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Hemorrhoids are an intimate and delicate problem that requires careful treatment. If the therapy is wrong, the risk of developing into a chronic one, and therefore completely cure it will be very difficult. But with the use of quality and effective drugs, hemorrhoids will be completely eliminated for a maximum of five days. Such a drug is Aurobin.

Features of the drug

Aurobin( Aurobin) - an effective remedy for hemorrhoids, an exceptional difference from its counterparts is the double effect of the action. On the one hand, it eliminates the cause of inflammation in the anus, on the other - instantly reduces symptoms.

Therefore, a person immediately feels better, and in a few days the disease will be completely eliminated. The drug is sold at pharmacies by prescription from a doctor.

Medicinal forms

Aurobin is presented to customers in two forms: in the form of suppositories( suppositories) and ointments. Ointment is packed in aluminum tube of 20 mg volume, candles - in a package of soft plastic. Both types of the drug are sold in cardboard packages.

Composition Aurobine

The drug works through three main components:

  1. Prednisolone is a topical glucocorticosteroid with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and the ability to eliminate increased vascular permeability. But it is important to know that steroids are agents that suppress local immunity, that is, when using drugs with their content, it is important to avoid the occurrence of secondary infection.
  2. Dextpanthenol is a substance that accelerates the process of skin regeneration. It can eliminate traces of inflammation, tissue damage, itching and pain.
  3. Dexpanthenol is one of the most effective analgesics. Thanks to the content of lidocaine in ointments and suppositories, the drug acts instantly. It is important to know that the action of lidocaine on the mucosa is more pronounced than on the skin, therefore candles better eliminate pain than ointment.

The composition of the drug Aurobin also includes auxiliary components:

  • polisorbate-60 - a substance that gives the preparation the right consistency;
  • irgasan is an antiseptic;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate is a preservative that preserves components of its therapeutic properties;
  • palmityl alcohol is a fatty alcohol that provides the composition with the necessary properties for better assimilation of components;
  • glycerolum - a substance that provides moisture to tissues;
  • methylethylene glycol - solvent;
  • dimethiconum - silicone, which serves as the basis for the drug;
  • stearic acid - fatty acid;
  • water.


Aurobin produced in Hungary, buyers in Russia will cost from 200 to 300 rubles per package.

Pharmacological action of

Aurobin has three main directions of action, ensuring its high degree of effectiveness:

  • removal of inflammation;
  • disinfection of tissues;
  • local anesthesia.


When active components get on the skin, lidocaine primarily acts, depriving tissues of sensitivity, and therefore, the ability to experience itching or pain. Prednisolone and panthenol are slower, but their therapeutic effect lasts longer. Prednisolone eliminates the increased permeability of blood vessels, panthenol accelerates metabolic processes in tissues, that is, promotes rapid tissue repair.


Studies, the results of which would be information about how quickly the drug is excreted from the body, was not performed.


The cream and suppositories of Aurobin are prescribed by a physician in the following pathologies:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • anal cracks;
  • dermatitis in the anus;
  • itching in the rectal area;
  • thrombosis of external and internal hemorrhoids;
  • fistula in the anus zone.

Instructions for use

Before applying the product to the skin or inserting suppositories, you need to thoroughly clean the skin in the required area.

Aurobin and other remedies for hemorrhoids are discussed in this video:


The drug is used 2-4 times a day. This mode of application guarantees a quick recovery and maintenance of the analgesic effect provided by lidocaine. Ointment can be used either externally or by injecting a small amount of ointment( no more than a pea size) inside.

The course of treatment is 5-7 days, but if the symptoms of the disease completely disappeared before this date, you should stop using Aurobin.

Children and newborns

Newborns and infants under one year of age should not be prescribed Aurobin. After reaching the age of one year, the drug can be used in the presence of indications three times a day in small quantities.

The total duration of the course should not exceed five days, as glucocorticosteroids, penetrating through the skin into the lymph and bloodstream, can inhibit the activity of the adrenal glands.

In pregnancy and lactation

There are no studies that indicate safety or the risk of using Aurobin for expectant mothers. Therefore, the manufacturer does not recommend using the product during the first trimester of pregnancy. The administration of Aurobine during II and III is possible, but only under the supervision of a doctor who monitors the course of pregnancy.

Penetration of the components of the drug into the bloodstream does not allow using it during breastfeeding. If you can not use Aurobin, lactation should be interrupted for a while.


Lidocaine is a strong allergen, therefore it is not recommended to use Aurobin for people prone to pathological activity of the immune system, and in particular to an allergy to anesthetics.

Contraindications also include:

  • children under 1 year;
  • pregnancy in the I trimester;
  • skin infections.

Do not use Aurobin in the event that lidocaine has already been used to anesthetize tissues as part of another drug or as a spray.

Side effects of

Topical application of suppositories and ointments Aurobin can cause irritation of tissues. In most cases, when it's not about intolerance to the components, stop using the drug should not be.

Theoretically, side effects of Aurobin may occur if the product is applied to extensive areas of the skin. For example, absorption through the skin into the bloodstream of lidocaine can cause bradycardia. Given that the indications for the use of Aurobin contradict such use of the drug, there is no reason to worry about the appearance of side effects of the drug.

Special instructions

  1. During use, the formulation should be avoided in the eyes, therefore, after applying the ointment or inserting the suppository, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap.
  2. With prolonged use, glucocorticosteroids can cause skin atrophy.
  3. Aurobin does not affect the psychomotor reactions of a person, and, consequently, on the ability to drive vehicles.

Interactions with other medicines and alcohol

Do not use Aurobin at the same time as other drugs that contain lidocaine. There are no other data on the interaction of the drug with alcohol and other medications.


Reviews about the drug Aurobin from people who have already used it for their intended purpose( in particular, from hemorrhoids) are positive. Some patients note a burning sensation during the application of the ointment or the administration of a candle, but this is due solely to the individual characteristics of the drug. Doctors also note the high effectiveness of the drug against the backdrop of an affordable price.

Analogues of

There are no preparations with a similar complex of active ingredients. But you can choose the means with a similar mechanism of influence.


  • Ichthyol( Russia) - the price for 10 suppositories is 20 rubles;
  • Anuzol( Russia) - the price for 10 suppositories is 25 rubles;
  • Proctosedil M( Ukraine) - price for 10 suppositories 34 rubles;
  • Bezornil( China) - the price for 10 suppositories is 40 rubles;
  • Doloprokt( Germany) - the price for 10 suppositories is 100 rubles;
  • Proctosan( Serbia) - the price for 10 suppositories is 150 rubles.

Ointments and Creams:

  • Hemorrhoids( Canada) - price per tube 57 grams 140 rubles;
  • Procto-Glivenol( Switzerland) - the price for a tube is 30 grams 170 rubles;
  • Posterizan( Germany) - the price for a tube is 25 grams 300 rubles;

Thus, each buyer can find a product suitable for the price and form of release.

Overview of the means for home treatment of hemorrhoids is presented in this video:

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