How to increase the eyes at home

Big eyes are considered one of the standards of beauty, and in some cultures there is a belief that the eyes are a mirror through which the soul is reflected. Sometimes it would be desirable, at least for a short time, to acquire a fascinating look without resorting to costly operations in order to increase them. There are several painless and simple ways that will help the owners of medium and narrow eyes to expand them, and large, on the contrary, to emphasize, making more expressive.

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Ways to get enoughsimple to resort to them at home, but not durable. Accordingly, the procedure must be performed regularly.

  1. Makeup for the eyes.
  2. Skin Care.
  3. Magnifying contact lenses.
  4. Special adhesive.
  5. Facebuilding or training of facial muscles.

Make-up for the eyes

How to increase your eyes? The look can be enhanced by visual make-up. There are several options that you can use yourself or boldly combine with each other. Small makeup tricks can change the shape of the eyes, making them bright and expressive.

Important is the correct selection of the basis. To smooth the skin tone, use a make-up base, concealer, powder, BB-cream, rouge, which will also help to hide the natural skin imperfections.

Features of applying shadows

Correctly applied shadows - a pledge of large beautiful eyes:

  • light shades emphasize and highlight the areas on which they were applied, while the dark ones hide and reduce;
  • convex zones are covered with dark shadows and are shaded, and the sunken zones are light. The main feature of any beautiful makeup is the correct transition from one shade of shadows to another.

Usually, for the enlargement effect, light shadows are applied closer to the inner corners, while the dark ones are applied to the outer corners. In this case, the transition must be smooth and inconspicuous. To get this effect, you need to be able to shade properly.

The second way to use shadows is to apply a light shiny shade to the area under the eyebrow. Thus, the effect of open eyelids will be obtained, although the method is more suitable for the evening than the everyday version.

Pencil or eye liner

The darkest colors are used for dark eyelids: dark brown and black. To the eyes did not seem narrow, the lines should be thin, and the liner should lie only on the upper eyelid and at the very edge of the eyelashes.

Please note! In the makeup to achieve the effect of large eyes, the method is often used, when the line of application is applied just below the line of growth of the eyelashes.

At the inner corner of the eye, the line should be thin, and widen to the edge. In addition, the removal of the arrow over the contour of the eyelid will change its shape and visually pull it out. You have to be very careful with the arrows, because in some cases they, on the contrary, are visually narrowed.

The second option is the narrow beginning of the line, a smooth extension to the middle of the eye and a narrowing to its edge. Wiring should be thin, unobtrusive, and at the same time, sufficiently noticeable.

For an additional effect of eye enlargement, you can use a light pencil. It can be either white, or any other pale option, combined with shadows.

Apply color to the lower eyelid above the line of growth of the eyelashes, slightly beyond the eye's borders along the edges.

For pencil eyeliner to be combined with superimposed shadows, its contours need to be slightly shaded and softened.


Mascara should have the characteristics of lengthening eyelashes and increase volume. It is applied from the line of eyelash growth to the upper eyelid, with the tilting of the brush towards the outer edge. The inner corner of the eyes can not be tinted to not get the opposite effect. The layer should be uniform, and after applying the need to comb the eyelashes and twist, trying to direct the eyelashes from the outside of the eye to the temples.

Lower eyelashes should be dyed very carefully. One thin layer of carcass will suffice to shade the eyes.

Please note! If the eyes can not boast of lush natural eyelashes, even with the help of carcass, you can use overhead options or build them up.


An important role in the correction of facial features is played by eyebrows. They should have the right form, and also be tinted if they are too light in themselves. Thick eyebrows, closely located to each other on the bridge of the nose or highlighted in black make the look stern, harsh and repulsive.

High eyebrows can help visually increase eyes, but a thin thread of eyebrows will look ugly and old-fashioned, so you need to find a balance.

The view can also be enlarged by superimposing a light tone on the lower line of eyebrow growth.

Skin Care

How to unnoticeably enlarge the eyes? The answer is very simple. The size of the eyes and the breadth of sight affects the skin condition. The swelling of the eyelids, bruises under the eyes, swelling and redness will negatively affect the appearance and visually reduce the look. The reason may be:

  • stress;
  • long stay in front of the computer and eye strain;
  • allergies;
  • low-quality cosmetics;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • lack of sleep.

There are several ways to eliminate the negative consequences.

So, edema due to stress and lack of sleep, are removed with the help of massage and special essential oils. If the oil is not at hand, suitable for ordinary ice or a frozen herbal tincture and tea compresses.

If the cause is in cosmetics or any other allergy, then you need to stop using make-up remedies, contact an allergist, who will prescribe the appropriate medication. Also helps to eliminate the cause of allergic reactions.

In case of eye fatigue due to overexertion and a long stay at the computers, it is necessary to consult with an ophthalmologist who will help to select the best suitable eye drops.

It is worth paying attention to the right position for sleep, to abandon the abuse of alcohol and to use the minimum amount of water before bed.

An additional means of improving the condition of the skin and its strengthening is the use of special face masks and creams with a rejuvenating and pulling effect.

Magnifying contact lenses

Perfectly suitable for people with any level of vision. There are luminous lenses that completely overlap the color of the eyes, transparent, with UV protection.

Please note! The magnifying lenses of many companies are not designed for reading or long wearing. It is necessary to consult with specialists in advance and choose the appropriate lenses according to the curvature and size, so as not to damage the eye.

Magnifying lenses are wider than usual, due to which they close not only the iris, but also a part of the sclera. Such lenses are called scleral, and they increase the eye itself. Ordinary lenses can also cover and increase the iris. In addition, the lenses have several diameters, from a barely noticeable increase to a large one, whereby the eyes will appear larger, acquiring a puppet effect.

By purchasing colored lenses or with a picture, you can not only enlarge your eyes, but also change their color. There are many shades that will block even the darkest iris. This applies primarily to Korean manufacturers, who create lenses specifically for black eyes. Thus, by purchasing several pairs of lenses, you can vary your own image depending on the occasion and mood.

It's interesting to know! If you do not know how to increase the eyes of a man, then use this method or gymnastics for the eyes.

It should be remembered that the use of any lens for a long time can damage the eyes. At a minimum, it is necessary to use moisturizing drops and good cosmetics that do not fall off.

Special glue

In the East( this is Japan, South Korea, China), where people have naturally narrow eyes, to give them an effect of increase, glue was created. Usually people who have an Asian type of appearance or who have narrow eyes use this method. But even owners of ordinary European features can resort to it, experimenting and selecting a convenient option.

For this procedure you need the glue itself for eyelids and a special stick-slingshot, with the help of which the fold is formed on the eyelid. First, trying on and using a stick creates a crease, then applied to the upper eyelid glue and corrected the fold again until the desired effect.

The second similar option, how to enlarge the eyes without surgery, is to use adhesive strips and a slash-rod using the same scheme.

Please note! The procedure itself can be unpleasant, as well as all the time, until the glue will be on the eyelid.

Facebuilding - how to enlarge the eyes with the exercises

This is a complex of exercises or, as it is also called, gymnastics for eye enlargement, aimed at lifting and smoothing the skin, rejuvenating the face, giving it a form. Exercise should be done regularly, at least once a day, and for a long time to get the desired result.

Exercise # 1

Middle fingers put between the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose. The index fingers are placed at the outer corners of the eyes. The view should be oriented towards the top of the head.

Strongly narrow the lower eyelid upward, while it should feel like the muscle beats at the outer side of the eye. After this, while holding the squint, you need to tightly squeeze your eyelids and strain the buttocks, count to forty and relax.

It is important to press the skin between the eyebrows so that wrinkles and wrinkles do not form.

Exercise # 2

Maximize the upper eyelid, opening your eyes, while the eyebrows should not be raised, and creases appear on the forehead. Do the exercise several times in a row, keep your eyes open for at least 10 seconds.

The combination of several methods will create a unique image that can become both an everyday option and an evening one.

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