Kefir hair mask at home

Kefir hair masks have been in great demand for a long time, and the recipes with its use have a huge amount for any type of hair.

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Benefiting kefirmasks

The use of such masks in the shortest possible time will not at all have a worse effect than expensive means:

  1. Power.
  2. Filling hair with vitamins.
  3. Improved structure.
  4. Deep cleansing from the regular use of products containing silicones.
  5. Hair saturation with protective components.

No contraindications have been found for kefir masks, except for an individual allergy to the product, it can only be said that it is too liquid, so it is preferable to choose a product with a higher fat content. It nourishes not only the hair, but also the scalp, removes dead particles from it, removes dryness. Improves hair growth and forms on them an invisible protective film, protecting from the harmful effects of the external environment. A huge plus is also the availability of kefir and the lack of the need to have any special skills for use.

How to prepare yogurt for mask

You can apply only fresh yogurt, preferably homemade, but for lack of it, you can use the store. Do not use too cold a product, wait until it is warm to room temperature. To wash off in any case it is impossible too hot water, differently he will curl up with lumps.

Recipes of kefir masks

There are many recipes for such masks, we will consider the most affordable ones.

Kefir-yeast mask

Is the best mask for preventing hair loss from weakened hair. Thanks to the active action of yeast, it heals hair follicles, stimulates growth:

  • one package of dry yeast stir in a quarter of a glass of warm water, pour three tablespoons of kefir and 20 grams of sugar;
  • cover, put for ten minutes in a dark place, then pour a teaspoon of melted honey and mustard powder;
  • mix, apply on dirty hair, rinse with cool water.

IMPORTANT! Kefir has clarifying properties, so with its use it is recommended to be extremely careful girls with dark-colored hair.

Kefir mask with the addition of herbs

Returns the hair shine, strengthens the bulbs and normalizes the sebaceous glands.

Assemble in a small, cellophane sachet of fresh nettles, mint leaves, dandelions and plantains, rowan. Put everything in a blender, chop to the state of gruel and stir with half a glass of kefir. With massage movements, apply the mixture on the scalp, rinse after one hour.

IMPORTANT! It is not necessary to add all of the above leaves, enough leaves of two or three different plants.

Mask with admixture of blue powdered clay

Perfectly saturates hair and scalp, as it is suitable for the periods of vitamin deficiency:

  • in half a glass of fatty yogurt pour a tablespoon of powder, blue clay, stir until the lumps are completely dissolved;
  • apply from the roots, rubbing well, rinse after half an hour using a shampoo.

To increase the speed of hair growth

Try the next mask with the addition of any essential oil and vitamin. Preparation is simple, half a cup of kefir, take two capsules of vitamin A and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Stir, spread on the roots and the entire length of the hair, warm it, wash it off after an hour.

Mask of yogurt and chicken egg

The following mask is recommended for girls with thinned and dull hair:

  • in a glass container pour one egg yolk, three - four full spoons of kefir and a floor of the castor oil boat;
  • apply on the entire length of hair, tie a cellophane bag on your head and tie a preheated towel;
  • rinse after one hour, make sure that the castor oil is washed completely.

IMPORTANT! In the absence of castor oil, replace it with olive or burdock oil.

Kefir and cocoa

The following mask will not only significantly improve the appearance and health of the hair, but also give them a pleasant cocoa smell:

  • 10 grams of cocoa powder dilute a small amount of water to the state of gruel, whisk one egg yolk and combine with the previous mixture;
  • stir, add half a glass of fresh yogurt, apply from the roots of the hair, combed along the entire length with a comb with sparse teeth;
  • is warmed with a packet or a bath cap, hold for half an hour and rinse with warm water.

Kefir mask with the addition of nettle

Will give the greatest effect when using young leaves. Hair becomes several times stronger, eliminates dandruff.

Fresh leaves pour half a liter of water, place in a thermos, close and leave for an hour. To a slightly cooled mixture, add a glass of fatty yogurt, apply on clean, wet hair and rinse after an hour.

IMPORTANT! The drier your hair - the higher the percentage of fatness kefir choose when mixing any mask.

Honey and yogurt

The use of honey and kefir in the mask is especially good for the hair due to the combination of useful properties. This mask is suitable for any type of hair:

  • for half a cup of kefir, take a full spoonful of fresh, natural liquid honey;
  • if you wish to accelerate hair growth, add a teaspoon of castor oil or burdock oil;
  • apply on all hair, hold for half an hour, then rinse.

Mask with the addition of vegetable oils

The mask with the addition of only castor oil or thistle oil strengthens the bulbs, stimulates growth, gives them shine.

Half a glass of kefir, take one large spoonful of oil, then pour in the yolk of one egg. Stir, apply the mixture on all hair and wash them in an hour and a half.

IMPORTANT! Instead of castor or burdock oil, the use of olive oil is also acceptable.

The next mask is specially designed for dry and spoiled hair, is made with the addition of the above olive oil:

  • heat one glass of fresh, fatty yogurt, add a full spoon of melted honey and warmed olive oil;
  • stir, apply on all hair, warm it in a bag, rinse after one to two hours.

Kefir mask with lemon

Directed on the elimination of excessive production of head skin oil.

To cook, you need to squeeze half a lemon in one glass of fresh yogurt. Then put on hair, especially diligently rubbing into the scalp, tie a towel. Rinse off after half an hour.

Mask from kefir using gelatin

With regular application it perfectly eliminates split ends and prevents delamination of healthy hair:

  • one spoon of gelatin fill in with three spoons of kefir warmed on a water bath, whisk until smooth;
  • add twenty grams of any vegetable oil, stir the mass, apply to the hair, starting from the middle of the length;
  • warm towel, keep the mask for about half an hour, then rinse.

Green clay with kefir

The mask gently cleans the scalp from accumulating dirt, nourishes the roots with useful minerals and imparts volume. In combination with kefir, its beneficial effect only increases.

Prepare simply: one tablespoon clay powder dilute an average glass of fatty yogurt, carefully rub the mixture into the roots and comb over the remaining length. Rinse after half an hour with not too hot water with shampoo.

Cognac and kefir

The last mask is useful to girls who want to carefully remove the consequences of unsuccessful staining in any dark color. Since yogurt has clarifying properties, regular application of this mask will help you make your hair lighter by one or two tones:

  • in half a cup of fresh yogurt add two spoons of quality cognac, one chicken egg, squeezed juice of one medium lemon and just a little shampoo;
  • apply the mixture for the entire length, keep as long as possible, it is permissible to leave the mask on all night;

Wash hair with plenty of shampoo and water.

Do not apply kefir masks to dry hair, only to wet hair, and with regular application, sometimes take a break a month long, in order to avoid getting used to this product.

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