Children's Primadofilus with constipation, can there be stool restraints in children after it, does it help?

Adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract in the newborn occurs gradually. Those who are breastfed, this process proceeds painlessly. All the necessary beneficial bacteria enter the intestine along with the mother's milk. During the first year of life, a system of enzymes is formed, the nerves participating in the stimulation of peristalsis finally ripen, so the intestine works smoothly. Any failure leads to the appearance of negative reactions, such as a severe bloating, colic, diarrhea and constipation. Eliminate the latter by safe probiotics. Babies up to a year are most often prescribed with constipation Primadofilus for children. What is this preparation?

Primadofilus nursery is not a medicinal product, but a dietary supplement containing the milk-and-milk bacteria and macroscopic bifidobacteria that are able to normalize the microflora of the large intestine. To treat constipation, it is necessary to purchase a powder extract, enclosed in soluble capsules. You can take dietary supplements from birth.

How to drink Primadofilus for children constipation?

The drug is prescribed to children from 0 to 5 years old, taken according to the instructions, one teaspoon of powder once a day, in the morning. You can break the dose into two doses and give babies in the morning and evening before bedtime. After two weeks, the dose is doubled. Combine the reception of Primadofilus with antibiotics can not. They completely kill the usefulness of the drug, so it does not allow you to treat constipation.

Powder can be diluted with water. Divorced dose is drunk immediately, it is permissible to dilute the powder with milk. The duration of the course is determined by the pediatrician doctor, the appointment takes into account the duration of constipation, the degree of their manifestations, the presence of complications. After completing the course of treatment, after a three-week break, Primadofilus should be taken for prophylactic purposes.

Children from five years old must purchase not a children's primadofilus, but a remedy marked "junior".Inside the capsules is not a powder, but jelly. He takes one capsule with meals in the morning, afternoon and evening. The capsule is washed down with water. Open packaging is important to store in the refrigerator no longer than one week. As a rule, this time is enough to cure problems with the stool. Does Primadofilus help out? Numerous reviews indicate a positive effect.

Is it possible after the primadofilus constipation?

Serious negative reactions and any side effects when using dietary supplements in the treatment of constipation Primapolus occurs. But some babies may have an allergic reaction in the event of individual intolerance of any individual components of dietary supplements. There are no other contraindications. If necessary, the drug can be replaced with Bifiform, Normobaktom or Narine in capsules.

Described dietary supplements for the treatment of constipation can be taken not only by children, but also by adults. It helps to normalize the work of the intestine, eliminate excessive gas formation, restore the beneficial microflora of the colon. But without normalizing nutrition, increasing physical exertion, taking Primadofilus with adults will be useless. And all because this dietary supplement does not eliminate the cause, it only allows you to deal with the consequences. And this circumstance must be taken into account, wishing to get rid of constipation.

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