A remedy for worms for children, the best, effective safe against helminths, than better to treat helminthiasis according to Komarovsky?

Parasitic diseases cause unpleasant symptoms and slowly poison the human body. Some types of worms can hit almost any organ. Parasites cause great damage to the body. They cause many different symptoms, their severity depends on the degree of infection, so it is not always possible to establish the right diagnosis at once. Most often helminths suffer from small children, their curiosity knows no boundaries. They tend to touch everything, consider and taste. That's why parents know firsthand about parasitic diseases. How to choose a remedy for worms in children?

Helminthiasis is usually medically eliminated, but antiparasitic drugs are toxic, which is why many parents are afraid to give such drugs to their children. In fact, when the dosage is observed, they are relatively harmless.

What is the best remedy for worms for children?

More than 300 species of worms can perfectly exist in the human body, if some are safe, others can cause serious damage to health. For example, with pinworms you can try to cope with folk methods, but with other types you should fight with medicines. We will describe the most frequently used and safe means against worms in children:

  • Pirantel. This medicine is not very toxic, so it is even prescribed to children from six months. On the question of how to treat worms in children, Komarovsky, the famous pediatrician, answers that it is preferable to use this drug. It is available as a slurry. There is enough one reception, but in two weeks it needs to be repeated. The medicine affects the pinworm and ascaris, it is they who in 90% of cases are in children.
  • Piperazine is a proven remedy for helminths for children. The drug is almost harmless, but not as effective as more modern drugs. It has a narrow spectrum of action, it is fatal only for nematodes. Due to the fact that this medicine does not kill worms, but only causes their paralysis, there are practically no side effects. But with a massive attack of unwanted guests this drug is not able to cope.
  • Vermox. An effective remedy for worms for children. The drug kills many parasites, its doctors are usually prescribed for severe helminthic invasions. The drug gives the result, but is toxic, serious complications can arise. Allowed toddlers from two years old.
  • Decaris. This remedy for worms in children is also very effective, but it can not be called harmless. Of course, when the dosage is met, problems usually occur rarely. But with a massive attack of parasites, there is a high risk of intoxication, which is why the use of such drugs should be carried out under the supervision of specialists.
  • Albendazole. The action of this remedy against worms can be compared with the drug Vermox, but it is more pronounced. In this case, side effects from its administration can occur much more often, which is why it is not recommended to nasanachat drug yourself. Doctors prescribe Albendazole for severe helminthiasis.

All these drugs have their contraindications, which you need to know about. But it is necessary that the child's remedy for worms is appointed by the doctor. He will perform the necessary tests and identify the type of parasite, with a mixed infection, a set of drugs can be prescribed.

Folk remedies for worms for children

Parasitic diseases are too common, so many methods of treatment have been invented. Surely many people have heard that parasites do not like pumpkin seeds very much. In fact, this product is antihelminthic, but to get rid of worms you need to eat 300 grams of seeds a day, this is problematic for the baby, so this method does not work.

The most effective remedy for worms for children is a drug prescribed by a doctor, but for the prevention you can use carrot juice, but it must necessarily be freshly squeezed. This is a wonderful anthelmintic remedy, it can be included in the daily diet of children. It is enough to drink 100 grams per day.

How to treat helminthiasis in children? Let's consider some more popular means which can supplement the basic therapy:

  • Garlic and milk enema. Take milk necessarily hot and add there a clove of garlic pre-crushed. Once the mixture has cooled, you can do an enema. After such a remedy, worms usually disappear. To fix the result after 35 days, the procedure can be repeated.
  • Wormwood. Another safe means for worms for children is prepared in the following way: you need to take 1 tsp.herbs and pour half a liter of boiling water. Once the broth is infused and cooled, it is drunk for 2 tsp.tablespoons three times a day before meals.
  • Pomegranate infusion. It will take only skin, it needs to be crushed and poured a glass of boiling water. Once the infusion has cooled, it should be given to the patient on a half-spoonful three times a day.
  • Onion. This tool works well with pinworms. It is necessary to take one onion medium size and grind it, and then pour a glass of boiling water. The resulting infusion should be left alone for 12 hours. This remedy for worms for children should be given to a patient in half a cup per day, the course of admission to continue for three days.
  • Birch infusion. It is necessary to take chopped kidneys and pour boiling water( 200 ml).Take half a cup twice a day. It will not only help get rid of worms, but will also strengthen the body.

Certain types of products do help to drive away parasites, but they can not be compared with medicinal products from worms in terms of their effectiveness. The above-described anti-helminthics in children are not guaranteed, and besides, you need to eat too many pumpkin seeds to have a result, but for children these methods are not always suitable. Before applying any method, it is also advisable to consult a doctor. All these methods should be used only in addition to basic therapy.

The best remedy for worms in children is prevention!

Whatever medication is carried out, if there is no prophylaxis, then a second infection may occur. To use tablets for prophylactic purposes, doctors do not recommend just enough to adhere to simple rules:

  • needs to teach children to wash their hands as often as possible;
  • daily change of underwear;
  • if the house has a small child, it is better not to have animals, and then infection can not be avoided;
  • in the room where children live, you need to wash the floors daily;
  • on a walk you need to monitor the child so that he does not put dirty hands in his mouth.
  • to cut nails should be regular, so that dirt does not accumulate under them.

The best remedy for worms in children should be selected after a thorough diagnosis. It is very important to determine the type of parasite in order to choose the right drug. Natural remedies can be used, but it is better to warn the doctor about it. Independently to conduct therapy is dangerous, there can be unforeseen reactions. That is why the choice of an effective remedy for worms in children is better to entrust to the doctor, he correctly calculates the dosage and treatment will be successful.

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