at all stages of treatment. When the fourth stage is started, after the operation, hemlock can remove severe pain and prolong life. As with the reception of celandine grass, you need to know the dosage of taking hemlock, so without the advice of the herbal therapist and the attending physician you can not use hemlock.

Treatment method for hepatocellular cancer №1

Day one. Morning - 1 drop of hemlock, a day - 2 drops, evening - 3 drops.

The second day. Morning - 4 drops of hemlock tincture, day - 5, evening - 6.

Day three. Morning - 7, day - 8, evening - 9.

Day four. Morning - 10, day - 11, evening - 12.

Continue taking the hemlock to 40 drops. Next, take a drop of tincture of the hemlock in descending order, observing the daily reception. Approaching one drop of hemlock, take it again, increasing the dose according to the growing scheme.

The course of treatment lasts until the 250-ml vial with the hemlock ceases. If at some stage the patient feels bad, you need to stop at the dosage and drink it several times until the body gets used to, and then continue increasing the dosage of hemlock according to the scheme.

Treatment method for hepatocellular cancer №2

Day one. Morning - 1 drop of hemlock tincture, day - 1, evening - 1.

Day two. Morning - 2, day - 2, evening - 2.

Daily dosage increases by one drop. On the fortieth day, 40 drops should be taken in the morning, 40 - in the day, 40 - in the evening and go in reverse order. At the end of the first course with an increasing and decreasing cycle, you need to start the second course, without interruptions. In total, no more than three courses are required.

Treatment method for hepatocellular cancer №3

This technique is the most dangerous and suitable for people with very good tolerance of hemlock, but at the same time is the most effective, because it is expected to increase the dosage to the therapeutic level.

It begins the same way as the first or second method, but is not limited to forty drops and does not decrease in the reverse order.

It is necessary to continue to increase the dose daily until the body goes into failure. That is, as soon as it becomes bad, for example, at the level of 100 drops per day, it is necessary to reduce the dosage by 1-3 drops, allow the body to get used a few days, after which again increase the dosage to the state of failure. Having caught the state of failure, reduce by 1-3 drops, get used to and again increase. The course continues until complete recovery from stomach cancer.

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