Than them to humidify dry hair in house conditions

Moisturizing dry hair is an actual problem for many. In the variety of modern cosmetics, it is extremely rare to find something really worthwhile. But, there are always proven generations of options, dry hair: than to moisten them at home. Masks for moisturizing hair at home are very popular among women.

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Only proper home care will help get rid ofdry hair. Moreover, according to reviews, many folk methods are indeed effective. However, you will have to exert all your efforts and zeal to carry out the appropriate procedures on a regular basis.

The most important thing - care

To eliminate dryness, you will need to start using the right shampoo and conditioner. This is the main means by which we constantly affect the hair. And choose these tools will not help advertising, and the method of trial and error. Look for those options that are right for your curls and see how the body reacts to the chosen brand.

Remember! In the complex approach and treatment it is necessary to carry out parallel procedures for strengthening the hair follicle. About masks for strengthening hair at home you can read in the article.

Factors that can cause dry hair:

  • should protect yourself from stress. Severe nervous shocks often lead to problems with hair and nails. Especially in this situation, the tips will suffer. This is not a joke, if you are already at the limit, perhaps it is time to turn to a specialist;
  • to determine the causes of the condition will help a complete examination of the body. Many internal diseases for a long period may not manifest themselves as obvious symptoms;
  • proper nutrition also plays a big role. After all, you get vitamins and minerals solely from those products that we eat. So from fast snacking it is necessary to refuse in favor of healthy and nutritious food. Do not worry that it will not be tasty, you can get used to everything and get pleasure from what previously seemed simply not edible;
  • in summer in the heat and winter in the cold you need to accustom yourself to wearing hats.

This is extremely important for the health of hair, their beauty and moderate hydration.

  • should abandon cigarettes and booze, even from power engineers and coffee, they take away the moisture from the hair, which they so need;
  • if the hair is very dry, it will be necessary to put aside for a while the care of various devices such as a hair dryer and ironing.

Like, simple rules that can be done at home with dry hair. But, as soon as you start to apply these rules on a regular basis in your life, you will notice how much everything changes. Dryness will go away gradually.

Than moisturizing dry hair at home

Of course, natural home remedies are best for moisturizing hair. So, they are not only cheaper than what is sold in pharmacies, but also much more effective.

Important! On how to make simple hair masks you can read in our article!

Let's take a closer look at how to moisten dry hair at home with folk remedies. What masks to do for moisturizing hair, here are the most effective methods.

Use of yogurt

If you do not know how to moisturize dry hair tips, then use this simple recipe. Seasoned need to be warmed and applied in a warm form to the hair. Soak for about half an hour, moreover, in addition to wrap the hair with a film. Then rinse with water without shampoo( you can wash off with green tea, it will be extremely effective).

No less effective kefir hair mask, how to do it at home read in our article.

Henna( colorless version of the powder)

In this case, you need a teaspoon of quality brandy, the same amount of henna, honey and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Also, you need to add a yolk to the mask. Keep the mask on your head for at least forty minutes. Henna can also restore the structure of the hair, strengthen it. But we have already written about the restoring masks for hair at home.

oil Also use any vegetable oil. It is best to mix three large spoons of sea buckthorn oil, a tablespoon of olive oil and not refined oil( a little warmed up).On the head apply evenly and under a film or a towel leave for an hour. Such a tool will help moisturize very dry hair.

Important! To hair do not look dry they need to be fed with vitamin masks, how to do vitamin masks for hair at home read here.


The most effective moisturizing mask for dry hair based on glycerin. Two large spoons of castor oil are required to warm up and mix with half a large spoonful of glycerin. Add one chicken egg, half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Keep the mask on the head for about an hour.

Tip! To completely get rid of the problem of dry hair, you need not just make masks, but treat your hair. Egg mask for hair perfectly copes with this task.

More means for moisturizing the hair

Different types of hair can be used for different types of hair.

Moisturizing shampoo for dry hair - which one to choose?

A good quality moisturizing shampoo should necessarily have a pearly sheen and a high density due to the protein content.

The composition of quality shampoo includes chitosan, fibroin, lanolin, skovolan, pyramids, hydrolyzed silk and hyaluronic acid. Pay attention to the presence of pH.

Shampoo moisturizing for colored hair

This shampoo can be prepared at home. Giving hair silky can be done with gelatin shampoo. To prepare it, 0.01 g of raw material should be poured into 50 ml of water and put into the microwave for 1-1.5 minutes. Then it is mixed, filtered and 5 ml of apple cider vinegar and 5 drops of a mixture of rosemary and patchouli are added. Ready to apply shampoo on curls, for 10 minutes.

How to moisturize dry curly or curly hair

Moisten curly locks with a banana mask:

  • mash the banana until puree;
  • mix 1 chicken yolk and 2 tbsp.l.olives;
  • apply on your curls and wrap it with polyethylene, then with a towel.

Wash the mask after an hour.

How to moisten dry porous hair

Moistening porous strands is not so simple. Comprehensive care is required. Regularly use oils, their only drawback is a cumulative effect. Wash your head with extremely moisturizing shampoos without lauryl sulfate. After each washing, apply restoring masks and balms. Do not skimp on the means of thermal protection and spray-conditioner, conducive to moisturizing.

Moisturizing oils

For humidification, vegetable oils are often used. Great demand is used for olive, castor, burdock, almond, ginger, linseed and jojoba oil. They are used both independently and as part of different masks. So, burdock oil for efficiency is mixed with castor and olive oil.


In moisturizing balm must necessarily include proteins and vegetable oils. It is recommended to choose a moisturizer from one series with shampoo. To date, popular brands are Goldwell, Estel, Kapous, Constanta, Wella, Ollin, Shiseido and Moltobene.


Moisturizing spray for dry hair can be prepared at home. In 3 tbsp.l.mineral water add 2 tbsp.l. Lemon juice and 10 drops of any citrus essential oil. Stir thoroughly, store in the refrigerator for no longer than a week. Apply daily.

Nourishing mask

Nourishing mask for dry hair on a sour-milk basis:

  • thoroughly wash and dry strands;
  • apply sour milk to the scalp with massaging movements;
  • warm locks for half an hour under the cap;
  • rinse without shampoo.

This mask does not overdry the hair, but makes them obedient.

Try to choose a popular way that is just for you. From the first time you will not see the result, but with regular application, everything will necessarily happen.

These are the most effective products and ways to respect hair at home. Try to choose the type of care that is right for you. And, of course, do not forget to apply in life all the secrets that we shared with you.

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