The effect of ecstasy: the effect, signs of consumption, how much is held in urine and blood

Ecstasy or XTC are tablets or capsules of psycho-stimulating and hallucinogenic action related to the category of narcotic substances of amphetamine origin. Usually, these multicolored tablets are taken orally by washing with water. But some drug addicts use a powdered tablet intranasally, inject intravenously, etc. There are even rectal suppositories that are inserted into the rectum.

The action of ecstasy

The main mechanism of action of the drug is the enhanced production of serotonin hormone, which explains all subsequent effects of the drug. Although ecstasy is taken for psychoemotional relaxation, the most important is the physiological effect of the drug, which can lead to a long abstinence syndrome or even death. When the components of the drug enter the bloodstream, active hormonal stimulation takes place, and serotonin and adrenaline are released into the bloodstream. As a result, a person feels a surge of energy, a charge of vivacity, and the needs for food, sleep and drink become insignificant.

Extasy has an impact on cardiovascular activity and the work of other inorganic systems. The drug causes:

  • Gastric spasms;
  • Vertigo;
  • Convulsions;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Enlarged pupils;
  • Febrile state;
  • Hyperpotency;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Dehydration.

It's worth mentioning how the brain is acting on brain. Recent research in this field has shown that the use of tablets disrupts serotonin system and memory performance. Studies of people who use drugs have shown that they have serious cerebrospinal disturbances. The more ecstasy the addict uses, the more violated his brain activity, down to stupefaction and loss of memory. Such processes are explained by the fact that during the withdrawal of the components of the drug there is a strong depletion of the brain.
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The effect of

Ecstasy has the effect of a change of consciousness, which manifests itself:

  1. The appearance of lightness and relaxation;
  2. No brakes;
  3. Feeling of warmth;
  4. Under the tablets there is an aggravation of perception;
  5. Sensations of cheerfulness and clarity, relaxation and carelessness;
  6. Trust and openness are quickly formed for others, even strangers;
  7. An excited state occurs;
  8. There is a rapid improvement in mood.

The drug begins about 20-40 minutes after taking the pill. Then comes the stage of maximum effect, which lasts about an hour. During this period, the trip is accompanied by a slight tingling, in the jaw and limbs sensation of tension, acceleration of the heartbeat, dilated pupils.

When the action of the drug ends, and the duration of the action is 3-6 hours after admission, the person is depressed and emotionally devastated, deprived of sleep and convulsive spasms of the jaw, the muscles are under intense strain. As Ecstasy attacks strongly on immunity, in a similar state people become defenseless against colds, influenza and other infections.

Signs and symptoms of use

It is possible to suspect the use of ecstasy by such signs:

  • Lively appearance, impetuous and sharp movements, quick decision making;
  • Lack of consistency in actions, a person can immediately take up several cases, however, they can not finish;
  • From the side the opinion is created that the drug addict carries some unknown force that does not allow him to sit still;
  • Under the influence of Extasy it is almost impossible for a person to concentrate, he can not keep up the conversation, constantly jumping on different topics, and if he asks a question, he does not give the opponent an answer;
  • A drug addict is worried about feverish condition, he often grinds his teeth, which is associated with the characteristic for ecstasy jaw spasm;
  • Pupils dilate, palpitation becomes too frequent, the skin looks overdried and unhealthy;
  • A person can survive without sleep for several days.

Side effects of

Among the most common side effects of tablets are the following:

  1. Physical and nervous exhaustion;
  2. Severe dehydration of the body, capable of causing death;
  3. Vascular damage. Against the background of increased pressure, capillaries may burst;
  4. Genetic code changes occur;
  5. The risk of developing a dystrophy of an internal organ is great;
  6. Severe fever and hyperthermia can cause severe overheating, the temperature of the addict can rise up to 40 ° C under the influence of ecstasy, which leads to a thermal shock;
  7. Long experience of using ecstasy increases the likelihood of developing renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  8. Prolonged use of ecstasy is fraught with the development of acute psychosis.

Availability in the body

Today, there are many tests that can detect a drug in the body.

There are many nuances concerning ecstasy:

  • How much of ecstasy does it hold in your blood?- To detect ecstasy in the blood can be within 3 days after use.
  • For what period of time does Ecstasy get out of the body?- In general, with one-time use, the drug is excreted from the body for about a week. If there is a certain length of use of ecstasy, the duration of the withdrawal increases in accordance with the period of use of the tablets.
  • How long does Extasy work?- The average duration of drug intoxication is observed for about 3-6 hours, and the effect occurs after 20-40 minutes from the time of taking the pill.

In this case, in the urine, you can also find traces of ecstasy within 3 days of the last use of the drug. You can conduct a study of hair in which ecstasy is preserved for 90 days.

It should be remembered that the beautiful tablets of Ecstasy are far from being vitamins for a good mood. These colorful pills can well lead to serious consequences and even kill a person. Therefore, to express independence and freedom, it is better to choose a safer method, rather than drugs.

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