Mineral water with pancreatitis - treatment of the pancreas( narzan, Borjomi, Essentuki 4)

Pancreatic dysfunction leads to large deviations in the normal functioning of the digestive system. Especially acute this fact relates to the development of such a disease as pancreatitis.

For the treatment of this disease, many tools are used, both traditional and traditional medicine. One of the important roles in this treatment is mineral water. The useful purpose of mineral water, especially of natural origin, such as essentuki or essentuki 4, as well as Narzan and Borjomi, have been known for a long time. Experienced doctors gastroenterologists advise in the period of exacerbation of pancreatitis and in many other diseases of the pancreas refuse to eat and drink exclusively mineral water. After all, the composition of mineral water is very complex and includes mineral, radioactive and organic substances that have a therapeutic effect on the pancreas during the exacerbation of pancreatitis and its treatment. Taking into account modern technologies, the production of mineral water under artificial conditions should completely reproduce natural analogues, but, nevertheless, scientists have not been able to reproduce all the mineral characteristics in the laboratory conditions to the full.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that natural mined water goes a long way of mineralization in vivo. In the process of this state, it is enriched with many very useful components that have a very beneficial effect on the pancreas during the treatment of many diseases in general and pancreatitis in particular. Therefore, a mineral such as essentuki, essentuki 4, or narzan and Borjomi along the path of progress from the bowels of the earth to the surface, receives a unique set of natural components that naturally treat pancreatitis and many other pancreatic diseases.

Depending on its location, min water has its own set of substances and microelements, which determine its therapeutic purpose.

The temperature of Borjomi or Narzan also has a definite value in the treatment of pancreatitis and many other pancreatic diseases, because with increasing temperature its saturation is greatly increased by useful components, and the solubility of gases, on the other hand, is much greater in cold water than in its hot analogue. Therefore, such water mines as essentuki, essentuki 4 and borzoi with narzan will have different healing properties, but they all have invaluable effect on the pancreas, so they can be used to treat pancreatitis.

It is especially important to use a sufficient amount of Borjomi, narzan in the period of exacerbation of pancreatitis. After all, such a disease likes cold, hunger and a sufficient amount of fluid. Therefore, with chronic exacerbation of this disease, you must completely abandon the food and take at least 2-2.5 liters of fluid daily.

Complete refusal of food, and taking sufficient water will help quickly remove the attack of pancreatitis and completely normalize the digestive function.

Mineral alkaline water for chronic pancreatitis

It is a very highly effective agent that is used in pancreatitis. It greatly facilitates the course of the disease, and also positively affects the treatment. There is a large selection of these products. Patients are prescribed one or the other species that best suits them.

Chronic pancreatitis is quite a serious disease. His treatment is very long. With the appointment of therapy in the fight against this disease, mineral alkaline water is an integral part. During its reception, the damaging effect of activated enzymes is reduced. Alkaline mineral water with pancreatitis has an anti-inflammatory effect, which positively affects the treatment of the disease.

This product contributes to the production of outflow of juice and bile, which are in the biliary tract. In the chronic form of the disease, it is necessary to take alkaline mineral water only in a warm form. Otherwise, spasm of the muscular valve may appear. Admission should be made 2-3 times a day( the initial dose is a quarter of a glass).The dose for chronic pancreatitis gradually increases. Betting of the exacerbation of the disease should take water one hour before a meal, which will promote the activation of secretory capacity.

Essentuki 17 with pancreatitis

The mineral water of Essentuki is very highly effective in pancreatitis. It is chloride-hydrogen-carbonate sodium water, which contains trace elements, gases, organic substances, etc. During the reception, the formation of erythrocytes in the blood is stimulated, the process of nitrogen exchange is improved, and the hemoglobin level is raised. It is characterized by an antispastic effect, which significantly reduces pain. Take Essentuki 17 with pancreatitis should be systematically( 2 times a day).The initial dose should not be more than half a glass.

In spite of the therapeutic effect of Essentuki 17, it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking. The specialist will prescribe the dose and time of admission, which will help to achieve the most qualitative result in the treatment of the disease.

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